Saturday, August 05, 2006

Elephant sized riddle in Poland

Why has Krakow city hall asked Mittal Steel to pull a few strings and get them an elephant?

Following the death of Burma, the 40 year old Indian elephant who lived in Krakow zoo in July ( I know, sad), Krakow has appealed to the Indian steel giant to get them a new one.

"Everyone in the city is waiting for a new elephant, especially the children," Krystina Paluchowska, spokesperson for the local authority told Reuters. "It could take a long time if we don't get help…’

There are trade embargoes on exporting elephants, all sorts of bureaucracy, and there is a waiting list as long as your trunk.

But why has Krakow city hall picked on Mittal Steel to buy them an elephant? Wouldn’t a new steel plant with lots of lovely jobs be a better idea?

Well, no. Mittal Steel already have a steel plant in Krakow. Apparently Spokesperson Krystyna thinks that Mittal could ‘pull a few strings’ (tusks?) on their behalf.

Mittal, however, seemed unprepared for shock announcement and ‘has no immediate comment’. Hmm

Has Mittal been bounced into handing over an elephant? What will Krakow city council offer Mittal as gratuities in return for them asking the Indian government if they can ‘have an elephant, please'? Are top Mittal executives going to get free elephant rides around Krakow zoo with their very own personal Char Wallah?

Have we uncovered an elephantine sized uklad?


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beatroot said...

Yeah, maybe Krakow can put David Attenborough in their zoo?

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