Saturday, October 01, 2005

Blogs and elections

Interesting statistics on showing that Germany is way behind Poland and France in the blog stakes.

Written in early September, and under the headline, Blogs starting to make an impression in the German election, it says:

"Germany statistically has one of the lowest number of blogs per head of population in Europe, according to the last Blog Herald Blog Count in July, and notably lags behind its neighbours France and Poland. Deutsche Welle reports that Germany is still 'in the teething stages when it comes to political online journals' however a number of blogs are now starting to be heard."

Statistics for July report that, “Figures also indicates that Poland is one of the fastest growing blog markets in Europe.” Poland has just under 1.5 million blogs, while Germany has a pitiful 250,000.

Does this mean that one of our blogs could swing the presidential election?


Rythin said...

I bet 95% of Polish blogs are one of those cRaZy tEeNs bLaWgS ^-^...

~JS said...

Interesting...but as 'rythin' indicates, perhaps *quality* should also count...unfortunately, since i don't speak Polish, i can't confirm...

michael farris said...

A year or two ago I went searching for Polish blogs (blogi) after a story in Wyborcza mentioned one. As it turned out that time, in Polish "blog" was just a kind of internet diary (stupid teens making stupid comments to stupid entries about stupid things of interest only to other stupid teens - boy am I getting old).

I assumed that since it was so easy to make comments on newspaper sites (at least Wyborcza's) that that was taking up people's online political discussion.

Has anything changed? I'm not feeling strong enough to go searching again.

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