Saturday, December 09, 2006

It’s not Lyzwinski’s baby!

So whose is it?

DNA tests released Saturday evening prove that Self Defense MP Stanislaw Lyzwinski is not the father of Aneta Krawczyk’s child.

But don’t think this is the end of it. Aneta Krawczyk’s lawyer has just said her client is considering forcing a DNA test on Andrzej Lepper! She is still claiming both Lyzwinski and Lepper had sex with her, promising a nice little job.

Lepper has just said that the whole thing is an attempted coup by the newspaper that broke the story, Gazeta Wyborcza, allied with opposition Civic Platform, to oust Self Defense out of the ruling coalition and so bring down the government.

The truth? Who knows. But it looks like we may have discovered a new sex position which should be included in the Karma Sutra.

Position 69 we know. But what do you think Position 68 is?

You do it to Andrzej Lepper...and then he owes you one!

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Frank Partisan said...

In America you only have to Lewinsky to advance.

Anonymous said...

I'd say Lepper's favorite position is the number 1. It's the 'screw you' position, where Lepper gives a finger to the rest of the world.

But I do like your idea. The 68. Hope never to try that one, though.

michael farris said...

am i crazy or have i never heard of an overnight dna test? any explanation for the very rapid result?

Gustav said...

I'm pretty sure the test was done early in the week -- not overnight. However, I also thought that they were expecting results on Monday... not Saturday.

michael farris said...

I was pretty sure it was Friday from Wyborcza dated 9.12.06:

"Tłum dziennikarzy czekał wczoraj przed Uniwersytetem Medycznym w Łodzi, gdzie o godz. 11 przyjechał Stanisław Łyżwiński, a po nim Aneta Krawczyk z córką. Pobrano od nich krew i próbki śliny."

That would mean the samples were taken Friday.

beatroot said...

It was Friday that he had the test taken and they said it would take 24 hours.

The MONDAY thing was more about when Jaroslaw could give an announcment (he was a little busy signing power deals in Lithuania).

Anonymous said...

Lepper made a good point about the press (Pro-Leftist Gazeta Wyborcza leading the pack) jumping the gun. Following GW, as usual, was the rest of the Western Liberal media, Leftist blogs and pions as usual, finding the smallest excuse to discredit the current government. Indeed, this was clearly a botched up smear camapaign instigated either by the former communists attempting to steer clear of any forthcoming negative publicity pertaining to communist era crimes, and especially the SLD and PO parties, wishing to falsely cook up a scandal and dismantle the current coalition. Adam Michnik and pals could do better than that, can't they? The sooner we start with the communist era cleansing in Poland, the better.

beatroot said...

Rivka - calm down. What evidence have you that the whole thing is an uklad conspiracy? Until you have some this is just paranoia, not a political statement.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should try to "Calm Down"? It is you, on your blog, posting blaring headlines about Lepper or Lyzwinski getting Aneta pregnant, and other pathetic self expressed news clips usually reflecting your take on the situation. Sounds like you are making statements without providing the proof yourself. My comments are only suggestions, and nothing more. Until you start to back up your headlines with credible evidence, don't lecture others to do the same...or are you only being paranoid? You mentioned "Uklad conspriacy"....the communists have been pitting against and destroying Poland for over 50 years under their rule. There is valid reason to distrust them until today. Attempting to push aside an opposing statement as 'paranoia' or a 'conspiracy theory' are weak arguments on your behalf, if not laughable. You certainly can do better than that. Please try. It is contradictory when you make a statement or an allegation, and try to show your argument as not being a conspiracy or paranoid, but statements by others are such. It's understandable that you usually lean with the left and so called revitalized communists in Poland, and you will defend them at any cost it seems. You should study Political Science or read a good book on it. Perhaps you would learn something.

beatroot said...

It's understandable that you usually lean with the left and so called revitalized communists in Poland, and you will defend them at any cost it seems.

‘Revitalized communists’?

Do you mean Andrzej Lepper?

I am not the one who was a member of the PZPR for 13 years up until 1990, supports Lukashenko, makes contacts with the Chinese commies….etc

Maybe you should read a good book about political science…

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

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