Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Polish goalkeeper given red card by Scottish authorities for making sign of the cross!

Artur Boruc, Celtic FC’s goalie has been cautioned by the Glasgow Fiscal Prosecutor for making the Catholic sign of the cross before a game with Rangers, his team’s arch Protestant rivals.

Confused? You shouldn’t be. Welcome to the wonderful world of Scottish sectarian football.

The religious Lifesite reports:

According to the Crown Office, [back in January this year] the goalkeeper of Celtic, Artur Boruc, gave three gestures, which incensed the home crowd of the opposing Rangers during a heated Old Firm match at Ibrox stadium in Glasgow. Artur Boruc, gave a “V” for victory and an obscene gesture toward the crowd; however the crowd also complained about Boruc’s crossing himself at the start of the second half of the February 12 match.

For clueless non-football fans I should explain that Glasgow has two teams: Celtic, which is traditionally supported by Scottish Catholics, and Rangers, which is followed by Scottish Presbyterians.

Apparently, a Polish goalkeeper who crosses himself for luck can be cautioned for inflammatory behavior.

Church spokesman Peter Kearney found the decision "alarming" and said, "It is extremely regrettable that Scotland seems to have made itself one of the few countries in the world where this simply religious gesture is considered an offence."
According to the Sunday Herald, the Catholic Church is seeking the Crown Office to clarify “whether or not it deems the sign of the cross to be an offensive action, which is the equivalent of gratuitous hand gestures”.

“This is not simply a Catholic issue but a human rights issue,” said a spokesman for the Church. “Freedom of religion is part of the UN Declaration on Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.”

Human right? This is football, mate. It’s just a game.

Poor old Artur Boruc must also be confused about the other ‘offensive’ gesture he made to the crowd: putting two fingers up in the air.

Of course, in Britain this is the sign of ‘F#ck off!’…but in Poland the same gesture is made with only one finger – as in ‘Spin on it’.

And I am sure that fans of the Protestant Glasgow Rangers – no angels themselves - can take a couple of innocent gestures made by a newly arrived Polish goalkeeper (he’s only been playing at Celtic since last season).

One of the favorite songs of Rangers fans that can be heard sung at the Ibrox stadium (and a song that has got the PC UEFA football authorities up in arms recently) goes something like this:

Hullo, hullo, we are the Billy Boys!
Hullo, hullo, you’ll know us by our noise!
We’re up to our knees in Fenian blood!
Surrender or you’ll die!

Winding up the opposite team is part of the game of football. Always has been.


Anonymous said...

So why link the Football Against Racism website?

Racism bad, inter-Christian hatred good?

beatroot said...

You see Ignacy, you are making exactly the mistake I am warning against.

When Rangers or Celtic fans chant stuff about ‘fenians’ etc they are not saying that Celtic, attracting mainly Catholics, are pro-IRA terrorists out to bring down the British state. It’s an (historic) rivalry that is expressed in historic terms.

As soon as 99% of fans come out of the stadium after the game they are back to being normal human beings again.

That is the way with football fans. Football is a game where normal life is suspended for 80 glorious minutes. It’s where grown men act like kids.

And this is what nice middle class magistrates don’t understand either. Football is an escape from real life.

As for the racism...the racist chanting at grounds in Spain, Italy, some countries in central eastern Europe is unpleasant to say the least for the players involved.

But that cannot be compared to what Celtic and Rangers fans get up to at the weekend. Not to be taken seriously.

roman said...

We here in the states employ the one finger method.
Sports fans are "different" and so must be given special dispensation for their outragious behavior.
I agree, we should give them their time away from reality for the 80 or so minutes it takes to play the game.
Very interesting the way there are divisions based on geographical and sectarian grounds for Scotland and No Ireland.

beatroot said...

My mum is from N Ireland: about 20 minutes train ride north of Belfast.

It goes back to when Scottish settlers went to Ireland 300 years ago. The scots felt the isolated, as settlers always do.

But there was migration from Ireland to Scotland as well by Catholics, and they went to the cities (100 years ago - more).

So it's a thing that goes back a long way.

But Scots are not sectarian anymore...except when it comes down to Celtic or Rangers.

