Thursday, June 08, 2006

Death of al-Zarqawi won’t change anything

That’s the verdict of one of Poland’s Arabic experts.

‘The killing of Al Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi will not speed up the normalisation of the situation In Iraq’, claims Marcin Grodzki, Polish expert in Arabic studies.

In a world where political ideologies have all but disappeared, individuals have taken on a much greater importance than they once did in world affairs, for journalists and politicians.

Which explains all the fuss about the death in a raid just outside Baghdad earlier today of Iraq’s chief jihadist and beheader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Tony Blair, one of the architects of the disaster in Iraq, said on hearing of the news of his demise:

"Today's announcement was very good news because a blow against al-Qaeda in Iraq was a blow against al-Qaeda everywhere."

But this is just another delusion from a politician desperate for some good news. I am afraid it won’t make any difference to the situation for Iraqis, or the troops on the ground.

Marcin Grodzki says: ‘Al Qaeda was prepared for such a course of events and their leader’s death may lead to more violence’.

The jihadists have got their martyr, and al-Zarqawi has his virgins.


Anonymous said...

I've never supported the USUK invasion of Iraq, but I don't regret this bloodthirsty pschopath being off with his virgins. The jihadists are never short of martyrs and need no excuse to take revenge attacks on Americans - or anyone else who doesn't share their poisoned view of life.
Good bloody (sic) riddance.
Now, back OT, if only we could have some selective air-strikes on the Giertych Youth on Saturday, though I guess it will be them doing the lobbing...

sonia said...

You're probably right. Hitler's death didn't change anything neither...

Agnes said...

No, not Hitler's death did: he was defeated, and that made a difference.

Unlike this hydra, or what was his name, yes, al-Zarqawi.

Btw, pretty much of his jihad was about money, and will be. As it was the case with the Romanian hostages.

jams o donnell said...

I daresay his death will put a stop to his band of psycopaths but the insurgency appears very fragmented so others will step up to the crease.

beatroot said...

He was a very diversive figure in the insurgency, apparently. Sunni Iraqis hate the guy and the foreigners...

But they are only a small percentage of the problem.

But you wouldn't believe it by the way the media has gone completly over the top about this. It's one less murderous, psycho jihadist. Good ridence. But so what?

But Sonia, don't flatter him by comparing with Hitler. He was a bit part actor...history's extras.

Santiago said...

como podemos ver ahora, dos años después, no cambió nada en absoluto