Thursday, October 19, 2006

Even cows want to get away from Lukashenko

Illegal bovine immigrants in Poland!

It seems it is not just humans who despise the regime of President Lukashenko in Belarus. Radio Polonia reports:

A herd of 240 cows which crossed the border on river Bug from Belarus into Poland is today being transported back home.

The cows, which are all 14 to 18 months old, swam the river in the vicinity of Janów Podlaski on Sunday. Border guards alerted veterinarian services but attempts to turn the herd back across the river failed. The cows were then rounded up and placed in temporary quarantine.

I would have given them refugee status.


Anonymous said...

Lukashenko can’t keep anything or anyone happy. Is this some diabolical plot by a crazed dictator, perhaps his limited ability to read caused some confusion with the Trojan horse story?

Clear political overtones to this situation, is our government biased against Belarus cows?
It’s fair to say if they were ducks political asylum would have been swift.

Are we sure their not Polish cows being expelled from Belarus?

Do we have an obligation under international treaty to give all 240 cows a refugee hearing, if returned to Belarus they face a bleak future………………..steak!

This situation has caused wide spread amazement across Poland, one would have expected our Border Guards to have stolen the cows and sold them to the local farmers.

Should we demand compensation for time, transport and food, if the Belarus decline the request should we use the B word. (B=barbeque)

beatroot said...

Exactly. Ducks would be welcomed with open…wings. And it’s anti-cowist. What this country needs is bovine awareness training for customs officials.

Maybe Madonna could adopt a Belarusian cow?

Frank Partisan said...

You have some mad cows on your hands.