Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fog saves Warsaw from polonium contamination!

The Nov. 28, BA846 Heathrow to Warsaw flight – one of the four planes involved in the Russian spy poisoning murder – had to be diverted to Vienna due to thick fog in Poland that shutdown many airports this week.

Phew! That was a close one. If it wasn’t for the fog we could have been in for an irrational radiation panic.

Britain's Polonium restaurant doing a roaring trade, AP, Nov 1


Anonymous said...

As of a few minutes ago Google News showed 2,891 English language news articles concerning the death of Litvinenko. Is it fair to call this a “glowing reference” for Mr. Putin’s thugocracy. Either his guilty or his regime is so weak that the various factions are engaged in open combat and he stands by helplessly.

Denial now an art form, Blair, Chirac and Merkel can’t catch their breath between burying their heads in sand and looking the other way. The alternatives too bleak to even consider.

beatroot said...

I think you are right about things being out of Putin's control. He maybe run a 'thugocracy' but the Russian state is not that strong. They have onlu just got (most) Russians to pay their taxes...

Anonymous said...

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