Tuesday, October 21, 2008

President Kaczynski threatens to crush...a daisy?

Poland’s head of state screams and shouts at TV reporter Monika Olejnik in Brussels last week, says she is on his “short list”, accuses her of being a commie spy, and threatens to “crush her”. (photo: Pres. Kaczynski feels the full force of a hurricane of derision)

President Kaczynski isn’t suffering from paranoia - but they really are out to get him! The forces of evil lurk in every television studio - especially at TVN - or what Law and Justice party members refer to as “”Tusk Vision National”.

After an interview (see a bit here) by Monika Olejnik - the Jeremy Paxman of Polish TV political journalism - where the, now, veteran journo quizzed and pressed President Kaczynski, the guy just lost it. After the cameras were turned off he threatened her with…well, we know not what. He said that the “secret services” (meaning commie spies!) and the “Walters” - meaning her boss at TVN (another spy!) “will not be able to save her…”. He then accused her of being …yes, you guessed it - a commie spy!, operating under the code name Stokrotka (Daisy).

Oh, dear

President Kaczynski said he had a “short list” of people he was going to “get”. But Kaczynski’s list of people he thinks are working for dark forces is hardly “short”. In fact, it’s a rather “long list”, a very long list, full of most of the people who work for private and public media in Poland.

Kaczynski isn’t a paranoiac, but they really are out to get him!!!

TVN were outraged by, what is, possibly slanderous accusations. The president - like the sodden drunk who beats his wife up, only to wake up the next day with remorse added to his stinking hangover - apologised later, sending roses, I believe.

So what led to this outburst of ungracious and ungentlemanly behaviour from Poland’s president, witnessed by both Poles and Belgians at the summit last Wednesday?

Apart from the fact that the Kaczynski twins have had a rather difficult relationship with TVN in the past, President Kaczynski had had a rather strained few days leading up to the EU summit. Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the rest of the government didn’t want Kaczynski to come to Brussels in the first place. They said it wasn’t usual for both head of state and PM to turn up at EU summits. They were there to talk about things like the “Climate Package” - which demands expensive cuts in carbon emissions, among other things - and how it was disadvantageous to Poland. This wasn’t a defence matter so the president should not be involved, said Tusk.

Kaczynski dug in, however, and said that even though he wasn’t wanted there, he was going to turn up anyway.

The government said that there would only be two chairs for Poles at the summit and they were going to be sat on by PM Tusk and Foreign Minister Sikorski. So would the president kindly butt out!

Miffed - very miffed - Kaczynski decided to hire his own plane and set off for Brussels regardless. The especially chartered LOT airlines Boeing 737 cost the country a cool 42,000 euros return trip - not exactly Ryanair prices.

When the weird coalition government led by Lech’s twin brother, Jaroslaw, was kicked out of office last autumn by a traumatised electorate - suffering over a year of Messrs Kaczynski, Giertych and Lepper running the country - I thought that Polish politics would become boring and …sensible. So let’s hear it for the continuing saga of Kaczynski and his fight with the forces of darkness, evil and...daisies.

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John Page said...

Did not the French President & PM both attend EU meetings when they were from different parties?

beatroot said...

It's a constitutional issue. The French Constitution is not the same as the Polish one. In fact, the Polish Constitution is a dog's dinner of a mixture of the French, American, and probably the Constitution of the Isle of Atol thrown in for good measure. So who does what, and whether prime minister and/or president can attend is being contested because is it is such a rotten 1997 Constitution here.

jannowak57 said...

Here is where our boy the “lame” duck has no class; Putin wouldn’t have gotten into a rude exchange with her. He would have been a complete gentleman and just had her killed after the interview.

He said he was sorry and set her flowers what else does comrade “daisy” want or was that Natasha?

They need to fix the constitution so there is no ambiguity over the respective roll of prime minister and president. Perhaps having a figurehead president / head of state and leaving the real power in the hands of the prime minister would be a more workable solution for Poland.

DocHunter said...

Isn't comparing the head of state to "a sodden drunk" a quite serious offence?
Now, you may not like him, that's understandable, but that's really prejudiced outlook.

beatroot said...

Isn't comparing the head of state to "a sodden drunk" a quite serious offence?

a) if that is a serious offense then the Polish Constitution really does need to be changed double quick.

b) the comparison - if you bother to read the sentence - was in the REMORSE that a sodden drunk feels after beating his wife up. So the key here is the emotion not the fact that someone is drunk...which I am sure kaczynski has never been. Ever.

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