Monday, October 13, 2008

Simon Mol, dead

Simon Mol, on trial for intentionally infecting up to 40 woman with the HIV virus in Poland, died in hospital on Saturday.

He never gave evidence in the court. No case was proven, no justice was ever brought.

Whatever, his legacy on race relations in Poland has not been very positive. We will never now know what his real motives were. I suspect he was, in what they call these days, “in denial” about lots of things in his life.

It’s an awful case with many victims. But one of the nasty strands of a generally ugly reaction to the Mol case was when some showed contempt for the women who contracted HIV. “If they are so dumb to be fooled by someone like Mol, they they deserved it…”, etc.

If anyone met Simon Mol then they were “fooled”. I met him. He seemed a genuine person to me. Lots of the people thought that. Lots.

So to be accused of being “fooled” by him is ridiculous. Even Simon Mol was fooled, by himself.

If you want to see how ugly it got then have a look at, the record for this blog, 166 comments, from an early post I wrote about all this.


beakerkin said...


The story is not about race or even about Poland. Mol was a very evil manipulative person who showed no human decency.

Mol was an economic refugee who contrived a fake asylum claim. He is one of many people who do so. Most of these frauds do not go on to commit heinous crimes but enough do.

Asylum is a public trust reserved only reserved for those in dire need. Mol and his legal henchman violated this public trust. Some of these cases involve matters of life
and death.

The other question is what does one
do with immigrants with serious communicable diseases. No immigrants need should ever trump
public safety. Public safety is the first and primary role of sound governance.

Now you may be correct that this is
a freak case. However, freak cases
often illustrate the need to change
laws that have unexpected consequences.

Ultimately each nation has to decide its own priorities. The Polish people are capable of deciding their own matters without
condescending expatriates lecturing
them like children. Perhaps you should listen to those you live amongst.

Anonymous said...

How much money did this social parasite steal from Polish tax payers?

Anonymous said...

«He never gave evidence in the court. »

He also lied about his health and about everything.

Anonymous said...

«Even Simon Mol was fooled, by himself.»

Poor Simon Mol another victim of society.

It's amazing that even now, the owner of his blog tries to excuse Simon Mol.

If a white guy had infected several black women on purpose I'm sure he wouldn't be so tolerant.
Two weights and two measures as usual...

Anonymous said...

beatroot said: “He never gave evidence in the court. No case was proven, no justice was ever brought.”

The court administers the law and has no obligations to the notion of justice.

beatroot said: “Whatever, his legacy on race relations in Poland has not been very positive.”

Was anyone’s mind really changed, if you were predisposed to tolerance do you not remain so? Did anyone really change his or her views on the basis of this single case?

beatroot said: “some showed contempt for the women who contracted HIV. “If they are so dumb to be fooled by someone like Mol, they they deserved it…”, etc.”

After the high profile campaign against AIDS in the media on a worldwide basis, having unprotected sex with someone from a high risk area and getting AIDs must make some people rather bewildered. Stupidity has consequences, they of course didn’t deserve it but as contributing authors of their own demise perhaps one can’t be blamed for reserving some of the tears.

beatroot said: “So to be accused of being “fooled” by him is ridiculous. Even Simon Mol was fooled, by himself.”

The mystery of his motives, intentions and mindset go to the grave with him all else is speculation.

beatroot said...

It was and is important that everyone involved in this case sees justice done, Jan. Especially the sick people he left behind.

Kopy Pig said...

beakerkin said... "The other question is what does one do with immigrants with serious communicable diseases."

Well, if one is a member of the human race, one does the same as one does with anyone else who has a serious communicable diseases.

beakerkin said... "The Polish people are capable of deciding their own matters without
condescending expatriates lecturing
them like children."

Ah, so the Polish people are not part of the human race then, I must remember to tell my wife this. This is the kind of racism I cannot bear, and makes me wonder why I treated all the non-UK people I shared my time with back in the UK as if they had an equal right to an opinion as I did. Ah, I remember why, it's because I am a member of the human race. Whew!

Anonymous said...

