Monday, August 14, 2006

Scottish racists sent to Poland to learn about tolerance!

Thugs who have attacked Polish immigrants in Scotland will be sent to Poland to make them more caring and sharing.

Here is a little gem in the Times (London)

A [Scottish] council is planning to send teenage troublemakers to Poland to learn about tolerance after a sharp increase in attacks on migrant workers and their children.

Moray Council [northeast Scotland] wants young Scots who have been involved in racist attacks to make the trip to help them to understand why so many Poles seek work in Britain.

A council spokesman said that children of migrants were hurt in racist incidents every week. “A lot of the kids involved are from third-generation unemployed families and some of them have been asking their youth workers why Polish people need to come here, why they can’t stay in their own country,” he said.

So, let’s get this one clear. Scottish youth from unemployable families who have attacked Poles who have come to Scotland to work, will be sent to Poland to show them why so many Poles leave Poland in the first place?

Moray has seen a growth in redundancies in some areas recently, though still has an unemployment rate of only 2.6%, which is below the average for both Scotland and the UK as a whole.

Many have the suspicion that the Pole bashing young Scots are not being given a punishment but a bit of a holiday.

“Och, I”, says Scotish racist thing when he turns up in Warsaw, “now I see why yer come to Scootland in the furrst place. Yer drink pissy beer, yer clean yer teeth with hot water (?) and yer put tomata ketchup all over yer pizza!”

But still, a treat’s in store when they get to Poland. These delightful Scottish kids (bless them!) are going to be taught about ‘tolerance’. Tolerance for who, exactly? Gays? German journalists? Unemployed gay German journalists?

I think Moray's Council’s new bright idea (“Let’s teach them, not chastise them", liberal therapist gurgle gurgle) - scheduled to start next summer - needs some…..(to be polite)...rethinking?

More? Other race attacks in the UK recently...
Victim is discharged, Lancashire telegraph, Aug 17
Polish men hurt in 'race attack', BBC Aug 17
[Belfast] House set on fire in racist attack on Poles, Observer, Aug 13
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Warsaw Crow said...

Och, tis simply too good to be troo! ;-)

In a vaguely similar vein, I thought this might appeal to your sense of humour...

Anonymous said...

What? They punish reckless racist teens by sending them over to Poland? That's no punishment, that's a vacation! Can't they just get these young Scots to learn good values by changing school curriculum and strike at society's core which is the family. Our families aren't the first schools we think them to be nor the parents the first teachers. Look where our kids end up.

Frank Partisan said...

I bet your heart was beating fast, when you found this out. You couldn't wait to get to your computer to post this.

beatroot said...

You are actually right, Renegade. Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that all Poles, or even the majority, are intolerant of gays, etc.? It sure sounds like that's the case so it appears you are intent on promulgating a negative stereotype. Thanks a bunch. Intolerance works both ways it seems.

beatroot said...

No, Ignacy, I wasn;t trying to do that.

It wasn't really a piece that was intended to be taken too seriously.

And no, I don't think ALL Poles are intolerant of gays, etc. Just the most important ones: the government and some of its more atavistic supporters (who would, incidently be part of any agreement to this kind of silly anti-crime action).

But like I say, not a piece to be taken too seriously, as I have indictated in the way I wrote it.

Anonymous said...

“Och, I”, says Scotish racist thing when he turns up in Warsaw, “now I see why yer come to Scootland in the furrst place. Yer drink pissy beer, yer clean yer teeth with hot water (?) and yer put tomata ketchup all over yer pizza!”

And do you suggest this is how all Scots speak, or is it just the offspring of those nasty unemployables? Maybe we could get them over so you can teach them to be proper literate racists?

beatroot said...


beatroot said...

Actually, I find it astonishing that someone like Scottish Polecat can come on here after reading a post about thugs in low unemployment areas beating up Poles because they want to do the jobs that the lazy thugs can’t be arsed to, and the only thing Polecat seems to get aroused about is my cod-Scottish piss take.

I think Polecat should get himself a tail. It might help to balance his arguments.

