Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cucumbers seen flying across the sky in Poland

In Britain we call it the ‘silly season’ - in Poland it’s called the ‘cucumber season’, when the media starts to fill up with bull…

I could mention bees attacking policemen, four year olds in charge of street gangs, or a Turkish pilot who went to the wrong airport by mistake near Poznan because she could not speak English properly.

But take your eyes of the TV or newspaper for a moment, stop reading such nonsense and look up at the sky. Is that a little green man in his space ship, or is it a deranged journalist deprived of politician stories during the summer break?

A story in UFO Digest (too hard to digest for me, I am afraid) dated August 15 this year about a UFO sighting in 1995 reported:

‘According to an article in Nieznany Swiat Magazine, the photo [above] was taken at the end of June or beginning of July 1995 by Mrs. Maria Korejwo, a school teacher, in Katy Gorne [near Pustelnik Pinski] in Siedlce district in Mazowieckie wojewodztwo, Poland.

Mrs. Korejwo didn't see the object when the photo was taken.

Kodak photo laboratory workers concluded that the film was not defective and suggested a possible explanation for the appearance of the acorn shaped object. They stated whatever the object is, the reason the photographer did not see the actual object, was simply because the object was moving too quickly!’

Eek! An object moving too quickly to be seen! What can it be? An alien carjacking the Space Shuttle?

The day before that story appeared, the American Chronicle recounted the story of The Alien Abduction of Mr. Wladyslaw, who apparently, around the year 2000 (he doesn’t remember exactly when) was taken into an alien space craft for reasons best known to the aliens. Who are we mere earthlings to question why.

The case of Mr. Wladyslaw's abductions has been investigated by Grzegorz Domanski, an UFO researcher from the Legnica UFO Research Club. He was acquainted with a woman named Halina who related to him the strange experiences of her nephew.

Mr. Wladyslaw's experiences are not unique, but his story along with tomes of other abduction cases is confirming the hypothesis that not all extraterrestrial races are peaceful and benevolent. Some are extremely dangerous and have unknown agendas.

Legnica, is a city in southwestern Poland, capital of Legnica Province.

Is it all the vodka, or what?

On August 8, American Chronicle was at it again. Poland, it seems, is an alien playground – a central European UFO car park. Under the headline, Military aircraft chased UFO over Slupsk:

Radar identified an UFO object that had entered Polish airspace. Mr. Stanislaw Z. notified the proper officials and soon an alert was announced. In the following minutes Captain Praszczalek would have direct contact with the UFO…..

But the media this summer has not always been so gridlocked with Polish flying saucers.

At the end of last month, on a very hot July 28, Polish Outlook reported that Poland’s skies were unusually clear of UFOs.

The Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reports that there have been no UFO landings in Poland this summer. There has been a definite lack of pictograms [crop circles] that are created by the aliens when they land in the wheat fields in Poland.

Wylatowo, Poland is known for those pictograms. Every year farmers' wheat fields in Wylatowo are damaged when the aliens create pictograms. The farmers are always very angry but the town is UFO heaven and a lot of tourists come to see a UFO.

The newspaper ran a survey to try and find out why the aliens have stopped visiting Poland.

Here are the results of the survey

It's too hot - 2%
People don't feel like making them many more - 35%
It's the opposition Civic Platform’s fault - 63%

Since the Polish government ruling coalition party Law and Justice has been blaming the Civic Platform for any unpopular decisions or moves that the Law and Justice Party makes, it only stands to follow that it is the Civic Platform's fault that the aliens are no longer visiting Poland. And it is Civic Platform's fault that income is down in Wylatowo because tourists are not coming to see the pictograms.
It's the Civic Platforms fault!

Well, things obviously changed as we went into August. Were government sponsored aliens waiting for opinion poll results to show a lead for Law and Justice? Or were they waiting for the summer parliamentary recess and the appearance of flying cucumbers in the sky?

More Polish UFO stories?
See here or check out a bunch of them at the EASTERN EUROPEAN UFO JOURNAL


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