Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kaczynski meets Bush after all

But at one time it looked like he had been snubbed.

News sources reported that according to the Polish schedule released before Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski's arrival in the United States, he was to meet with President Bush mid afternoon – maybe they could share a hamburger? Pierogi? Unfortunately, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said there was no such meeting on Bush's schedule.


When this was pointed out to Bush he complained that he was too busy trying do defend his ragged Was on Terror, and hanging on to votes in the mid-term elections in November. And anyway, Condi and Dick were going to meet him.

In the end, George popped his head around the door during a meeting with Cheney and said, “Didn’t I meet you before, last February? I never forget a face!”

He didn’t say that really. He thanked Kaczynski and Poland “for its stead fast support in the war on terror. Thanks. Bye!”

But Jaroslaw barely had time for George, either. Many are commenting that the Polish PM has had an absurdly hectic schedule.

Kaczynski is having meetings and giving speeches and press conferences on missile systems in Poland (and a possible bilateral defense agreement to go with them (or not), Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon – Israel, energy security, Ukraine\s entry into NATO, anti-Semitism in Poland (or not)….

He’s giving a lecture at the Heritage Foundation on ‘Central Europe’. He’s having meetings with Polonia representatives in Chicago.

So many meetings on too many things, surely the prime minister must have a huge team from which to delegate talks? Well, not this prime minister - he seems to be involved in everything. Foreign Office, Embassies are by-passed as Jaro sticks his finger into everything. That’s very much his style.

Professor Zbigniew Lewicki, expert on Polish-US affairs from Warsaw University, told Radio Polonia

'It is, indeed, a very packed schedule. I think there are too many meetings. Usually PMs don't do that. There are people who do that for them. Then the Prime Minister would meet with one or two really important hosts, rather than try to deal with every issue by himself.’

Still, Bush did good in meeting with Jaroslaw, no matter how short. When you snub the Kaczynskis they get upset, and have long memories…


Frank Partisan said...

It seemed from your post, it worked both ways. Neither wanted more thanthe symbolism.

beatroot said...

I am sure the Polish side wants something and is thnking that it has got something. Ordinary Poles are as uncomfortable about this as the British are, but I think they are also a little more realistic about America. Great country, shame about the politicians. Brits are not even sure about the 'great country' bit. But the Poles are right.

I'm off for a Big Mac.