57 wrote:

"The court administers the law and has no obligations to the notion of justice."

What do you mean by this? Isn't the law considered just? Don't the courts first have to determine guilt or innocence before justice is thereby administered?

Also, I don't see how there can be any justice vis-a-vis Mol at this point aside from God's.

What kind of earthly compensation can the women expect now that he's dead?

Finally, I don't understand, BR, how you think that Mol fooled himself. OR why the notion that the women were fooled by him is ridiculous. Seems from all accounts that I read, trying to put them into some kind of balance as best I can, that he was quite capabable of and even disposed to lying about himself starting with his claim to refugee status.

As for sneakersfin, he's in a bit of a snit with the prospect of having to soon to say "President Obama." Will he be able to work for a guy he prolly considers a "communist"? OR is it back to that "well-paying job" back in the private sector? Will his former employers take back a guy who is at least 51 years of age according to his own account of being past the age of military enlistment (44) in 2001?

Anonymous said...

Simon Mol died in the hospital last Friday on 10 October 2008. No one has cried at his bed, and it is hard to imagine that there would be anyone mourning his passing. In a way it's the best thing that could happen.

To the victims, to Simon. At least there is a kind of closure. Without Simon, the victims have only their own disease to fight. Simon won't ever again walk the streets of Warsaw. What can you say when someone like that dies? A person that knowingly managed to infect at least 12 young women with a deadly HIV virus. Do you feel happy, relieved, do you say to yourself - at last? I don't feel anything.

In a way it's a pity we won't ever learn about his motives. What made him go around a foreign country trying to infect as many females as possible? Only Simon knows the answer and he's taken it with him to wherever he went and it's hard to believe that it is to heaven. What is his legacy?
I think that it will be long before another young Polish girl will get involved in unprotected sex with a Negro. I believe also that what happened changed the view the Poles have regarding blacks. I think that we will see much more racism and this time a racism that is more rational. I am not a racist, at least I hope, I am not, but I don't think it is a good idea to mix races so different as whites and blacks. It's not only about the skin, the difference is in the mind too.

Can a white person brought up in Europe understand a black person from Cameroon? I doubt it. I don't think that we can solve Africa's problems by moving blacks to Europe which is a totally retarded idea. Would anyone move whites to Africa if there was a war in Europe.
The Yugoslavian refugees weren't sent to Cameroon, why accept blacks in Europe? The solution should be to create a heaven for black refugee in Africa, why not let them live where they belong?
Had Simon stayed in Africa the whole situation would never occurred. Well, it is all over now and if nothing else this fact is a relief. Courtesy of

Anonymous said...

When living in Poland Mol allegedly persuaded women to have unprotected sex with him by arguing that using a condom with a black man is a sign of racism and racist fears.


Anonymous said...

"the difference is in the mind"


"racism that is more rational"

Rational, heh?

"I am not a racist, at least I hope, I am not"

Then how can you write what you just wrote? But it is good that you have some doubt about yourself.

Anonymous said...

beatroot said..”It was and is important that everyone involved in this case sees justice done, Jan. Especially the sick people he left behind.”

ge'ez said... “What do you mean by this? Isn't the law considered just? Don't the courts first have to determine guilt or innocence before justice is thereby administered?”

I think most lawyers are likely to tell you that the practice of the law and justice are not the same thing. Just ask people exiting a courtroom, they may universally agree that the letter of the law was upheld but yet state justice was not done.

In the case of Mol if he had been found guilty what possible sanction could the court impose on someone very near death that would or could be seen as justice for his victims?

To do something meaningful for the victims may be limited to reviewing how such medical problems are handled with respect to the need for public safety.

Anonymous said...

TO abner doubleday:

Race conscious girls woouldn´t be infected by the racist black who just died.
On the other hand, those stupid nigger lovers will soon join Simon Mol.
It was their choice, so they have nothing to complain about.

Anonymous said...

So, anon, you agree with Beakerkin, right?

Anonymous said...

And Mr. Beakerkin, you agree with anon most immediately above, do you not?

