Friday, June 02, 2006

A short moment of self-indulgence

Two web sites close to my heart have got good reviews today

The guys at Polish Outlook (via write a review of free English sources of news and comment about Poland:

‘One of the best services that is free is Radio Polonia ...They post a few articles each day which summarize some of the more notable news events for the day. Additionally they have a section in their navigation bar that is a roundup of articles printed in other new services that concern Poland. It is an excellent service and you are advised that if you are interested in a quick overview that you should go to the Radio Polonia Web site each day.

An excellent editorial blog is the Polish Beatroot...his is a personal effort by a British journalist who does a particularly good job at providing well thought through opinions and factual reports about current events in Poland. Like with Radio Polonia, it is a daily read item that should be added to your favorites list. ‘

Well, thanks for that, guys.

All I can do is repay the compliment. Polish Outlook does a brilliant job of explaining some of the sometimes obscure details of Polish party politics in a depth and understanding that I can't match. There is also a great round up of news, updated every morning - half of which seems to feature Poland as a subject - at another of sites, Europe News Review.

So cheers guys and keep up the very good work!


Lynn said...

Congratulations. Well deserved praise.

Becca said...

Absolutely, Beetroot you deserve it.