Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Kaczynskis: Poland’s answer to the brothers that ruled all that they could see...

...but it ended in the death of one of them.

Romulus (the founder of Rome) would slay Remus over a dispute about which one of the two brothers had the support of the local gods to rule the new city and give it his name.

One day, when Romulus and Remus arrived at Palatine Hill the two argued over where the exact position of the future city should be.

Romulus was set on building the city upon Palatine Hill, but Remus wanted to build the city on the strategic and easily fortified Aventine Hill.

The two agreed to settle their argument by testing their abilities by the will of the gods.

Each took a seat on the ground apart from one another. Remus had a vision of six vultures (which were considered to be sacred to Mars, their father), while Romulus saw twelve!

Remus was enraged by Romulus’s victory, and as the victor began digging a trench where the city's wall would eventually be (753 BC) Remus ridiculed some parts of the work and obstructed others.

At last, Remus could stand it no longer and leaped across the trench his brother had dug (an omen of bad luck) and a fight to the death began.

But Romulus was stronger and killed his brother there and then.

Romulus named the city Rome after himself, and served as its first king along with the Senate.

As he grew older, however, Romulus bored of democracy and ruled alone as a dictator.

One day, when Romulus and all the people of Rome had gone to Campus Martius, a sudden storm arose. The darkness became so great that the people fled in terror.

When the storm was over, the Romans returned. But to their surprise, Romulus had disappeared, forever.

Which of the Kaczynski brothers, Lech or Jaroslaw, is Romulus? Who will see the greater number of vultures?

Update, Friday: Lech Walesa, one time ally of the Kaczynski twins, was on television this morning saying: “Yeah, the Kaczynskis are used to fighting – they spent the first few months of their lives fighting for their mother’s tit!'

He always did have a way with words, did our Lech.


beatroot said...

By the way, if you are wondering which of the twins is which in the photo then, by the rumours going around, I would say that Jaroslaw is the one with the mostashe!

polishpenguin said...

I disagree, the one with the mustashe is Lech. The only way I can tell them apart is the mold on near the nose. From that picture, Lech's head is much rounder too.

beatroot said...

You got better eyesight than me, brother...

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a fall...I was jumping from place to place and it looks like I have fallen into the biggest shit!!!!!
The biggest load of it...

beatroot said...


michael farris said...

Lech W better watch out before the Ducks take him to court for 'insulting a head of state' (by which indefensible law the Warsaw prosecutor's office is 'investigating' the Tageszeitung case).

beatroot said...

What I am wondering is which brother has the real power now. Obviously they thought that Lech was the most electable as president. But the president has no real power.

So constitutionally Jaroslaw, as PM, has all the power.

And there was a polol this morning on TVN 24 that showed that, when asked, 70% think that Kwasniewski is the better president! Only 7% think that Lech is doing a good job now.

Already kaczor is a lame-duck president!

polishpenguin said...

The thing that I have a problem with these poll numbers is that only 30-40% of the population votes for the president, then the people who didn't vote complain of what a terrible job he or she is doing. If you didn't vote, don't complain then.

As for Kwasniewski...hahaha! I won't revisit history with you guys, you know which general he was with at one point in time.

michael farris said...

"Is the prosecutor's office really investigating Tageszeitung?"

That's what it says here:,53600,3484360.html

excerpts (with quick, sloppy translations)

"Wszczęcie śledztwa ... poleciła Prokuratura"

"Beginning the investigation ... was reccomended by the prosecutor's office"

"przesłano już zawiadomienie szefa klubu parlamentarnego PiS Przemysława Gosiewskiego o popełnieniu przestępstwa przez niemieckich dziennikarzy. Za znieważenie prezydenta RP grozi do trzech lat więzienia."

"Information that a crime has been committed by German journalists has already been sent to the head of PiS's parliamentarians Przyemysław Gosiewski. Insulting the president of the Polish Republic can be punished by a prison term of up to three years."

I am so interested in jurisdiction here. I so want to overhear the phone conversation when one of the ducks tells Merkel they want the journalists extradited.

beatroot said...

It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?

Can you imagine what Kacz would have said if the president of Iran called him up and demanded that the editor of Rzepa be extradited to Tehran after he published those cartoons?

Naivety? Stupidity? Kaczynski trained as a lawyer, didn't he?

lemuel said...

Their mother had only one tit!? How sad...

David Broder said...

Why did they not maintain the moustache/no moustache difference in their appearance.

It would be easier to tell the difference - although, as far as I can tell, there is no political difference....

Identical twins in power says a lot about class and dynasty - it shows the system for what it is. Feudalism is gone, nepotism isn't

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »