Friday, June 23, 2006

Polish nuns, green feminists and George W. Bush....

...are all outraged at the 100,000 central and eastern European ‘sex slaves’ servicing the FIFA World Cup in Germany.

But where did this 100,000 figure come from and where’s the evidence?

In the run up to the World Cup the tabloid story of choice was either Polish hooligans coming to eat German grandmothers or Polish sex slaves filling up the freshly opened brothels catering to the million of lads who were aching for a shag or two in between the football games.

Well, the hooligan threat turned out to be a big disappointment. Nothing much has happened. Our scary hooligans turned out to be a bunch of pussy cats.

But the sex slave angle still has legs.

Back in May the Catholic News Service reported that:

'Polish nuns, anticipating an increase in human trafficking and prostitution during the World Cup in Germany, have issued anti-prostitution leaflets in multiple languages for circulation during the competition.

"Our resources are extremely limited, but we're doing what we can," said Ursuline Sister Jolanta Olech, president of Poland's Conference of Superiors of Female Religious Orders. "We're deeply concerned at reports that men's lives are to be made nicer by importing 100,000 young women from Europe's poorest countries."

But where did this enormous figure come from? 100,000!

It appears to have began in December last year as not 100,000 but 40,000. Bruno Waterfield writes:

The horror-story claims about trafficking into Europe were first made in the European Parliament, by a German Green MEP Hiltrud Breyer, who also sits on the parliament’s women’s committee.

The story caught on. It touched all the right buttons.

Lurid imagery and prurient photographs from German ‘mega brothels’ soon scored goals in media headlines around the world. One claim made in the media coverage, and repeated over and over again, is that as one to three million mostly male football fans converged on Germany, 40,000 foreign women would enter the country’s brothels to satisfy the demand for sex. Most of these women, insisted the activists, would be from Eastern Europe, Africa or Latin America, and many, went the claims, would be forced into sex slavery.

In May, Angela Dorothea Merkel met George W. Bush in Washington. George wanted to know what Angie was doing about central European ‘sex slavery’ in Germany, a country where prostitution is legal.

By then the figure had somehow multiplied to 100,000, according to Sister Jolanta.

This is based on the number of women needed to fill the additional brothels being set up, apparently.

Somehow the numbers of brothels needed to meet the demand must have multiplied considerably during the time that the number inflated like a balloon. Germany was going to be one great big sweaty brothel.

But that is the only evidence of the numbers of ‘sex slaves’ from central Europe there is. It appears to be a number plucked out of thin air by an unholy alliance of feminists, nuns and Bushies.

Sex slavery exists, for sure, but 100,000 women being imported into Germany? Surely most of the fans there are going for the football. Not all people who like footie are pigs. We are normal.


beatroot said...
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beatroot said...

You are probably right. If not a PR company then some vested interest.

In this case, and due to the fact that it has united liberals, victim - feminists, the religious and just about everyone, including lazy journos smelling a headline, this must be a prosuct of the popular thinking that when humans get together in any great numbers there is going to be something horrible about to happen.

And that's bullshit. Humans - men - football fans - are just not that bad...

Down with the misanthropes!

Anonymous said...

Listen, guy, this comment is a general answer to your blog. After having read through it, it becomes apparent that your ignorance is showing (painfully), delightfully smeared all over your blog. In this article, no concept of order-of-magnitude. In others, a complete lack of historical competence (communist revisionism with a dash of Western "appeasement revisionism"). While you make it a point to demonstrate your thickheadedness and thus probably won't head a word I say, perhaps I can manage to introduce at least a smidgen of doubt into your plebeian brain. Instead of being a mouthpiece of the aforementioned trash (no doubt the source of your "thought training"), perhaps you can try to use something people like to call reason and factual information. Instead, you sound like a self-indulgent reactionary who put up a blog to look smart by reiterating in as many ways as possible the same bull that's been funneled into his head from "objective sources." It's shocking to me to see the grand naivete that Poles like you approach the media with, emotionally jumping around like a Khrushchev, and complaining, complaining, complaining...all about the wrong things. I suppose you, along with an entire generation, have been trained to ignore news in the PRL and consequently buy into news with dramatic music, ringing with conspiracy and intrigue...Oh my God! What has become of our innocent institutions! They're really EVIL! (TVN has managed to ape CNN so well, I must applaud them for their skill at imitating their tactics). Instead of being one of those silly little toddlers, perhaps you should grow up, and pull your head out of your rear. The same goes for at least a few of those that indulge along with you in your grand circle jerk.

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