Monday, July 09, 2007

The Rydzyk Tapes

Stop press….Vice Premier and Agriculture Minister Andrzej Lepper kicked out of government on connection with corruption charges….election possible…. more here….

The First Lady of Poland is a witch and should be the subject of euthanasia, and the President of Poland is a conman surrendering to the Jewish lobby.

Not my words but those attributed to Radio Maryja director, Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, when he was speaking to a group of students at The University of Social & Medial Culture in Toruń.

The story broke in the weekly Wprost today and since then the government has refused to comment until the tapes of Rydzyk’s remarks have been verified.

Rydzyk – who has been accused of running a radio station and publishing empire where the odd anti-Semitic remark is not unsual – has not denied he made the remarks. He is just saying that the article in Wprost is a ‘provocation’. reports:

According to Father Rydzyk - the media have blown the case out of proportion and he himself would never even think about "offending anyone ". In his opinion, it is "Satan who’s putting stumbling blocks into his way", but "we should not be manipulated and get divided". Director of Radio Maryja added: "Satan doesn’t like those who commune in Christ".

The Redemptoristine from Toruń also said on his radio station that "the truth should be spoken out, even though it upsets Satan. We cannot exist without that truth".

Well, indeed. TV has being playing small snippets of the ‘Rydzyk Tapes’ all day but we have still not seen the whole transcripts.

Perhaps it was just Rydzyk’s hilarious sense of humour? But whether it is or isn’t, the remarks put the government in a bit of a bind. The Kaczynski government has given Radio Maryja special access to news conferences in the past as it believed that the Rydzyk empire was the only news outlet not under the control of the dreaded uklad - the only news source that the Kaczynskis can trust.

If this scandal is as bad as it sounds then the government has one less source open to it.


Anonymous said...

I think we can safely day that Radio Maryja is Satanic and that it's priest is the Devil in carnate.A disgrace to Poland and the Roman Catholic Church in Poland.

michael farris said...

I note that PiS's reaction to this is to go into full-distraction mode by kicking Lepper out of the government (again) while leaving the possibility open that he could return (again).

Olejnik's interview with Lepper seemed singularly unconvincing, he was going through the motions but his heart wasn't in it (the public has seen enough of Lepper in agitated states to tell the difference, I hope).

Anonymous said...

anonymous said... “Devil in carnate”
Well perhaps this is correct but nonetheless we have to apply due process, he should be arrested an examined for the mark of the beast “666”. It would be appropriate to do this in camera and televised live. Failing conclusive results we can always fall back on Catholic administrative procedures perfected in Spain during the 16th century.

beatroot said...

Lepper has been kicked out of government but says he 'won't resign' appears connected with corruptiSamoobrona members in TVP....this all happened this evening....diversion tactic.....? Gawd knows.....the usual chaos here atb Poland Inc.

Anonymous said...

Beat: Care to respond to any of this:

Any reason you don't rate?

Frank Partisan said...

That is the worst possible Polish Catholic representation possible.

beatroot said...

Geez. Nothing to do with me....and Lobbywatch, like GMwatch and are a bunch of tree huggers obsessed with the RCP (which was disbanded 11 years ago.)

Metka by Traczka said...

Jarosław Kaczyński doesn't have to send any of his boys to pick up Samoobrona members the way he tried to do last year with Renatka Beger.
Now LPR is declaring they're gonna stay in coalition. Of course, nobody would vote for them in early elections.
I hope to go voting asap.

Of course Lepper case blew up just to cover the Rydzyk scandal. The ducks can't afford to lose all the "moherowe berety"

beatroot said...

The Lepper thing has nothing to do with Rydzyk. It's coincidence. The investigation into samoobrona has been going on for some time and there were rumours at the weekend that the government was going to make some sort of announcment to do with Piotr R and the Lepper boys.

It's nice convenient timing....

Anonymous said...

Party line. Have a nice life. I'll pray fer ya and look in from time-to-time. Bye.

beatroot said...

Whadga mean 'party line', Geezer? Which party? PiS? Just cause I don't believe in conspriracies? History os a cock up not a cover up...

michael farris said...

Who's talking about a conspiracy? Creating diversions has long been a part of politics in the real world.
And this one did a pretty good job of knocking Rydzyk's comments off the front page while addding up in the final analysis to ...not very much. Lepper, after great fanfare and amid dire warnings has ... decided to stay in the coalition (quelle surprise).
We'll see what happens next.

While we're here, do you think it's a coincidence that Alan Johnston(sp?) was released by the palestinians right after a palestinian (with a Jordanian passport) was apprehended for trying to blow things up in Britain?

beatroot said...

For Kaczki, Rydzyk is useful but frequently embarrassing. But they could survive without Maryja. Lepper is embarrassing but the future is much more risky with him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in. Samoobrona are a bust flush.

Fact: Samoobrona knew that something nasty was coming for the last few days. It was on one of their politician’s ‘blogs’ (don’t you just love how these politician wankers have appropriated our method of communication to look cool?)….the Rydzyk thing appears to have taken everyone by surprise.

Kaczkis ‘moral revolution’ is the main ‘brand’ of their government. The kind of crap that old Stalinists like the Lepperites get up to is far more a danger to them, in the long run, than Rydzyk – who is not nearly as powerful as we sometimes like to think.

So this whole affair was not a ‘diversion’ – although of course it has been a distraction. This is about the inevitable – Lepper, sooner or later, would become such a huge embarrassment that the boil has to be lanced.

