Friday, September 01, 2006

Lech Walesa’s moustache… a magnificent beast.

Apart from the squiggly writing of its logo, or the monument outside the gates of the Gdansk shipyard, Walesa’s tache must be the greatest and most revered symbol of the Solidarity movement.

Charities have asked him to shave it off in the past to raise money for good works (such as the Polish Society for the Protection of Moustaches) but to no avail.

In 2002, however, the Polish nation was shocked when he briefly shaved off his fury facial appendage, for a ‘bit of fun’, he said.

And oh what fun we had.

But it soon grew back again, much to moustache lovers relief everywhere.

I have been accused on this blog of being an anti-moustache-ist, and, after a period of deep reflection, I must plead guilty as charged.

Being an anti-moustache-ist I joined the huge ranks of those who have persecuted tash wearers throughout history.

In 1800 B.C. Pharaoh Teqikencola outlawed moustaches among the elite Egyptian society. Many think this eventually led to the demise of the Ancient Egyptian empire.

And, of course, Ataturk banned the moustache in Turkey in his drive for secularization early last century. Similar policies are being considered today as Turkey presses for membership of the European Union.

Tony Blair banned moustaches during cabinet meetings.

So apologies to the wearers of moustaches everywhere, including females who refuse to wax – we salute you sisters!

In honour of the humble moustache here is a web site dedicated to returning the fury thing to the centre of style and fashion.

And did you know that there are around 867 Poles who have the surname Wasikowski, meaning one 'from the place of the guy with the moustache'!

Some famous moustaches


beatroot said...

Maybe it was Amenhotep?

Anonymous said...

This would be my favourite:

Frank Partisan said...

You've been discrimatory toward beards. Are you beardist?

Anonymous said...

How nice. Now Beatroot (and certain committed friends) are attempting to alleviate his personal prejudices by disguising his discrimination of individual physical appearances as a ... pun. Sorry, won't work Beatroot. Well, you must find some way out of the hole full of dung you fell into, right? As I mentioned in a previous posting, it's not only about moustaches, it's any physical attribute you consider to be undesirable. Just keep this in mind: if you can polke fun at others, then you must be prepared to be ridiculed yourself, minus lame responses such as 'grow up'.

Let's compile a list of individuals whose personal qualities (primarily appearance) don't quite meet your standards. The Kaczynski brothers, wife of Kaczynski, Renata Beger, Krzysztof Putra...there surely are others. Bascha Mika of Tageszeitung would be quite proud of you.

Some of us are still waiting for you to post your photo. Will it happen? Please answer the question.

beatroot said...

you must find some way out of the hole full of dung you fell into, right?

No Yulia. That post was taking the piss out of people like you who take a very silly subject oh so seriously.

beatroot said...

No Gumish, I think it was taqillaandcola...he was of Mexican origin (no moustache!).

beatroot said...


This one is quite impressive...

Meltonawij said...

beatroot - I mean google has not found a trace of Teqikoncola - are you sure it was not Pepsiconcola ?? ;)

Shahvyrw said...

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Being an anti-moustache-ist I joined the huge ranks of those who have persecuted tash wearers throughout history.
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