Friday, October 07, 2005

Poles lack double vision

Latest poll: Tusk 40%...Kaczynski 35%...Lepper 11%...Borowski 8%...Kalinowski 3%...others...1%…

Half of Poles do not want twins as president and premier

The weekly magazine Polityka writes this week that almost 50 percent of Poles are worried at the prospect of the Kaczynski twins grabbing both top jobs. Poles are afraid of situations where top officials are related.

Polityka reminds us of when one of the leading figures in the Civic Platform, Zyta Gilowska, left the party amidst accusations that she was using her position to back her son’s candidature as an MP.

It is only among those who say they will defiantly vote for Lech Kaczynski this weekend who do not mind getting double vision when looking at the next Polish political leadership.

Polityka thinks that Tusk is a better choice because his presidency would ensure a balance of power between Civic Platform and Law and Justice. ‘It’s nothing personal’, the weekly tells Lech Kaczynski. ‘The principle of limited trust has to be applied even in relation to trustworthy persons, just in case.’

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Henia said...

I stumbled on this page and spent some time browsing. As a resident of The USA since 1980 and a citizen, I don't really get involved in polish politics. I leave it for the ones who live there including my family. Unfortunately, members of my family suffer from luck of believe in any changes in Poland. So,they don't vote. Pretty sad attitude, but based on the percentage of voters they share the apathy of others. How can this be changed?
I found this website quite interesting and will certainly comeback for more.