Monday, August 07, 2006

Another UK - Polish immigration horror story

Following on from the Poles leave kids in orphanages story last week the British press really has gone to the dogs this time.

This week in our "fear of the Polish plumber' series: ‘Pets pay price of Polish exodus’. The Sunday Times:

As Poles head for Britain in search of work they are abandoning pets in their hundreds at animal sanctuaries across the country. Up to 1m Poles are estimated to have gone abroad this year alone.

Isabela Dzialak, head of a kennel at Celestynow in Warsaw, has collected 180 abandoned dogs since the beginning of the year. “People go away to England and to Ireland and we have so many dogs coming in we can hardly keep going. I won’t tell you how many dogs I’ve got altogether because I’m already under pressure from authorities to kill off the old ones.”

Abandoned kids, lonely dogs, whatever next?

But the real problem lies not with Polish immigration but with the UK’s strict rules on immigration of animals!

This blog calls for freedom of movement across borders for all – including dogs, cats and even hamsters!


StefanMichnik said...

And what about the "fish war"?


beatroot said...

Yup, and migration rights for fish...

Gustav said...

More gloom and doom due to EU immigrants

Higher taxes. In the States, that would get the whole conservative body politic in a tizzy. Will taxes finally be the straw that breaks the camel's back in Britain?

Anonymous said...

some of the english tabloids like to make sensational headlines
quotes like this are common in all our newspapers
but lets put things into perspective a majority of british, ok lets say english because thats where most people move to are a fairly tolerant bunch and have been dealing with all (and many would say too much for a small island)migrants from around the world for 60 plus years and out of all our so called euro friendly neighbours france and germany to name but 2 have decided not to open the floodgates ,we have and ireland and sweeden
but what would the polish press reaction be if within 2 years over half a million people arrived in their country?
will we find out in years to come...???
and would the same jovial/slightly scared of mass immigration,headlines appear in polish newspapers??

Anonymous said...

by the way to add to the above i think we do owe poland something along with other allied countries that handed free reign over to russia in eastern/central europe after 1945 but we then go back to those rhetorical questions ,should we still dislike germans for past crimes(note i am not saying nazis here or hitler but the vast majority of germany as a collective) should we as britains apologise for flattening dresden,and wiping out vast numbers of german citizens and the list goes on
so i hope that poland and its people that have come to britain/ireland to better themselves continue to prosper
also been a poliphille (is their such a word?) and visiting 3 times in the past 3 months and going again next week i love the people and the country and hope that poland benefits from eu membership as much as countries like ireland have(which i also like a lot my wife to be is irish 0)

Morgan Madej said...

Polish people served in the British Armed Forces with distinction in the Second World War. Many chose to stay in the UK after the war ended, found jobs and married and raised families as law abiding citizens. They integrated into the British way of life without any special treatment or concessions from local councils or the government.Without presure groups or religious fervour they accepted British customs and learnt English!The Poles are hard working and tolerant,qualities recognised by normal people everywhere.After 45 years of domination by the communist mafia any democratic country must have streets paved with gold but the UK also has its own problems with homeless people and shortage of unskilled employment.

Of course the UK Social System has its share of cheats and spongers that don't want to work.I worked for 44 years in England before retiring to Spain and then Poland, but I believe in 'When in Rome' So Good Luck to anyone who wants make a better life elswhere in the EU especially those who accept the laws and customs of their host country!

Anonymous said...

Why don,t all these Polish idiots just get lost! No more bloody room left at the inn. Go away! Sort your own country out and leave us poor Brits alone.

Anonymous said...

Poles dont want their country to open doors to immigrants, but at the same time want to immigrate to UK and Ireland and that also in hundreds of thousands!!I donno what BOLLOCKS have polish workers bought in to UK economy other than for working for 2 Pounds per hour and filling the ever open escort service market.90% of escort services are done by someone from eastern Europe and mostly from Poland!

Anonymous said...

There are far more Polish people in this country than Government would have us believe! Every town you go to, walk down any high street and you will see Polish people and hear Polish spoken! The official figures are just th etip of the iceberg - there are MILLIONS of them.

Anonymous said...

The latest poll taken by the Government asked people who live in Ireland
if they think Polish immigration is a serious problem:
23% of respondents answered: Yes, it is a serious problem.
77% of respondents answered: Absolutnie zaden.

Anonymous said...

Now that last comment (Polski Irish) is doing the rounds in Poland as real humour :)

Anonymous said...

