Monday, October 20, 2008

Normal service has been resumed

Comment box is open to everyone again.

But, sadly, I am going to have to moderate the comments coming in to this blog for short while. That means that your comments will not appear in the comment box instantly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


beatroot said...


Anonymous said...

test 2

beakerkin said...

Do not print this comment

If over the next few days your friend
does not comment you should be okay.
However, if it keeps up longer than that than this may be an obsessed sort.

The structure and tone of the language hints at a high teen. Teens tend to drift off after a while onto
an easier target.

jannowak57 said...

also testing

beatroot said...

Beak...the guy is a lunatic, sadly. He is still sending comments in even though he must have realised that they will never be published. King Kook!

beakerkin said...

Rule one save the comments.
Rule two understand and use psychology at all times. Understand exactly what this person wants and go
from there.
Rule three Try to figure out from the writing if this is an adult or a teen. Your situation appears to be a teen from my end, but I do not have much to analyze.
Rule four You can not ultimately reason with this type. You might ask this person to leave nicely but
the motivations and reinforcement are attention and power.