Saturday, July 01, 2006

Beatroot launches the Polish Pro Corruption Party (PPCP)!

Samoobrona lawmaker (law breaker) Renata Beger, has been convicted of falsifying her electoral sponsorship list.

She made up 1700 names out of thin air, apparently. The signatures were hand written, so she must have been up all night, poor love.

She has received a two year suspended sentence for her trouble.

All rather embarrassing for her party, Samoobrona, which has led the crusade against political corruption.

Renata first came to attention when she was on the special parliamentary commission looking into the ‘Rywingate affair’, a tale of high corruption during the previous SLD government.

In an interview to a woman’s magazine at the time, she confessed to finding her boss, Adnrzej Lepper a bit sexy (?) but also admitting that she was a very amorous person herself, saying that she had ‘kurwiki in her eyes’ – an extraordinary expression which could be translated as ‘the look of a prostitute in her eyes’.


But dear Renata has inspired this blog to start its own political party – the Polish Pro Corruption Party (PPCP). Renata can be our president (if she promises not to give me any of that kurwiki nonsense!).

The PPCP will stand in the next Euro elections. We think Brussels is not corrupt enough and could learn a few tricks from Poland.

PPCP doesn’t mind if we haven’t got any support as we’ll just make up our signatures anyway.

We welcome backhanders and back scratching. Our accountant will bribe himself to falsify the accounts.

Our election slogan will be: VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN!!!


Frank Partisan said...

Brussels has pedophillia issues in politics.

Frank Partisan said...

OT: See

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across this blog through google. What a puke ...

You are one of many 'literary intellectualists' suffering form acute random nonsense writing syndrome, in the best tradition of Hegel himself, but much poorer when it comes to word choice and creativity. Mixing - in a radom fashion - words you dont understand (such as 'fascist', 'homofobia', or 'racist') with press headlines you memorized and fitting them to much your skewed vision of reality constitutes babbling at best.

Sadly, because of google's lack of idiotism filter, many stumble across this blog.

You should lable your blog:


so that no one has to read it to find out.

What a puke ...

michael farris said...

Beat! I think you've got a fan!

~JS said...

while i disagree with the view taken on several issues at the beatroot, mr pitt's criticism of the beatroot is itself as free of content as it is laden with vitrolic attack...

mr. pitt...
substantiate your claims or save your hot air for mrs. pitts...

beatroot said...

Mike: I should be flattered, shouldn’t I?

j.s.: I was thinking that myself. You try your best to write posts that people can instantly agree or disagree with. And if I post a rubbish argument then I expect and deserve to have it ripped to bits by a better one.

But what Mr. pitt has written is the equivalent of a six year old kid screaming at his mum because he doesn’t want to eat his green vegetables.

“But why don’t you want to eat your greens, dear,” says his mum.

“…because….[sob]….I don’t want to!!! Blarrrrhrhrhrh!!!.”

Maybe there are special blogs for the emotionally challenged?

And all its done is distract attention from the Samoobrona sex-kitten.

sonia said...

Personally, I think that corruption is overrated...

The real problem aren't corrupt politicians, but highly principled, uncorruptible politicians who are doing the WRONG thing...

beatroot said...

I completly agree with you, Sonia. Absolutly!

The obsession with corruption comes from the fact that there is no Real politics going on anymore – by politics here I mean a battle for competing visions of the ‘good society’.

So without politics with any content in it we fall back on the personal behaviour of politicians.

How corrupt a politician is, is secondary to what he/she says and does.

Good point, Sonia…and welcome back!

gumish said...

The thing with corrupt politicians is that they are bent on doing what is in their interest not of the whole of the society. And those smarter of them run for control to defend what they have gained and hopefully for them keep the income pouring in. The main issue for those most sophisticated is to suck as much blood as possible without killing the cow. And there has to be put a tremendous apparatus of control - each level has to know less and less and believe firmly what their are told and repeat it in front of the public. Modern 'science' is the strictest and probably the most important pillar of the system - of course it needs the indoctrination [education] system to go hand in hand to be really effective. Every effort has to be made to silence everyone who has ever discovered things that can uproot the system. You really need to control many things so that there is any progress at all where all you want is control. But I believe things are going to change.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame all of the 1700 names were in the same handwriting:-)

Anonymous said...

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