Friday, September 22, 2006

Which way will she jump?

The beatroot’s very own political sex-bomb, Renata Beger of Samoobrona, is rumoured to be thinking of jumping into bed with the depleted coalition.

Will she, won’t she? Is she being seduced by a place in the cabinet? Or is she seducing Jarosalw Kaczynski with those ‘kurwiki’ in her eyes? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

In another dramatic development (stop sniggering!) Donald Tusk, leader of the up until now impotent opposition party Civic Platform has vowed to lead a ‘social movement’ against the lies and incompetence of the government. He appears to think that a Budapest riot type situation is just around the corner in Poland.

So – man the barricades lads – Tusk is on the march!

Please! Election! Pretty please?


Polish conservatives struggle to avoid elections, Reuters, Sept 22
Lepper claims coup d'etat, Polish Outlook, Sept 22


Anonymous said...

According to google (search terms 'tusk' and 'military')...

...TUSK stands for "Tank Urban Survival Kit," and represents the American approach to the problem of employing tanks in urban situations where weapons elevation, protection placement, and other design elements aren't designed to cope with key threats.

So deploying a TUSK would presumably help in Warsaw's wildly dangerous and unstable politico-urban environment..

Anonymous said...

Tusk is the Polish version of the typical American "Neo-Con"...he's full of air and shite.

beatroot said...
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beatroot said...

Indeed. Tusk is a highly maneuverable politician, good in urban situations.