Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New allegations in Samoobrona ‘sex-gate’ scandal

Lyzwinski wanted an abortion; forced drugs on Aneta to induce early birth!

This is one hell of a weird scandal. Aneta Krawczyk (photo), the women who claims that Vice Premier Andrzej Lepper and other top brass in Self Defense (Samoobrona) offered jobs and promotion within the party for sexual favours, was on the TVN Teraz My program last night (the same program that broke the Beger-gate scandal) making some more amazing allegations.

She says that Stanislaw Lyzwinski, with whom she is claiming that has had a child (we wait for the DNA tests), tried to get her to have an abortion. When this failed she says that a friend of his, who is a vegetarian surgeon [??], gave her drugs late in the pregnancy to induce a still-birth!

If that is true then Lyzwinki could be prosecuted under numerous, serious charges.

It’s also being claimed that Andrzej Lepper – who Krawczyk is also claiming had sex with her – sexually molested the present government’s Minister of Labour, Anna Kalata, who is also a member of Samoobrona.

He denies all the allegations claiming that it is all a set up to bring down the government.

How on earth are Samoobrona going to get out of this horror? How is the coalition government, of which they are a vital member, going to survive this?


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Anonymous said...

Beatroot asked:
How on earth are Samoobrona going to get out of this horror? How is the coalition government, of which they are a vital member, going to survive this?

You seem to assume that Poland is a normal country, in which normal rules of political game apply.
Not so. If PiSuars can govern with a party that's this close to neonazis, they can surely govern together with "the real men of Samoobrona".
Things would be different, if Lyzwinski or someone else had gay sex, or turned out to be an atheist.

beatroot said...

Samoobrona is atheist gay sex shock!

Mr Fink-nottle, the latest opinion polls look better and better for PiS. They are gonna go for it...

Anonymous said...

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beatroot said...

On the czat forum here there is a kind of ‘so what’ attitude. They shagged, big deal.

But there are lots of issues here:

Offering sex as a means of gaining influence in public life (meaning how our taxes are paid, etc)

Forcing someone to abort!

She seems to have consented to these injections, the initial shagging, so she is as liable for everything that happened – and that includes legally as well. That women is a bit strange.

And does this behaviour match up with the conscious and copious moralizing from this government.

The ‘just shagging’ is loaded in politics.

Anonymous said...

Samoobrona first needs a reputation in order to loose one, these political freaks aren’t in trouble as we just expect stuff like this from them. Now if Andrzej and friends are having sex with something close to being genetically human then this is a step up for them and a long awaited relief in the barnyard. There’s talk of offspring and this could result in an irrefutable argument in favour of abortion, as public health measure.

The boil on the duck’s ass could be presenting an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, Lepper would not have just shagged anybody. He does not have sex with that woman in the same way as Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman [Monica Lewinsky].

Best not ask what happened to Aneta K's underwear.

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