Thursday, August 24, 2006

Miss World organizers in Poland make a bit of a tit of themselves

A poster advertising the Miss World contest scheduled to take place in Warsaw on September 30 has had to be altered after being thought ‘to revealing’.

The Warsaw City authorities are proud of themselves at having lured the Miss World contest to the Polish capital. They claim, as I wrote in Beauty with a purpose, that it will provide jobs and income for Warsaw and improve its image.

Getting the image of the contest right is of prime importance. So the Miss World organizers were alarmed when the poster for the contest, by artist Rafal Olbinski, showed a mermaid (the symbol of Warsaw) with one of her breasts showing.

And just as American television producers buried their heads in anguish when Janet Jackson revealed one of her best assets at the Superbowl game a few years ago, so the Warsaw city authorities immediately got on the phone in anguish to artist Olbinski.

“Can you cover her tit up, please’, they ordered, and Olbinski obliged by draping a white scarf over the offending mammary glad.

Tadeusz Deszkiewicz, head of Warsaw city hall's promotion bureau, told The Associated Press that there is "no doubt that Olbinski's original version was strongly erotic and we did not want to attach such aspect to the Miss World contest." [?!]

Not want to attach what to the Miss World contest? Erotic? Oh, I see. It's a contest that is without any sexy bits at all - it's a contest to promote the capital. Now I remember.

This is of course also strange as the Warsaw mermaid symbol is topless and not at all ashamed it.

It’s also strange again for another reason. The Miss World contest is to determine which girls have the best physical assets. That’s what it is for. Nothing less and certainly nothing more.

So why all the fuss? Why not let the Warsaw mermaid just let it all hang out?


Gustav said...

Warsaw landmarks are especially erotic - look at the Palace of Science and Culture. A gigantic erection for Stalin towering above the city!

Anonymous said...

I think she should be covered. In this context, its not art and nudity only confuses the objective of advertisement. Really good blog here.


Lynn said...

I vote for the topless look. What's the point of being a mermaid if you have to wear a bathing suit?

roman said...

Thanks for keeping us a-breast of this situation. I can't believe how "up tight" people still are about the depiction of the human body in art. It's truly sad.
It is interesting, though, that the Miss World contest is being hosted by the city of Warsaw. This is usually a very heavily promoted media event and will give the city a more cosmopolitan flavor. Here in the states some geography challenged people think there are babushkas sweeping the streets of Warsaw. The fringe benefit of heavy media exposure will result in potential financial benefits in future tourist activity. It's a plus for the city.

beatroot said...

‘Thanks T.C.!’ Do you remember Top Cat? Benny used to say it.

“This is usually a very heavily promoted media event and will give the city a more cosmopolitan flavor.”

You are probably right, Roman. And people do think babcie roam the streets with their donkeys. And some think that Poles are repressed sexually cause they are catholics.

But the only people who think that are usually protestants, some of which are the most repressed
of all the religious. Puritanism and all that.

Anonymous said...

The statue with the mermaid looks ok topless. No one would ever give it a second thought. But the picture would look funny without the sash.

That reminds me of a similar incident at the capital rotunda. There was a meeting and some politicians asked that a statue be covered. Everybody laughed.

I don't remember Benny and Top Cat, but my brother used to call me Top Cat :)

beatroot said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beatroot said...

It's a great cartoon series with the same voices as Bilko 9 early 1959's American TV series)

My point is that the Miss World contest is just a load of crap about women anyway, so why be shy about a bit of tit?

When you have a cattle market in town then you are going to get a lot of bullshit.

sonia said...

Tits and nipples seem to be a lot in the news lately, not only in Poland, but in Canada as well...

Poland has a bare-breasted mermaid, and Canada has NippleGate...

Frank Partisan said...

The slogan for the show should be: Poland; Better Than Nigeria.

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