Friday, October 21, 2005

Another late swing to Lech Kaczynski?

Opinion poll latest: PGB – Lech Kaczynski 50.2%!!! Donald Tusk 49.8%…turnout prediction 44%…….OBOP Donald Tusk 53% Lech Kaczynski 47%…
If polls are to be believed, the final round of the Polish presidential election will be a nail-biter. Lech Kaczynski appears to be benefiting from undecided voters coming his way.

Andrzej Lepper, a candidate in the first round of elections two weeks ago, has advised the 15% who voted for him to now vote for Kaczynski. The Peasant’s Party candidate, Jaroslaw Kalinowski – who received just under 2 percent in the first round - has also advised his voters to plump for ‘the Duck’, as Lech is affectionately known to his friends, and enemies.

The final week of campaigning has been dominated by the ‘Gandpa-gate’ (non) scandal, where supporters of Kaczynski have tried to drag up long-dead relatives as proof that Tusk is not as patriotic as he makes out to be. The allegations that one of his grandfathers fought for the Nazis in WWII have remained unproven.

The late swing of support to Kaczynski follows a pattern set in the General Election in September, and the first round of presidential election two weeks ago, where Tusk’s Civic Platform saw support hemorrhaging away to the Kaczynski twins’, Law and Justice party.

The PRS poll for Gazeta Wyborcza breaks down the votes by age. Tusk is by far the favourite for young voters. Seventy percent of the 24-and-unders will be ticking the box beside his name on Sunday, whereas sixty percent of the over-50’s will be voting Kaczynski.

Gay sex bomb?

Were the five bomb hoaxes, telephoned to Warsaw police Thursday morning, connected to Sunday’s election? The hoaxers claimed to be from a militant gay organization, that nobody has ever heard of before, protesting against homophobia in Poland. Both Lech, and his brother Jaroslaw, have made homophobic remarks during the election campaign (see Boring!).

The founding of a gay, bomb-planting Polish cell would be unprecedented in the history of the worldwide gay and lesbian movement.

So, time for a beatroot conspiracy theory: Could the real culprits behind the hoaxes be from far-right organizations connected to the League of Polish Families, trying to affect the results of the presidential election, in Kaczynski’s favour? The Law and Justice party has repeatedly tried to make this an election issue, by drumming up trog-like prejudices among its electoral base.

It’s either that, or Poland is the birthplace of the world’s first Gay Al-Qaeda!

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michael farris said...

The way PiS is shaping up, I'm officially hoping that the Duck wins and can't come to an agreement with PO and forms a government with the other parties.
Painful in the short run, but possibly good in the long term. Joining in behind the addlepated PiS program won't do PO (or Poland) any good.
And my preferred name for him is "evil little troll" which is what he looks and acts like. No need to insult ducks who bring pleasure to us all with their swimming, quacking and good taste when cooked.

beatroot said...

But ducks are finger linkin good with orange sauce - which is one of the colours that PiS has been featuring on its election posters...