Thursday, June 15, 2006

Germany 1 Poland 0 – who’s to blame?

No miracles – and it’s all the coach’s fault

Last minute goal by Germany means no chance of Poland going through to the knockout stages.

They played quite well for 91 minutes – and the last 15 minutes with only ten men after Radoslaw Sobolewski got sent off. There were little miracles aplenty: how did Germany miss so many easy chances in front of goal?

And then Oliver Neuville scored the sucker punch for Germany. 1 – 0 just over 60 seconds from time.

Now we want someone’s head. The coach, Pawel Janas (pictured) will do. He got them into this mess. Now he should be stripped of his job and be forced to work down a coal mine.


beatroot said...

You are right. Look what happens when they get good coaching - like in Germany! Klose, Podolski...good players, good coaching.

But don't you think that janas looks like Sam the Eagle?

beatroot said...

England mediocre? No. They are absolute CRAP! What is wrong with those prima donnas? I am disgusted by them. Rubbish.

Germany are weak and Ecuador are much better than people thought. In fact, it's the south Americans who are playing well.

Janas IS Sam the Eagle...Zyta Gilowska is Miss Piggie and Jaroslaw Kaczor is Kermit!

Anonymous said...

Aghhh ... Janas should be fired but some arguments of his are valid.. anyway please note that IT IS NOT THE ERA OF coaches teaching players how to play. All players do play in their respective leagues aroung Europe or at home and in 3 weeks Janas had with them not much could be changed. Modern coach is rather more of a spriritual leader for whom the players play and around whom they gather, talk, build confidence etc. Janas failed here; he took the players to the squad whe were NOT playing in their club teams. Krzynowek was sitting on the bench for last 6 months and it was Janas hope he would go back to "form" during 3 weeks preparations time....
Ecuador is a solid team and they could beat England or Sweden whoever they play next.Some of our boys were scared of Ecuadorians!- now they confessed! Also they were fooled by easy vicotry over Ecuador months before World Cup tournament. Over all there is no excuse for them to play without heart in that game.
-heartbroken Pole

beatroot said...

I am heartbroken too. And you are right: caoches are a kind of spiritual guide - a mullah! - so motivation tehniques are crucial. janas hasn;t got them.

I don't think Sven has them for Emgland either.

Anonymous said...

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