Friday, June 30, 2006

Murdoch gets foxy with Polish TV

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has bought a 25% minority stake in Catholic broadcaster, TV Puls.

The TV channel, owned by Franciscan monks, has just 0.43% audience share of the very competitive Polish TV market. Will Murdoch, therefore - who owns Sky TV and numerous newspapers in Australia, Britain and the US - turn the mildly religious station into the Polish version of the hysterically rightwing Fox News, which he also owns?

It could have been worse: there were rumours that Silvio Berlusconi was thinking about entering the Polish TV market by buying a huge chunk of the same broadcaster.


Lynn said...

Right wing tabloid journalism and reality TV Franciscan style. Very interesting. Of course, I extrapolate from the US experience.

roman said...

Bill O'Reily is brushing up on his Polish.

beatroot said...

Bill O'Reily is a right wing journo freak at Fox, right? I would rather we had a Polish version of Ann Coulter...what a cow!

But why would Murdoch want to invest in a channel thst gets 0.43 audience share? Beats me!

Anonymous said...

He could also turn it into a Polish version of the regular FOX broadcast network, which has nothing to do with it's cable sister Fox News.

Fox is the home of the Simpsons, x-Files, and many trendy shows for young people. Doesn't look like Homer is the epitome of righ-wingism.

Anonymous said...

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