Or do you denounce such ignorance and hatred?

Anonymous said...

ignorance and hatred about what?

Can you explain?

Simon Mol was the really hater who sentenced several people to death.

That´s the truth.

Anonymous said...

What do you care what happens to those whom you call "nigger lovers"?

beakerkin said...


Poles are more than capable of deciding their own policies without
my two cents or that of an arrogant
expatriate lecturing them like children.


I am responsible for my own comments alone.

This is not about race or Poland as this story could happen anywhere. It is about far left elites abusing
the asylum and having a blatant disregard for public safety.

Anonymous said...

It could happen anywhere but it happened in Poland and it involves race.

Yes, you are responsible for your comments -- and your decision to remain silent on certain matters as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Beakerkin, you should stop lecturing Poles as if they are children.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Beakerkin, you should stop lecturing Poles as if they are children.

That´s exactly what does the owner of this blog.
But he's so quiet now.
May be he is praying for Simom Mol ...

Anonymous said...

... and the victims of his whatever-it-was, as well.

That would indeed be commendable.

And for you, Mr. Beakerman, and me too. For us all.

I imagine no such commendable behavior can be expected of you, anon? Only vile hatred?

Anonymous said...

I don´t recieve any kind of moral lessons from you sucker.

Even now you avoid calling racist murderer to Simon Mol .

Anonymous said...

He may well have been guilty of mass murder. But it also seems that if he was racist, he would have avoided sexual contact with white women.

Who do you imbibe your sense of morality from, anon? Don't be shy. Own up to who has influenced you to behave in the manner you do.

Anonymous said...

My behavour?
But I have never killed anyone.
However, your friend Simon did.

Anonymous said...

Never met the guy. Your assumption that he is my friend underscores your vile hatred.

And why won't you answer my question above as to who has influenced your attitudes and behavior? Is it something you ate, something your read, or something that springs from your parental upbringing?

Anonymous said...

Do you know me to criticise my bahaviour?

This story and the fact that millions of poles opened the eyes towards false refugees and social parasites is making you crazy.

And your leftist arrogant moralism is showing off.

Go back to the «warsaw salon» and decide who will be the next antifascist of the year.
The 2003 awarded is not among us. What a pity...

Anonymous said...

By posting on this blog, you have made your behavior public.

Why do I need to know you?

I'm not from Warsaw.

I don't consider myself a leftist.

If I am crazy, most people I know haven't noticed it.

Others can decide who is arrogant.

Finally, it sounds as if you are taking your cues from Mr. Beakerman. I wonder if he is proud to have produced such an echo.

Anonymous said...

Andwhat about you?
Are you proud of supporting criminals?

Anonymous said...

How am I supporting any criminal?

I certainly have never supported Mol.

Still you won't or are incapable of responding to my inquiry.

At this point, it appears that the latter is more probable.

Anonymous said...

And who gave you the right to question me?

Anonymous said...

God and both the American and Polish constitutions.

You must think I am untermenschen and that you are ubermenschen.

beakerkin said...


I am responsible for my own comments.On my own blog, as host this is another story.

I do not view this as a racial issue.Perhaps your inability to discuss this episode on a strictly policy level indicates you may be
less enlightened on race than you presume.


You obviously have me confused with Beatroot. I do not lecture Poles or anyone else about their local affairs.

I speak with my own voice as do others. If you are looking for a flunky read the comments of Geez.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Beakerkin,

You are responsible for your comments and your silence on this blog as well, as Mr. Doubleday has pointed out.

It seems to me you are indeed attempting to lecture people who read this blog. I don't think you are a very good lecturer, however.

Not a racial issue? Then please take issue with Mr. Anonymous.

As for Mr. Ge'ez, it seems he has asked you a few reasonable questions that you refuse to answer. It seems clear that unless you are now 51 years of age or older, you could have enlisted in the US military after or before 9/11.

It seems Mr. Beetroot is on vacation at the Vatican? Maybe he will experience an epiphany of some sort.

beakerkin said...


