Saturday, August 12, 2006

Poles don’t trust politicians - shock!

Poles have one of the lowest opinions of their elected representatives in Europe. No surprise there, then.

A survey by gfk opinion pollsters finds the not very surprising fact that the politician is the least trusted professional in Europe. But only Greeks and Italians trust their politicos less than the Poles.

On average 17% of Europeans trust their politicians. In Poland this figures slumps even further to just 9%. In Italy and Greece this figure is 8 percent.

The most trusting of their rulers are the Danish at 37 percent, followed by the Swiss with 35 percent.

The most trusted professionals in Europe are doctors and teachers and Poles are no exception (although as Our man in Gdansk reports, it might not be a good idea to trust all doctors in Lublin!).

Sixty percent of Poles trust priests.

Most surprising is that 61 percent say that they trust journalists in Poland where as in the UK this figure plummets to just 30 percent.


Frank Partisan said...

Unfortunately the populist, nationalist politicians in Poland are honest to a tee. Incorrect but honest.

Agnes said...

Too much trust. Politicians are not trusted here (but voted nevertheless). The church and the army are. Heil...

roman said...

Personally I trust journalists and politicians as much as used car salesmen.
Ronald Reagan said it best "trust but verify".

beatroot said...

Reagan was the most car salesman type politician I ever saw, so I think I will ignore his advice this time.

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