Monday, June 12, 2006

On the offensive

Post-communist MP should be reported to the Parliamentary Ethics Committee for upsetting Catholics, say Catholics.

Radio Polonia:

The League of Polish Families (LPR) is to file a motion with the Parliamentary Ethics Committee for disciplinary action against MP Joanna Senyszyn from the post-Communist Democratic Left Alliance.

On Saturday, during the Gay Pride parade in Warsaw, Senyszyn stated to the crowd: ‘May this parade change the face of the land, this land’.

In the opinion of the LPR leadership this is clear mockery of the historic words of John Paul II in a homily to his compatriots during the late Pope’s first pilgrimage to then Communist ruled Poland in 1979.

Addressing hundreds of thousands of faithful on the occasion, he said ‘May Your Spirit descend and change the face of the land, this land’.

The League of Polish Families argues the phrasing used by the Democratic Left Alliance MP has been disrespectful and offended the religious feelings of Catholics.

Replying to the charges Joanna Senyszyn explained that she had no intention of hurting or insulting anyone, but had been guided by concern over recent attempts to limit freedoms of sexual minorities.

One of the slogans on banners on Saturday, saying ‘Do not be afraid’ is another reference to words asscociated with JP II.

I suppose what the people who chose those words were trying to say was that the freedom John Paul II was offering Poles back then should be applied to everyone, equally.

Or maybe they were just taking the piss?


Frank Partisan said...

The Catholic leadership is correct. Those words were only for straight people.

Anonymous said...

What is she said: 'Love thy neighbour', or ' all you need is love...'Would it be making fun of Jesus or the Beatles??? Is there anything wrong about saying what you think in good faith!!!???
Total madness...

Kewenay said...

It's worrying that Poles get so offended by such things. I think Senyszyn made a excellent point by showing exactly how deep-rooted homophobia is in Polish culture. Because people think that using the Pope's words for such an occasion is unquestionably wrong, because homosexuality is unquestionably a sin. And you don't use the Pope's words to advocate sin, according to Poles' Catholic sensibilities. But that's Senyszyn's point - if even liberal Poles think she is wrong to say what she did, it shows that even liberal Poles are homophobic. Poles need to question the very basis of their culture - and that's a scary thing for them to admit to.
Senyszyn's voice doesn't do her any favours though...

Anonymous said...

It all makes sense if you see it in terms of Polish local politics.

The lady is from SLD, who practically lost last elections.
Who attacs her is LPR, which is extreme right-wing super-populist party.

No matter how ridiculous the accusation may look, it might work in the country where lots of the people pray not to God but to Pope.

Anonymous said...

The Pope made it very clear in his teachings that homosexual acts are sinful. We may agree or not, but to use his words to an opposite end is pure cinicism. Sorry.