Many dogs in Poland have already travelled to UK and Ireland.
I have already tried Zaposka (minced dog nose and ears)and Kabanos (made from dog tails and testicles)
I have tried Bigos made from cabbage and dog penis.
I also like the cabbage leaves with rice and dog brain inside.
I have also made coteletti with a dog ear dipped in egg and then Boketata (bread crumbs)
Do Polish people eat a lot of dogs and cats at Christmas time and Charlottka with lots of vodka?
Polish peoplem from Adamov and Lubielski nr Lublin have told me all about Polish food. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Many dogs in Poland have already travelled to UK and Ireland.
I have already tried Zaposka (minced dog nose and ears)and Kabanos (made from dog tails and testicles)
I have tried Bigos made from cabbage and dog penis.
I also like the cabbage leaves with rice and dog brain inside.
I have also made coteletti with a dog ear dipped in egg and then Boketata (bread crumbs)
Do Polish people eat a lot of dogs and cats at Christmas time and Charlottka with lots of vodka?
Polish peoplem from Adamov and Lubielski nr Lublin have told me all about Polish food. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

every Sunday morning outside Ulster Bank on Liffey Dublin c 0630 a bus load of Polish workers arrive.
they all have intention of working hard and they are all really nice smiles. Some of the girls are really cute. Where did you ever see an Irish girl wearing such curvy jeans. Polish Girls have 5 star bottoms.
One drawback. On the long bus journey from Czchekowa many of the girls have been chewing dried meat which originates as Zagopane mountain dog steaks. They can sometimes smell a little bit like a dog kennel. That usually goes away after they get to clean their teeth and rinse with Kubus which they bring with them just in case the 234 Polish shops in Ireland dont have any.

Anonymous said...

You have No other choice my friends, We are taking over your country. 60 years ago you left us alone, since 15 We are finally free, and wanna live regular way. Now is 3 years after joining EU, so it looks like a big problem ,but I hope that in 10 years you won't see any diferences. When I use to work in EU, i didn't enjoy unhappy host poeople so i left to US, it is 1000 times better. And you are tolerant :) ? anwser that question yourself... Thomas

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Anonymous said...

Iam english and iam sick and tired on u immgrants, is poland really that bad?

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Anonymous said...

I understand that it can be headache to have too many immigrants taking your jobs in the UK. What I dont understand is why do you get upset now? It is strange, I mean didnt you get zillions of Asians, who are much more different culturally from the Anglo-Saxons and Celts than the Poles are..??? If Poles feel they want to stay in the UK forever, they seamlessly integrate and they do it with deep belief in the British way of life. If you see some not integrating ie being un-British and otherwise unlikeable- you will notice that they are here for a brief period in time, they do their job and go back home - BUT at the same time while you get all steamed up about Poles- why cant you see Asian villages in East London??? Being a traveller all my life, seeing some parts of London made me feel I am in a 3rd world country. I mean, fine, but this hypocrisy baffles me to the core.

Anonymous said...

Eating dogs and cats??? Are you nuts??? Poles are Europeans, just because they speak a language difficult to understand and sometimes behave like they didnt care about what one thinks does not mean they eat pets...hahahahaaha In fact Polish cuisine is much more sophisticated than the one English people have at home. It is based on fresh produce, full of fibre, centuries old traditions and it is more healthy as well. Why dont you take easyjet and see for yourselves??? You would be surprised how many Germans, Brits, Italians, Dutch, Spanish etc actually live in Poland permanently and how many come to Poland for the summer.

Dont comment before you verify oneself- thats the motto of classy people.

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Anonymous said...

Just a few facts to make this debate a little clearer;
1. Capitalism. It follows the money and cheap labour from the very beginning, and cheapest labour, educated and professional comes from EU (look how America has been build on sweat of immigrants). I suggest reading "Jungle" by Sinclair Lewis.
2. Like everyone on the our planet - people seek labor if they cannot find it at home (is it a crime?), from the beginning of times). You follow the work and money. Think about those 15 Africans leaving their homes around million years ago to seek a better place for their families (was it a crime?) and proceeding slowly towards Europe and Asia.
3.And yes, economy. It is a funny thing. It does not behave according to logic and fairness. Imagine for instance an old lady with 60-year old plumbing in her house. She wants to replace it with something modern, but cannot afford unionized English workers, so she gives up the project entirely, and either lives with her 60-years plumbing or hires a foreigner (Polish engineer posing as a common worker who can do this job for half of the price.).She is interested. She has got her new plumbing which she wouldn't have if she had hired English workers.
The moral: Life is simply not like it used to be and nothing is fair anymore. If you want to blame someone, direct your anger toward ultra rich, not some poor Pollacks who are trying to survive in lousy economy.
It is so English - blame the poor, worship the rich and royals. You need see clearly where the real problem is, do not invent imaginary foes like Nazis did with Jews. Reject you silly class prejudices and see how really the whole life works.
Economy is like a climate. Economy is not that simple. People do what they can afford, regardless of union regulations.
What I am trying to say that economy is not based so much on "fairness" but simply - money.

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