Monday, December 18, 2006

Polish journalist awards 2006

Prestigious ‘Grand Press’ award goes to Polish government’s favourite programme.

The Grand Press 2006 – the top award for Polish journalists – has gone to Tomasz Sekielski and Andrzej Mrozowski, presenters of Teraz My, the current affairs programme on TVN.

In 2006 Teraz My has broken many stories (sometimes controversially by way of entrapment, etc) that have embarrassed the government.

The conservative government has accused TVN of being part of an anti-government conspiracy made up of ex-communists and liberals.

And I don’t suppose Kaczynski brothers supporters will be surprised at Sekielski and Mrozowski’s award (10,000 euros and a statuette). They would point to the make up of the jury, which is from mainstream media which they believe is part of the dreaded liberal/ex-commie ‘uklad’:

Ewa Milewicz ("Gazeta Wyborcza"), Andrzej Jonas ("The Warsaw Voice"), Michał Kobosko ("Newsweek Polska"), Piotr Mucharski ("Tygodnik Powszechny"), Rafał Olejniczak (Radio Zet), Adam Pieczyński (TVN 24), Janusz Sejmej ("Panorama" TVP 2), Jan Skórzyński ("Rzeczpospolita"), Andrzej Skworz ("Press"), Tadeusz Sołtys (RMF FM), Piotr Zaremba ("Dziennik"), Jacek Żakowski ("Polityka").

Don’t see anyone from Radio Maryja or Gazeta Polska...

Polish press (only slightly out of date)


Anonymous said...

Industry love-ins are not unique to Poland but this jury really is an uklad.

Trebles all round lads.

beatroot said...

You would think, woudn't you, that with all the sensitivity about media, press in general, bias, all that stuff, that the panel would be a little more 'inclusive'? What is happening here in Poland - and I don't think this is in anyone's interest - is that we are developing TWO medias...(three if you include us bloggers etc).

We have 'mainstream' (which the government treats with more than a little suspicion) we have 'alternative mainstream' eg Polska, Maryja etc - and then the blogs.

The way the government seems to think is appropriate to fight the perceived 'mainstream' bias is by 'counter'bias'. The government seems to want to create not a plurality of news sources but a counter biased news.

And that lacks credibility.

The best way forward is to create a REAL plurality...

And that's where the blogs come in...

Anonymous said...
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