Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Miss World 2006 in Poland: beauty with a purpose!

The Miss Word contest, to be held in Warsaw this September, will solve Poland’s unemployment problem, apparently (photo: Lucky Aneta Kręglicka, Poland’s only winner of Miss World, 1989 – obviously a political vote in the year of the Round Table).

You thought it was just a ‘bit of fun’, didn’t you? You thought it was about ladies in swim suits and evening wear who, when interviewed by some MC, declare that after the contest they want to, ‘do lots and lots of work [giggle, giggle, gurgle] for charity!’

You thought it was just a load of boobs, legs and hairspray.

But no. The Miss World contest, to be held in Warsaw on September 30, has a social purpose. Course it does. It’s going to solve the 16% unemployment problem all by itself. And more!

Radio Polonia:

Miss World finals to be held in Warsaw will generate 20,000 jobs, 16 million zloty (or 4 million euro) in additional budget revenue and will ensure the development of the tourist sector for the coming years.

Radio Polonia doesn’t say where these 20,000 jobs will come from. We can only surmise.

150 hair dressers... give up: where are they coming from?

‘Miss World 2006 Contest, the event that grabs the attention of millions of people worldwide, will take place in Warsaw, Poland. This is a great success and a wonderful opportunity for our country – said Elżbieta Wierzbicka, the President of the Contest Commission, President of the Miss Polonia Office.’

That’s from the Warsaw City Hall web site.

‘Apart from the most important event of the Miss World 2006 Contest, which is the final ceremony itself, Warsaw will also organize four accompanying events, including a solemn opening gala.’

Solemn? What are they talking about? The web site gushes that the decision...

' a clear message basically to every country in the world that Poland and Warsaw are able to organize events of a top, world-class level’ – said Tadeusz Deszkiewicz, Head of the Office of Promotion of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Blimey! And I thought it was about which girl has the nicest tits! But there is the money angle:

It is obvious that the local authorities see the Contest as a huge promotional opportunity which, if used properly, may bring material benefits for the cities, their regions and citizens.

Ah, I see. Warsaw residents will benefit enormously. Can’t wait!

The Warsaw Voice, which never misses an opportunity to ‘promote’ the capital, oozes:

The competition will be broadcast by 200 TV stations from across the world. Apart from Olympic Games and soccer championships, the Miss World finals is the event that arouses the greatest amount of interest around the world. Dozens of Polish Internet forums are already full of enthusiastic comments.

Are they? I don’t think so. The Miss World Contest was in its hayday over thirty years ago. Since then the main TV channels in countries like the UK have dropped the live broadcast for the same reasons that they dropped the Benny Hill Show in the 1980s.

It’s a boring event watched only by men with a very, very of freinds.

Trivia: In the 1980s, to counter outrageous accusations that the whole contest was a sexist load of bull, the organizers added a personality and intelligence test!!!

Question: Why is the winner of the rival Miss Universe contest always from Planet Earth?

Answers on a post card to the usual address.


roman said...

"It’s a boring event watched only by men with a very, very of freinds."
I'll be watching with a keen interest in the personality and intelligence portion of the program.
Aneta.. what a babe!

sonia said...

I agree that forcing women to wear swimsuits is both sexist and degrading. Nobody should be forced to wear anything...

Btw, I think I've beaten you to a story that you would certainly want to write about as well...

michael farris said...

"Why is the winner of the rival Miss Universe contest always from Planet Earth?

Because the backward planetist judges are blind to the wonderful diversity of beauty standards in the universe?

I think the purple tentacles of the Plutonian candidates are quite fetching.

beatroot said...

What abiut those buxom curves and long fluttering eyelashes of those sexy martians?

Inter-planetary discimination, innit?

polishpenguin said...

The grand prize for all of us, of course, will be world peace.

richardlith said...

AFraid all of you are out of sync with Polsih thought. miss World is most popular amongst Polish middle aged women, who will be watching the thing on TV in droves. Honest, it is women who drive interest in Miss World, not men. Men just tag along to make money from it. That's all it is, a money making machine for people from developing ecomies (south America, Eastern Europe, China, India etc), where the whole concept is popular.

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