Monday, December 04, 2006

Sex, lies and Samoobrona

Another day, another scandal for the coalition government.

Last week it was film of the youth wing of League of Polish Families partying hard with neo-fascists.

This week it’s accusations by Gazeta Wyborcza that female workers for Self Defense (Samoobrona) were ordered to perform sexual favours for top members of the party, including the leader, Andrzej Lepper (baff!).

It is alleged that in a kind of political casting coach situation, a worker at a Samoobrona local government office, Aneta K (this is now a legal case so we can’t give her whole name), says that promotion was promised up the party ranks if she was willing to indulge in a little rumpy-pumpy with prominent member of Samoobrona, Stanislaw Lyzwinski (photo). She is also claiming that she was commanded to have sex with Andrzej Lepper, and to keep servicing him, if she wanted to keep the job.

The Prosecutors Office is looking at the allegations.

Party members are fighting back dirty, however. They say that Aneta has three kids, each by a different father. So she is a loose woman and not to be taken seriously.

Aneta K counters that, in fact, the first two kids are from her husband, who she is now separated from. But the third child is indeed Lyzwinski’s. To prove it she has had DNA tests done and is waiting for the results.

Wife of Lyzwinski says she trusts him if he says he didn’t do it, but if he did, then it just shows what a man he is (she sounds like she deserves him, stupid cow).

Andrzej Lepper is claiming that this whole ‘affair’ is a set up by Gazeta Wyborcza to break the ruling government coalition, which he is Vice PM of.

The coalition staggers on…but if Jaroslaw Kaczynski was serious in his election promise to ‘clean up Poland morally’ then how much longer can he tolerate a Vice Premier associated with grubby sex scandals and an Education Secretary, Roman Giertych, associated with neo-nazi party goers?

Well, maybe he can tolerate it as long as he needs a majority in parliament. But it’s gonna cost him and the government…


Anonymous said...

hi! I LOVE your blog. Who are you, though? I'm writing a senior essay about Poland/Germany/the EU, and would be most interested in talking to you personally! How can I email you?

beatroot said...

Cheers! You can email the beatroot collective at

Anonymous said...

Interesting the words which Lepper is being quoted as saying "I had no sexual relations with this woman." I never thought that Lepper would remind me of Bill Clinton.

But from what I hear Lepper may well be telling the truth. Telling the truth in pretty much exactly the same way as Bill Clinton was telling the very exact truth.

beatroot said...

Does Lepper smoke cigars? And should Aneta get a pair of glasses....

I think it is telling that the alleged shags happened over two years ago but she is only complaining about this now cause she DIDN'T GET THE JOB...