You are about six months late. Beatroot and I have had this conversation with regards to his frequenting a Trotskyite blog that has a comment section that reads like Der Shturmer. I do not know who anon is and he does not post on my site. If Beatroot can play this game with well known Trotskyites that he is friendly with than I am under no obligation to address the comments of a person I do not know.

If you have a problem with anon it is up to you to address him. I made my points and they were clear and
I stand behind them.

The key word in your comment is "I do not think". It is apparent that
you need to read my comments again.
The notion that Poles are capable of deciding their own laws is far more enlightened than that of Beatroot.

Geez is a rather talented imbecile who has not deduced that military service is voluntary. This comment is quite amusing as I left a high paying career to serve in a National Security Capacity.

However, lets extend this logic to
its ultimate conclusion. Renegade
Eye(Trotskyite) has been an apologist for Chavez and needs to surrender his citizenship and depart the USA.

Anonymous said...

So why didn't you volunteer, Mr. *Yankee* Doodle Dandy? You ain't 51yet. Ah, just another chicken hawk who's been exposed. All talk (not very intelligent, either), no action.

High paying career like Joe the Plumber who has tax liens against him, who isn't earning anywhere near $250,000 a year, and doesn't understand the difference between business costs and earnings.

What does Renegade Eye have to do with the discussion?

Man, I can sleep easy tonight knowing that I am secure throught the efforts of the likes of you. Not.

beakerkin said...

The Village idiot needs simplification, but that is okay as we will perform special Ed.

Beatroot has stated many times he is not responsible for the off the wall views of his friend Trotskyite Renagade Eye. Poles including my immediate family are very familiar with the real record of Leon Trotsky.My grandfather as well as some of my Uncles fought for Poland in the war of 1920.A Trotskyite was considered lower than worms to the Poles of his generation.

Beatroot has stated he is not bound by Ren's off the wall positions and that is guilt by association. The difference is Beatroot has a clear relationship with an exponent of class genocide who runs a site that
features antisemitic comments identical to those found in Stormfront.

I do not know who this anon is. This person has not visited my blog
and my points were made clear enough in any basic reading. I am not the blog owner at this site and by Beatroot's own standards am under no obligation to comment on the words of a person I never met and have zero relationship with. The fact that you are unable to read the exact quote in context shows you are an imbecile. What part of this is not about race needs explanation.

My responses contained a direct answer that needed no explanation and was apparent in any basic reading.

My extensive research indicates that stupid people like yourself sleep very well naturally. I have already left a career to serve and the only thing that has been exposed is your stupidity.

Following your logic people who advocate the idiocy practiced by Chavez need to surrender their citizenship and move to Caracas. Last we checked Ren is still in MN
and is not surrendering his citizenship.

What does Joe the Plumber have to do with this conversation. It does
illustrate the nasty streak of the far left media picking on a regular
Joe who exposed their narrative as fiction.

People in my profession are subject
to extensive security clearances, credit and tax audits as part of the normal hiring process. I would not hold my current job if I owed back taxes.

I did volunteer to serve in a national security capacity and have been doing so for quite a while. What part of this eludes your rather limited IQ? This conversation reveals your complete ignorance.

Now be a good court jester and fetch some cold beverages. Roll over!!! Play dead!!! Sit !!! Fetch!!!! Act like a clown!!!!

Anonymous said...

What an asshole!

Anonymous said...

I meant Joe the Plumber who has now been exposed.

1.) He has tax liens against him.

2.) His name is Sam.

3.) He doesn't even have a plumber's license.

4.) He doesn't earn more than $250,000 nor does the business he wants to buy claim that level of income.

5.) The guy had no clue about what he was talking about.

So he is just as exposed as a cybertwit who could have enlisted for the military before or immediately after to fight in Afghanistan but didn't. Chickenhawk. Bwaaaawk!

Anonymous said...

Special Ed? Is he related to Regular Joe?

Looking through the archives, it seems to me that Mr. Beatroot has often disagreed with Mr. Renegade Eye. Indeed, Beatroot does not seem to be a leftist. In regard to ecological concerns, he even appears to be very right wing.

