Saturday, September 23, 2006

Polish government look for a majority

The graphic from shows the government's dilemma. Where to get a majority from?

If PSL – the Polish Peasants Party, jumps in with PiS, the largest party in what is left of the coalition, and they get the 15 others rumored to be lining up to join the government (mostly from the breakaway group of Andzrej Lepper’s Samoobrona which are calling themselves Ruch Ludowo Narodowy – the National Peasants Movement) then they are still short of six votes.

If they can't find those extra votes then an election in November is probable. It will take place on November 26 at the same time as the second round of the already planned local elections.

Polish Outlook has decided that, due to the fact that many in the present parliament would fail to get elected in a new election, a snap poll is unlikely.

But it’s a brave person to bet on anything in the weird and whacky world of Polish politics.


sonia said...

Ruch Lodowo Narodowy – the National Peasants Movement

Actually, that would be National Ice Movement....

beatroot said...
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beatroot said...

Oh what a brilliant one! I changed it. But don't you think the National Ice Movement would be a great political party!!! There used to be a Beer Party here after the Round Table. They could get together with them. I heard Americans like ice in beer!

Anonymous said...

To rally to the defensive of my cultural inheritance, not only is beer most definitely better ice cold but more specifically we like our mugs cold as ice (preferably, those dual-hull mugs where the ice is frozen and surrounding the beer without tainting it).

At no time, however, does any American --or other beer lover-- enjoy ice actually in contact with the beer itself.

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