I also think that Kaczki think they can win the next election. I agree with them. The opinion polls show PO just in front. But as there appears to be around a two percent technical bias in the polls (remember last time?) then PiS may well be the largest party next time. An early election is in PiS’s interest.

Anonymous said...

But they could survive without Maryja.

Survive, yes. Get into the power, no.

Anyway, Rydzyk's comment about Kaczyński was misreported. He did not say that Kaczyński was a conman; he said we've met before the election... he cheated me. The context makes it clear that by "cheated" he meant that Kaczyński promised him something (abortion ban, probably, again from the context) and did not deliver.

Kaczyński needs Rydzyk more than Rydzyk needs Kaczynski. So the Samoobrona affair comes in very handy (even if indeed coincidental).

michael farris said...

To be clear, I don't think the whole Lepper thing was cooked up to distract the masses from Ojciec Rydzyk (known to his friends as "bat shit crazy").
I do think the .... timing and manner of presentation have been tweaked for that purpose.
The whole thing has a rushed, by the numbers air about it and and I wouldn't be surprised if Lepper has been made a deal he can't refuse (politically) to play along, be stripped of his premiership but stay in the coalition.

I do believe PiS could 'win' early elections (as you said, they poll a little worse than they do at the ballot box, probably people are rightly embarrassed to admit they support them).
But ... if current trends continue and samoobrona and lpr finish below the electoral threshhold then PiS still can't win an outright majority because of the comeback of the left. I know several people who voted for PO before who'd probably vote for LiD now...
This leaves PiS trying to make a coalition with PO (while not making any concessions to them). In other words, more deadlock.

My preferred outcome would be a PO/LiD coalition but that's a non-starter.

michael farris said...

And yeah, I agree with opamp, PiS needs Rydzyk's support to keep the moher vote without which they can't cross the finish line first.

What other reason would the ducks (who don't take kindly to any criticism) have for putting up with Rydzyk's rantings and calling for the first lady to be put down?

Anonymous said...

As long as Rydzyk is in Poland ,we don not need to fear any terrorist attacks.

I think England should take example of poland and its anti semitic priest. such an anti semitic radio station is much cheaper tham all the security services...

beatroot said...

I hadn't thought of that, although I did once call radio Maryja the 'Polish Taliban'...

Anonymous said...

such an anti semitic radio station

Yup, that must be why I have never seen a guarded synagogue in Poland, while I did in a (supposedly tolerant) Finland. Apparently all the antisemitism in Poland is vented on the radio...

beatroot said...

It's a holy lightening rod....

Anonymous said...

Damn.. I living in Poland.. ,and Rydzyk its a real devil.. He's crazy. I must leve this country.
Have nice day!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I was finally liberated! I thought, and was made to believe, that I was satan and I am glad that there is a real one out there.

I was born from a catholic priest in Poland....and "god" made me gay. Some people thought it was satan's doing.

Now I can live my life guilt-free! It is time to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Poland pisze...
Damn.. I living in Poland.. ,and Rydzyk its a real devil.. He's crazy. I must leve this country.
Have nice day!

Are you crazy man? I hope that "Poland" doesn't mean that you are Pole. If so you are not better crap than Rydzyk himself.

I love Poland. I realy do!


Anonymous said...

I just happened to find your site. Poland is really amazing. How many Jews still live there, three and a half? How does one country produce a man like the late Pope, so devout and full of compassion, and creeps like Rydzyk who need to hate in order to think out complex issues?
After the war, Poles nearly killed my cousins,(who had been hidden by a Polish farmer) when they returned to their former homes. The homes were occupied by Poles. My cousins were coming to us in America, I don't think they needed some poor homes in impoverished Poland. Poland is a country of glaring contradictions. Many Poles have always hated Jews, yet you now hold festivals of Jewish culture. You worship a Jew and his Jewish mother.
I think Poland is as crazy as Rydzyk. Jews in their right mind don't want to live there. Someone should tell Rydzyk that if the Jews were as powerful as he says, someone would have found a place for him far away from microphones. said...

For me the best way to verify a priest should be the Bible itself.

For example, have look at Luke 20 (if you're a polish speaker you can see the chosen fragment here:

Can the Bible be inconvenient for a clergyman?? What should have greater authority?

Anonymous said...

Umm, ok, so the same people complaining that this guy wanted someone else eunthanized are the SAME FRIGGIN people who want euthanasia legal.

Talk about hypocrites.

Also. I would suggest that the person who said that Poles hate Jews to go do some research and study Polish history before making ingnorant comments about a subject he/she obviously knows nothing about.

Anonymous said...

I am not really into politics, although I follow it a bit. The UTTER IGNORANCE that I have seen here on this blog is infuriating to me.

To call Father Rydzyk "satan"? To cal Radio Maryja "the Polish Taliban"? To compare his beliefs to that of terrorists, and call him "crazy"?

I would now like to say a few things. Without patriotic movements like that of Father Rydzyk's, there would be no Poland. Cardinal Wyszynski was exactly like Fr. Rydzyk, and the communist authorities persecuted him the same way the liberals of today persecute Rydzyk. If jews and gays don't like Poland, let them go elswhere. Only Radio Maryja broadcasts the truth how Poland is continually tricked by the Russians and others in its own borders. All the media in Poland is foreign owned. Poland is selling out to foreigners. Where else will you hear the truth about that?

Anonymous said...

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