Tuesday, July 11, 2006

His name is Jaroslaw and he has a grip of iron

Wprost jokes on the new head of government’s control freakery…

Q: Why doesn’t the new Prime Minister,Jaroslaw Kaczynski, ever wear a watch?

A: Because he’s the guy in Poland who decides what time it is.


Henry Grodsk said...

Speaking of jokes and headlines, on another -- thread? Did I say that right? -- Beatroot wrote:
"I still can’t wait till the ‘kaczory’ become ‘lame-ducks’…it’s just a great headline."

I can't believe I haven't seen the obvious headline:

"Nasz prezydent, nasz premier"

Henry Grodsk said...

And here it comes, courtesy of Polityka (July 15th, though I bought my copy at least three days before that date): "Our President our Prime Minister" and a painting of the twins.

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