You, however, Mr. Beakerman, have never challeged Mr. Anonymous regarding his racist views. Your silence in this respect is deafening but even more so revealing.

Your attempt to explain away your complicit silence in terms of Mr. Anonymous not posting on your blog belies the fact that, as far as I could see, Mr. Ge'ez has never posted on your blog either. Yet, you do not hesitate to repeatedly take issue with him.

Finally, it must be asked why aren't you in Afghanistan?

beakerkin said...


Special Ed Time

I am not the owner of this blog and am under no obligation to address every comment on the blog. Furthermore my comments did state my position and answer those questions.The answer is not coded and is apparent in any basic reading of my comments.

Beatroot is a mindless leftist who
seldom disagrees with Renegade Eye.
Poles including members of my own family are fairly familiar with the
historical record of Trotsky.

The question about voluntary military service has been answered.
I am already serving in another capacity.


What has been exposed is your ignorance.

Plenty of people work in the trades
under a licensed authority. This is fairly common and standard practice. Plenty of companies are owned by non-tradesman who employ a qualified person to do the supervision.

What any business truly earns is known only by its owner and sometimes its accountant. This is especially true in certain industries.

The tax bills are not relevant. Obama's response to the question is
pertinent to many small business owners.

Military service has been addressed.

Roll over, play dead, fetch, sit up, fetch, paw, roll over, paw, roll over, play dead.

Now fetch the adults alcohol like a good serf.

Anonymous said...

Great to be back to Poland!
The air is fresher with one social parasite less.
Great to chat with poles about the case and see that almost 100% are happy with his death.
But there are a few more that will join Simon Mol soon.
Not to mention Beatroot...
Just wait my friend.

Anonymous said...

Chicken Hawk. Bwwwwaawkkk.

Amazing how you sidestep every issue and fail to address the root problem.

What a business earns is supposed to be reported by the US Internal Revenue Service.

Sam the Plumber is a liar and you are defending him. Seems he also had some problems in Arizona, too.

How many small businesses do you think make over $250,000 a year after wages, insurance, capitalization, depreciation, etc? For somebody who I assume is a big advocate of capitalism, you just don't know diddly-squat about it. Which is why you are still a serf who gladly pays for padded executive expense accounts at AIG with your bailout taxes. Ah, socialism is grand for the rich, innit?

Anonymous said...

I meant *by the business owner* to the US Internal Revenue Service.

beatroot said...

Great to chat with poles about the case and see that almost 100% are happy with his death.

I think, moron, that you have demonstrated that you are not in Poland at all and neither do you know POles. No Pole is "happy" with someone's death. There response is a little more complex than you realise or will ever be able to comprehend.

beakerkin said...

Geez the serf

I want to point out the subject of this post is still Simon Mol. However, I will point out your hypocrisy on deception in this post.

I am currently serving in a national security capacity and left a career to do so. Your comments are the product of a low IQ. However, following your logic Beatroot and Renegade Eye need to move to Caracas because they support Chavez.

Special Ed time

1 The building trades industries are types of work where cash is frequently the means of payment. Anyone remotely familiar with the accounting practices of cash type of operations can fill in the blanks.

2 The 250,000 is a very low number
for a person that has several crews.

3 In many companies the licensed tradesman is an employee and not the owner. This is also an industry
wide norm.

Lets go into what happened. A question was asked of Obama and rather than deal with the substance
of Obama's response you veer into
a Stalinist attack on a very ordinary man.

Lets compare Joe the Plumber with Simon Mol.

1 Simon Mol invented a fake asylum
claim. He knowingly had unprotected
sex while he was infected with a deadly communicable disease.

2 Joe the plumber owes back taxes. This is hardly unique nor are the amounts grandiose. Maybe he has a few speeding tickets and cheated in
a game of scrabble.

Joe is an ordinary man. He asked a simple relevant question and Obama
gave an elitist response.


Mol was an evil person. He deserved
to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, including capital punishment.Celebrating the death of Mol or anyone else is in very bad taste.

