Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Getting fed up with blogspot

Sorry that I cannot post any photos up at the's blogspot/ seems unable to do the simplest things anymore.

If this continues I am going to another host...very soon.

I had to physically put the codes in for the photo in the last post. Life has to be easier than that! This evening I have just lost my side bar!

And then, when I took the photos I had put on back off again... the side bar came back again!!!

Are Google taking the piss, or what?


Kewenay said...

I've been having problems too - just thought it was me being generally inept with computers. But I've heard the odd moan from Gustav as well.

~JS said...

i second, or third that opinion...i also use wordpress, but i don't think they allow you to modify template code...that's the downside...

Anonymous said...

I had a look at 'google help groups' and they are talking about the photo problem.

Apparently, it is not happening to is selective...and Google don't know why. I thought it was some sort of anti-root vegetable thing...

But it is verrrry enoying. Because it's free they think they can get away with murder.

Wordpress? Does it have a nice template with a beatroot colour?