Sunday, September 24, 2006

Poland investigates Taliban warning

MSM catches up with the beatroot

You may remember a post I did on September 15, Taliban threatens Polish troops, where I quoted a Taliban spokesperson (no spokesman – they don’t ‘do’ women, do they?) saying on a jihadist web site:

"We appeal to the Polish parliament and nation. British and Canadian forces are suffering defeat after defeat. The more so you should not decide to despatch your troops to Afghanistan."

Well, it took them a while to pick it up, but after the daily Zycie Warszawy reported the same story Friday (one week after this blog), the Polish Security Services have decided to take the threat seriously. And now the story has made its way to Scotland. The Scotsman quotes Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski as saying:

"Such information appears on the Web, and our special services are naturally investigating, but nothing serious is happening,"

Meaning what? Something quite serious is happening. 1000 Polish troops are going to a very nasty war zone.

But the real story is this: I reckon Jaroslaw reads the beatroot!

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