When we celebrate death or dehumanize people we become as evil
as Mol and some of the far left Marxists. Mol's victims were guilty
of being naive and bad judgment and
they are paying a steep price and will follow Mol in time.

Anonymous said...

Unfreakingbelieveable. You still will not even admit that you were enrollment age at the time of 9/11 and at least several years thereafter, you Chickenhawk.... bwaaawk!

So you are suggesting that Sam the Plumber earns his living illegally collecting earnings "under the table" without paying taxes. First time I heard that accusation about him. But it wouldn't surprise me. Sorta just like the way all the other fatcats you admire like Cheny who hide their ill-taken profits from the war industry they primepump with your taxdollars -- and the the blood of brave volunteer military guys who at least walk their talk.

Sam the plumber doesn't even have one crew. Duh?

I'm not defending Simon Mol. You are defending Sam the plumber who is a tax cheat -- and not at all ordinary vis-a-vis salt of the earth people from decent working families who honestly earn a living and pay their taxes. Duh?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beakerkin said...


Once again you are off topic. This
must come as a huge surprise to Beatroot.

The chicken hawk argument does not apply to someone who left a high paying career to serve in a National security capacity. I am serving, albeit in another capacity. When are American supporters of Chavez going to pack their bags and renounce their citizenship?

Your question and responses fail once again to respond to the point raised by Sam or Obama's response.
This is typical Stalinism and you did not even listen to the question
as posed by Sam in a hypothetical form.

Sam is your average American and unlike you I see criminal records
and financial records all the time.
His tax situation is not exceptional and the amounts are not
excessive. We can look in anyone's
life for similar stuff. If this
is all you have, than it sums up to

The media is guilty of invading the
privacy of a private citizen. The law treats private citizens differently than public figures.

Sam owes taxes, this is quite different from cheating on taxes.
Your failure to grasp basic facts is due to your low IQ.

Being that your kind requires easy
to understand slogans.

"Mol lied Poles died"

Anonymous said...

Chickenhawk. Bwawk! Walk the talk or take a hike. You had a chance to serve in the military. Bwawk! Yea, yea. You are no longer enlistment age. Happy birthday, Just turn 44 yesterday?

Chavez is on topic? Stalin and Mol?

Sam willingly entered the public arena. As a matter of fact, I just heard he is now appearing on all kinds of TV shows and is getting $$$ for doing so.

The average Americans I know are law abiding, work hard for their earnings, and pay their taxes. Strike three for Sam the Plumber.

But worst of all, re. the aftermath of the Mol situation, you blame the women for contracting AIDs and pronounce them guilty and condemn them to death in the footsteps of Mol. They may not have been very sensible, but they certainly didn't want to get AIDs. So shame on you.

Anonymous said...

This fake is still online, why?

Anonymous said...

I have followed this story, and I can tell you that this Mol character, manipulated and coerced a small group of leftist college students into death, by threats and lies.

Any woman with normal decency would not defile themselves in such a way, but these girls were young, brainwashed by PC, were coerced by this animal.

Most Polish women are disgusted by this story.

Anonymous said...

Mol became a darling of Poland’s liberal press for organising vocal campaigns against racism and supporting the cause of refugees in Poland.”

Always the same story. They voluntarily choose to move to a white country, when over two dozen black ones are available, and as soon as they arrive start whining about racism and discrimination — and at the same time, campaign to bring in more of their countrymen!

Perhaps, for this guy and others, it was really about access to white women all along. I found a quote an another website which also confirms that at least some of the women who slept with this guy were influenced heavily by their own leftist ideas:

“Monika O., literature student who met with Simon Mol 11 months earlier, contacted the police in November this year.

- I was attracted by journalism, I wanted to write about Migrator Theater - she describes. - I was fascinated by human rights activist fighting with racial stereotypes. Soon we started to meet, went to bed. I didn’t suspect that he could infect me with HIV virus and even less, hide from me that he is infected. I also thought that suspecting him of being infected would equal giving way to stereotypes. Thus we made love unprotected.”

