Saturday, July 14, 2007

Beatroot reviewed in Warsaw magazine

It’s in an article about ‘Poland’s best English language blogs’ in the July edition of the English language version of WiK, from Wprost magazine publishers.

It says:

Writing 5/5
“A sarcastic commentary on the comical antics of Poland’s Chaplinesque government, beatroot writes clearly, concisely, and with plenty of bite. The blog is a great source of information….[and is] updated every other day, is well laid out, and has a vitriolic fanbase, whose comments are often as entertaining as the blog.”

How sweet. See a scan of the first page of the article here via Boo’s blog.

But there is a mistake in the article which I just want to clear up. In a review of the old p3 blog, which I and others used to write for, it says that:

“[Despite] being an all star team on the keyboard….the band seems to have had a Spice -Girl-sized falling out, with several – such as Beatroot and Boo – trying their hand at a solo career.’

Though on a bad day I do have a passing resemblance to a combination of Scary and Ginger Spice (although some call me Old Spice) this is not historically accurate. In fact, p3 did not split up over musical differences, of course, to pursue solo careers. It was the other way round. The p3 collective were all functioning bloggers concentrating on our own blogs when we decided to get together and do a collective blog.

So, no: we didn’t have a ‘spice-girl-sized’ fall out. It was more like the gathering of a supergroup – like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young….or even The Travelling Wilbury's...

Now, being a vain kind of root veg, I had better go out and buy a copy of WiK.


Anonymous said...

Being a Brit - and dipping into my favourite blog (been on me holidays B)- I am gob smacked to be the first to comment on this thread

Go tell'em Beat


beatroot said...

I am back from holiday too Issie, It was great being awal in late June because everywhere was not too crowded. But now I am looking at a whole summer being stuck at work.

But In October I go away again!!!!!!

michael farris said...

Well the weirdness also comes in having lots more people vote for doesn't count if your party doesn't make it past five per cent.

In the 2005 parliamentary elections, the candidate with the most votes (or close to it) in Poznan was Sylwia Pusz whose party (socjaldemokracja polska) finished below the threshold so no seat for her, while Chrissie Barefoot waltzes in ...

michael farris said...

uhh I really didn't comment on this thread, it was the other one.

beatroot said...

But I know what ya mean....Chrissie Barefoot I think, says dictionary, would be better translated as

Chris Grappling-Iron…

….which (just to wind Jan and Opamp up) might be more applicable to above post….for some reason…

michael farris said...

But I think Chris Barefoot (Bosak as in 'na bosaka') sounds funnier.

I'll give you Chris over Chrissie (which I chose entirely for it's demeaning potential).

beatroot said...

Chrissie grapples with iron sounds interesting (sorry Jan).

Damien Moran said...

Jaysus, couldn't believe I made the cut alongside a famous root vegetable! I better brush up on my writing though, only scoring 3/5 - obviously a tad of sloppiness creeping in. Any tips? Well, I can self-tip myself to rush less and proofread before hitting the publish button.

Honestly though, I'm a little taken aback - I only started my blog in earnest in March '07 after a masturabatory attempt last summer.

And I must offer respect where respect is due, the Beatroot has been an influential component in my striving towards being a more regular blogger. Just like your recent second anniversary celebrations, awards, reviews, etc. new piece of critical professional feedback will keep me blogging for a little while longer.

beatroot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beatroot said...

I am a burak....

But could you explain ‘masturbatory attempt’ a little more….? :-)

I was pleased that WiK did that article because it helps us all to get noticed inside Poland, even though we blog in English. So well done Ms Krol (editor) and the guy who wrote it.

I am not going to knock the guy who wrote that review – because that would be rather stupid of me – but all reviews are a little unfair to people by their nature: just writing good comments about every blog he reviews would make for a boring review.

The 3/5…5/5 thing I don’t understand cause I don’t understand the criteria.

He also said naughty things about Boo’s blog, and she actually can be very funny….

He also leaves out people like Varus, another new blogger like yourself who I think is good. At least I think he does because I have not got to buy a copy yet.

But that’s the thing about reviews…they are really just articles that want to be read, like all other articles. Fair enough.

Advice for new bloggers? I don’t have much. Keep going. I think if you have something interesting to say people will read you. And accept that most blogs have low numbers of readers. Even successful blogs don’t have that many readers. We are not meant to be MSM.

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