Frank Partisan said...

I'll ask Maryam about this.

In the USA, the right has been at times, trying to get a moment of silent prayer, at high school football games. The Supreme Court rejected that as being discriminatory. That is another issue, more severe.

Its just a game.

Lar said...

Folks, the standard time for a game of football is 90 minutes, not 80.

Anonymous said...

The issue here is not about singing bawdy provocative songs or players flipping the bird. Or even about a player insulting another player's mother or sister on the pitch a la Zidane and the Italians at the World Cup.

If it's just a game then why penalize Boruc for blessing himself with the Sign of the Cross?

It seems to me such an official action is clearly an act of religious intolerance and an abridgement of one's freedom of speech.

Whatever happened to the mantra of we need more freedom of speech, not less?

Also, I don't think the game ends as far as too many spectators are concerned when the final whistle blows. Look at all the hooligan fights and anti-Semitic soccer, ah... football, graffitti in Poland. I've seen more than my comfortable share of Stars of David hanging from hangman's nooses sprawled on walls in various cities associating this-or-that team as being a bunch of Jews.

Anonymous said...

Do Protestants not bless themselves?

steppx said...

what was it bobby charlton said (i think it was bobby....might have been someone else)...
"football isnt a matter of life and death.....its much more important than that".

beatroot said...

"football isnt a matter of life and death.....its much more important than that".

Bill Shankly

If it's just a game then why penalize Boruc for blessing himself with the Sign of the Cross?

That's a good question. Rangers and Celtic have been doing this for years. Soccer hooliganism between them is low as it is generally in Britain.

But the UK government are terrified of the 'masses'. They think a riot is always just around the corner. They think that religious hatred is lurking - re: Muslims. And they seem to think that societies problems can be solved through football. So players are not allowed to be showing swaring on TV. Players must not do anything to 'inflame' the crowd - even though they don't get inflanmed anyway. Players are not allowed to have dandruff ( I made that last bit up).

So it os a panicy action by out of touch authorities.

What's new? A mountain out of a molehill.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, there's always the possibility of "the butterfly effect."

mullet said...

Sectarianism here in scotland is rife and it certainly carries on after the whistle, Celtic/Rangers games only heighten it...class also has a lot to do with it here. As for the hooha regarding Boruc - a total embarrassment!

beatroot said...

Sectarianism here in scotland is rife and it certainly carries on after the whistle...

can you give me some examples of that? how are catholics discriminated against? How much conflict is there between the two communities?

I think you are exaggerating.

mullet said...

as it happens...on monday, a bus passing through the street that i live on, had it's windows smashed by 2 bigots who took offence to a couple of passengers talking about a football match. This behaviour is typical in the kind of community I live in ie, economically disadvantaged communities. In these areas, pubs are ten a penny and they don't advertise the fact that, in some, no proddys/no tims....it just is. Then there are the pubs that display a sign saying NO COLOURS - always your best bet! Sectarian graffiti is also ten a penny.....could go on and on....exaggerating - maybe i should have said it is rife in the west of scotland. You ask...'how are catholics discriminated against'?...probably the same way prodestants are. I worked in a well known shop that (secretly) employed catholics only - that was only 4 years ago! But like i said - class is an element.

mullet said...

sorry, i might of picked you up wrong....did you want examples based on 'academic research','government data'???

beatroot said...

there are the pubs that display a sign saying NO COLOURS

Then the people of the area should do something about that. Where is this? Which city? What are the police doing about a sign like that?

I worked in a well known shop that (secretly) employed catholics only

This now sounds like some aeas in Belfast.

Anonymous said...

Secterianism exists in Scotland.Kids are seperated at 5 years old.Catholics go to catholic schools,all other religions attend non-denomination schools.

This is know as divide and conquer.The poor working class people are divided and told that each other are the enemy.

The schools act 1918 happen as Clydeside and Glasgow had the army quelling revolution.

Anonymous said...

what a lot of crap..he was gesturing to the rangers fand AND crossing himself..this is not allowed in the uk as it incites violence.forget religion he is a wind up merchant

Anonymous said...

i agree with the last post he is intent on annoying opposing fans and as a religous man should be aware of others feelings

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