Anonymous said...

Now I get it. This is really the Cebulka blog. Guess I got my veggies mixed up.

troutsky said...

Funny! Still, a little travel, broadening horizons and all that, can never hurt the youth of today.

beatroot said...

Now I get it. This is really the Cebulka blog. Guess I got my veggies mixed up.


beatroot said...

Look Ignacy. The only way to treat such an absurd and funny story such as this is satirically.

Scot racist get sent to Poland to learn about tolerance, is obviously funny. One of the words that does not spring to mind about this current government is the word ‘tolerance’.

But the story is absurd on many other levels too. I was not just taking the piss out of the government but also racist thugs in Moray and their drippy liberal social workers!

I took the trouble of looking up the unemployment rate in Moray. The UK has one of the lowest levels of unemployment in Europe. Moray has below the national unemployment rate in the UK. So Moray must have one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe!

So instead of social workers dragging racists who attack Poles around Poland, “Look, Polish unemployed person!!! – (and there does seem to be a problem in Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland where Poles are in physical danger from these people) – these kids should just be introduced by their social workers to Poles in Moray and told:

If you want a job then do what these Poles have done: take control of your life and go and get a job and stop attacking people who stupid thugs!!!

These people do not need ‘understanding’ they need to be told to get off their arses and take control of their lives!

Anonymous said...

Satire's fine. That's why I referenced "The Onion" -- is it just a US satirical mag? I spozed it had attained international status by now. (Also I screwed up my spelling; shoulda been *Cebula* -- cebulka is the green top I've been told. I've long ago given up on figuring out all the derivatives.)

Thing is the Scottish thugs aren't going to Poland for a government internship... they are presumably being sent to mingle with plain folks.

And my sense, too, was that Scottish Polecat was being satirical.

Like I suggested, it's hard to figure out sometimes, lotsa times actually, when somebody is just goofing. And most folk's goofing is intermingled with a certain seriousness.

beatroot said...

yeah, I cought the Onion reference...that's why I mentioned that satire is the only repost to this kind of absurd.

And my sense, too, was that Scottish Polecat was being satirical.

Maybe, but then again, Scots can be very touchy about someone from London taking the piss...

But my point remains - what is all this crap about attacking Poles in the UK. I think this has been encouraged by newspapers like the Daily Mail and their scaremongering about immigration.

mullet said...

papers like the daily mail are terrible for doing that...poor old women who won't leave the house after reading a daily mail article about immigrants.
Social workers & their crazy schemes?? I think these kids have hit the big time by getting to go to poland, usually the social workers just arrange a day trip to the highlands or the cinema.
Scottish polecat...that is the way scottish people talk..unless i'm just from thewrong side of town???

beatroot said...

I agree about the mullets!

I wrote the Scottish that was because in Welsh's new book there is no Scots speak, which is the best bit about his books, I think.

So somone had to do it....

richardlith said...

As a Scot, I think that on their trip to Poland, these neds should be told to live in a two room falt, sharing a bedroom with their sister, and sent out to the garden to dig potatoes and veg from morning to night. And have a Polish granny shout attehm all day. Honest, these Neds don't know that food grows in the ground, and they will be begging for mercy after a day of manuul labour. Also, snet them to the market at dawn to following day to sell all the veg.

Anonymous said...

The small instances of violence are not a surprise, little is known about what the irish suffered at the hands of the 'billy boys' with their superior numbers and razors. The government are to blame fair and square , only now is the mass building of housing a priority. I have been on a housing list for 5 years and recieved nothing. Yet immagrant workers who come here and initially share a house jump above me in the housing priority because they are sharing a flat or house. The government are fuelling the british underclass which was started by thatchers tories. Thus it is understandable that people will hit out at people they see as gaining breeding rights while nothing is done to help those truly in need.

Anonymous said...

Whether you’re mocking people because their ancestors starved to death in the Irish potato famine, or flaunting past IRA terrorist atrocities from the terraces, you’re a moron. But unbelievably in 21st century Scotland, you’re still tolerated.

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