Monday, October 02, 2006

ZOMO - Jaroslaw and kamikaze politics

Unpopular Prime Minister speaks…unpopular PM digs a hole deeper.

PM Kaczyski hijacked a Solidarity trade union rally in Gdansk yesterday and made a speech to rally the troops. Unfortunately he ended up insulting many of them.

In a speech defending his government after the Beger tapes and the recent collapse of his coalition, he said that either ‘you are with us [in his drive to de-communize of the country] or you are in the [riot breaking thugs during communist times] the ZOMO.

Cue pictures on the TV news of ZOMO breaking skulls of striking workers.

Last week the trade union said that though it had supported the Kaczynskis in last years elections, this year they won’t be.

Opinion polls put the opposition Civic Platform 16 points in front of Law and Justice.


michael farris said...

On the one hand, it must be wonderful for the Ducks to know that no matter what they do or no matter what goes wrong, the fault never lies with them, but with the układ

On the other, it must be frustrating when the people sometimes forget and have to be reminded.

So, so trying.

Anonymous said...

I must admit to being surprised that people reacted so badly to Kaczynski's speech. It's in exactly the same mould as everthing else he has said and - come to think of it - not far from Bush's if you're not with us you're with the terrorists.

Still, keep digging Jarek. Not far now!

beatroot said...

Chief Wiggum:

The us and them thing is very strong here. It is basically about those who think they have gained from the coming of capitalism and those you feel they have lost.