Anonymous said...

Well if this isn’t Political Correctness in a nutshell, I don’t know what is. The irony, of course, is that this time leftism infected itself with the disease, be it that the only women that would lay with him were lefty, hippie types.

Let this be heard loud and clear by all young women under the influence of the ‘we are all equal’ dogma.

Anonymous said...

I see these as a sort of race crime. A clear expression of race hate. By his actions, he’s saying, “If I have to die, I’m going to take a whole bunch of you with me!”

Anonymous said...

It is my very strong impression that in nearly every similar story that I have been made aware of the accused has been black

Anonymous said...

It appears that all the communist propaganda over the years still has some effect in present day Poland. Of course, in many ways, we in the West are even more concerned about radical equality, and the “great dream” of eliminating racism through miscegenation. This man is a poet in the same way that I’m a “rocket scientist” on the fourth of July. I feel sorry for the Polish women who contracted AIDS from this thug/creep, but they should have known better.

beakerkin said...


Sam the plumber is not on topic. Nor is my public service which you still
do not get.

Speaking of my public service I review tax records and this is a common thing and the sums are not unusual. This man is not a public figure and as such he is entitled to privacy. Kindly review the laws
on this subject.

Unprotected sex in the age of AIDS
is not a brilliant idea. Mol's victims engaged in high risk behavior and can be generously termed naive. No they did not seek to get AIDS or deserve to die but to ignore personal responsibility for their condition is dishonest.

I do not call people who contract AIDS guilty. Mol's victims will join him, but that highlights why
public safety is first and foremost.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the only women that anon beds with are plastic with wigs.

beatroot said...

I think it is the same loon as the rest of the Mol crew. I think the Mol crew is just one person. He is giving the internet community a bad name so it is better to get rid of the prat.

Anonymous said...

Shut up faggot!

Builder Jack said...

You say justice hasnt been served as he died - but his death was premature so in many ways he will meet his maker sooner and then justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson

Anonymous said...

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racial realist said...

It seems to me that the author of this blog has never truly interacted with Africans to the point of actually knowing them. It's not that Simon Mol and others like him deliberately act in a harmful and antisocial way. Thinking that way would imply that they know good from bad and make a conscious decision to act in a certain fashion for reasons that represent a certain logic under the circumstances they are in.

There is nothing farther from the truth.

In the mind of an African there is no clear line that separates what we would perceive as moral or immoral behaviour. Their minds work more like those of intelligent apes or dogs, or even small children who have never received proper parental guidance. They do what feels right at the moment, without vetting the action through the filters of morality or loyalty or long-term consequences. The actions are generally spontaneous, lacking planning, mostly driven by impulse and instinct. When caught, the explanations they provide for their misbehaviour are shockingly trivial or naive and demonstrate the generally very primitive thinking processes that take place in their minds.

To a European unfamiliar with Africans and practicing liberalism and tolerance this in fact presents a major problem. We would be inclined to treat Africans just as we would treat anyone else - ignore the skin colour and move on to establishing a normal interpersonal contact the same way as we would with a white person from Gdansk, or Krakow, or Berlin. Racial differences are no deeper than the melanin in the skin we are told and we desperately want to believe it.

To an African however it's a completely different game. In their minds an interaction with members of other races is largely a simple calculation of potential benefits with little regard to what we would see as common decency that we practice in our actions. Thus the AIDS scenario. Thus the commonly seen disloyalty and appearance of a completely selfish bordering on psychopathic behaviour. Thus the entire fiasco of American Civil Rights programs that have aimed at 'closing the gap' and in over 50 years accomplished virtually nothing. Thus the failure of essentially every attempt to integrate Africans into a civil society. And thus what appears to us as a total failure that Africa is.

The thing is that none of the above is a cause for shame to them.

And here lies the danger of bringing Africans into our communities. Their very presence creates nuclei of profound change and disfunction in the long-established fabric of the society that spread like cancer cells far beyond the area of immediate damage. By having them among us we lose trust not only in Africans, but tragically, in ourselves as well.

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