Sunday, August 27, 2006

The last Englishman in London

I found this comment buried away in an old post from July after it dropped into the archive. It’s worth quoting at length, if only for its gory stupidity.

Here is the whole thing from someone using the alias Last Englishman in London (you can imagine, I am sure, what’s coming). My comments will be interspersed between the paragraphs.

Two things strike me reading this blog.

1/ Lots of Pro-Polish sentiment..fair enough considering the target audience.
2/ A few apologetic English people with the backbone of a jellyfish.

Strange, many Poles think I am being too hard on them (which I am not, only certain politicians and ways of thinking) so I seem to annoy everyone. Sounds like I might be doing something right.

I want to explain why the English people are becoming tired of immigration - all immigration. The Poles may well be decent, hard working people but...

Re: I’m not racist. but...

House prices in the UK have soared [here we go] , it's almost impossible to get on to the housing ladder for young people. There are simply not enough houses for the people already here and 100s of 1000s more people arriving only makes the matter worse.

How would you feel if you were told that there was no room in your local hospital, dentist surgery, doctors surgery or room for your children in the local school? You've been paying your taxes for years surely your entitled? But the schools and hospitals are trying to cope with HUGE influxes of foreign nationals who have not spent years paying into the system.

It's almost impossible to get anywhere quickly in the South East of England, our roads are over congested, our airports and trains too. How does it help us to accomodate so many more people?

The house price rises and property boom have been going on for at least ten years now – well before the arrival of the central European ‘hordes’. Successive governments have failed to make sure enough house building has been going on to keep up with demand, Green campaigners try to maintain ‘greenfield sites’ around the cities, slowing down expansion. The train and transport system has been a disgrace for ages too.

But back to the clichés…

At the end of the day the UK is the home of the British people [does he think that is an original thing to say?]. We've every right to feel angry when a massive influx of foreigners starts to damage our way of life. People outside of the UK have no RIGHT to be here, they are here through the good graces of the British people.

[Froths at the mouth...and prepares for the coup de grace. Deep breath...]

As well as 100s of 1000s of Eastern Europeans there are 100s of 1000s of Africans and Asians [Ooo, not Africans and Asians!]. Until Poland experiences such an influx of foreigners and such a rapid change to it's social fabric I feel that Polish people are not qualified to speak with authority on the issue.

The Last Englishman in London is deranged. What about when the Prussians, Russians, Austro-Hungarians ripped the place into three for over a century? And what about when the Soviets and Nazis pilled in here, destroying everything? Rapid change to its social fabric? Nah...Poland never experienced that.

But then, to rub in the stupidity...

There was the German invasion of 1939 but you did at least get a chance to defend yourself.

Unbelievable. Favorably comparing the Nazi invasion and the Holocaust to the influx of a few hundred thousand Poles and others to the UK is truly the most cretenous thing I have seen for a long while.

I hope the Daily Mail, the Sun and the editors of the rest of his media intake who have been whipping this immigration thing up to its current froth and throth are proud of themselves.


Gustav said...

It's almost impossible to get anywhere quickly in the South East of England, our roads are over congested, our airports and trains too. How does it help us to accomodate so many more people?

Who do you think's gonna build the new roads?


And as far as the housing market goes ... yeah, there's a lot of real estate speculation going on over in the UK by Poles. I'll make you a deal, Poles will stop migrating to the UK when they can afford to buy a house HERE on their salaries.

Lucia Maria said...

This is really one of those times where the frothing falls on the safe (Polish) targets, rather than the ones that have everyone freaked out (Muslim).

If we're going to mention the war, how quickly they forget about the Battle of Britain (1940) and what could have been had it not been for highly experienced Polish pilots.

Anonymous said...

A good article on the topic:

beatroot said...

Thanks yasquier. Indeed. Migration has benifits. The angle in Poland is that maybe too many migrants are benifiting the UK economy at the expense of the POlish economy.

I think there will be short term - medium term - problems for Poland but in the long run its a good thing for both countries.

It all depends on how many come back.

But on principle - migration rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Englishman in London said...

Dear All.

Well I suppose I should respond though I see where this is heading.
Beatroot, your put down of my initial post reminded me of similar arguments made by a friend of mine in the pub, based largely on the 'heh, you've got an opinion I disagree with so I'm going to just slur it' form of defence. Picking out words to indicate meanings which are not there.
And a racist is someone who discriminates against a people because of their race, not someone who is concerned about the number of people coming into their country. I have no preference as to who should be blocked from workign rights in the UK.
For the record I'm not basing my argument on Eastern Europeans but on immigrant numbers in general, and I'm not blaming immigrants (I am blaming the UK government for taking a short sighted approach to border control).

But to back up some of my statements.

Housing: It may be that the British government has been short sighted in planning for extra housing, but no one can deny the simple laws of supply nd demand, if you have no more houses but many many more people of course prices will be pushed up. Most migrants cannot afford to buy property in the UK, but they do require living space, consequently many flats are offered as rented accomodation, this has a knock on effect for the prices of the larger properties.
And it's all very well to say we should build on our green spaces, but maybe people value those spaces and don't want them to be built on. In the mid 90s the UK population had natural growth of 0.7%, some extra development would be required to cater for this but not the levels that are currently required.

It applies to transport too, just because things could be improved does not mean it's acceptable to heap further difficulties on them. The transport system does need investment, but how does the influx of more people into the country make that easier.
A crowded tube train in London which suddenly sees an increase of 20% in passenger numbers simply becomes even more unbearable.

Thanks for pointing out my 'cliches', cliches they may be but they are based on fact.

In one breath you're claiming that I'm singling out Poles and then point out that I've mentioned Asians and Africans (I presume we're allowed to refer to people from those continents in that way, or should we all just have numbers)?

Similarly when I mention that the British people are unhappy about levels of immigration (currently the highest cause for concern according to Mori), you mention that the Poles had a much worse time under the various European powers. Well you were angry, we're angry. The Polish people may well have cause for their anger but what should the British people think...'hmm Poland's been through far worse than us let's stop being angry'.
The simple facts are. Many many British people do not approve of mass immigration.
There is NO evidence beyong the anecdotal that mass immigration benefits the UK.
The Brtish people have every right to contribute to their own future, as should the people of every nation where they were raised.

I agree that the comparison with 1939 was a stupid thing to say and I apologise for it.

And in reply to some earlier posts about the UK owing a greater debt to Poland because of Polish commitments in the Battle of Britain and in breaking ENIGMA. Nonsense. The UK entered war with Germany on the declaration of war on Poland, and we could very well have accepted an unconditional peace with Germany after the fall of France.
England housed the Polish government in exile, equipped Polish armed forces and spent the wealth of an Empire so as to stay in the war. I think any debts were long since paid, and then some.

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