Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simon Mol is dying

The Cameroonian on trial since July for deliberately infecting women in Warsaw with HIV is to be released from prison to get treatment for AIDS.

His condition seems very serious as he will not be put under police custody when in hospital but he has had his passport taken away and is forbidden to leave Poland.

The case caused outrage when it broke in late in 2007. I can’t face writing the details all over again and hesitated before even writing this much here, as it seems to bring out the worst in everyone.

What is perhaps the biggest danger now is that his trial will never be completed and that the truth as put before a court of law - the only truth that counts - will never fully emerge. The women he infected, and Mol himself, deserve to see the end of this. It appears this might not happen.

For details of the case see previous posts here and here.


Anonymous said...

Very serious indeed.

No police surveillance?

Ever see the Godfather?

Somebody's going to kill the guy.

Anonymous said...

ge'ez said... “Somebody's going to kill the guy.”

I don’t think anyone going to kill him, as he’s the poster boy for the most politically extreme groups in Poland however you never know what some lone crazy could do.

My guess is he going to leave for some part of the EU that is more socially liberal and that has better social services and medical care. Besides if you are already dying of Aids what sanction can a court apply?

Justice would not be served but the national pocket book would be served if he just walked across the border to Germany.

beatroot said...

don’t think anyone going to kill him, as he’s the poster boy for the most politically extreme groups in Poland

Jan, if you care to look back over the pages of this blog you will see that he is the anti-poster boy of some very extreme racist nutters too...

Anonymous said...

Sorry my wording was poor, I meant to say he was the focus or favourite target of these groups thus a convenient person to have around in order to promote their xenophobic and racist philosophy.

Anonymous said...

57, you make it sound like they are rational.

Anonymous said...

ge'ez said...” you make it sound like they are rational”

Insofar as following an old script, they are rational; they took a methodology that was used by both nazis and communists alike. They identify an enemy from which we need to be protected, and then use this to unify those usually dumb enough to be predisposed to their point of view anyway. The next step is to de-humanize the target group in order to remove any inhibitions people may feel towards mistreating a fellow human being.

Now if the news media had run stories of some black guy who was educated, successful and in the media for some accomplishment then you can bet that these fringe groups would not be putting him on a poster.

Evil can be rational, its what makes them dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me you are confusing reason and manipulation for power's sake alone.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mol has been forgotten given that the usual 200 comments haven't poured in yet.

But I gotta throw something in here after just having read that the missile base appropriation in Poland has been cut by more than half by Congress and a coupla other little provisos thrown in there for good measure. Like there first has to be better proof that the inteceptor missiles actually work. And about all those promises to provide $$$ to modernize Polish defenses... wanna buy the Kosciuszko Bridge and the Pulaski Skyway? I'm sure Redzikowo will make a great land base for US troops, though. Seems like there's soon enough to be a a lot of new twists to the expression: "Polish American." Only they won't be living in the US.

Anonymous said...

ge'ez said... “appropriation in Poland has been cut by more than half by Congress”

It doesn’t really mean anything; some pre-election posturing by congress will be corrected later. Also no serious funds were committed to military modernization anyway. The agreement called for the missiles being stationed in Poland, an American manned Patriot missile battery and a direct security guarantee. The first item is irrelevant to Polish national defence. I should point out they fully funded the radar in the Czech Republic which tells me somebody getting some missiles.

Having Nato/American troops stationed in Poland is a strategic objective for Poland. Lets just call it our version of a human shield (more diplomatically referred to as a trip wire).

Don’t loose site of the fact that the same treats that exist today for American security, will be there for whom ever gets elected and I dare say America will not retreat into isolationism.

By the way with the Patriot batteries you’re actually sending us 106 missiles, so pay your taxes on time and get those shiny new missiles over here.


Anonymous said...

Posturing? I think not. There are many more fish to fry these days so their action is going to get zero publicity. And no matter how the prez election goes, the Dems will maintain control of Congress. Good luck with those tests about the efficacy of those missiles that are written into the bill.

Sorry, I'm more afraid of the greedy fool Wall Street bastards in the US and the political lunatics like McPalin than I am of the Russians right now.

If all you want is a "trip wire," put up a US soldier in your house, 57.

Anonymous said...

Ge’ez said “Sorry, I'm more afraid of the greedy fool Wall Street bastards in the US and the political lunatics like McPalin than I am of the Russians right now.”

Easy for you to say, I’m digging a trench and filling sandbags in my front yard. Ever try buying a slightly used panzerfaust on ebay? Thank god for the fire sale at the formerly state run weapons factory, I knew that $50.00 AK-47 was going to come in handy one day. Maybe night-vision goggles should go to the top of my Christmas wish list.

Yes you should worry about wall street and more importantly how easily they purchased through the lobbyist both executive and legislative branches of government. Over the last 10 or 15 years they deregulated and ignored the signs of pending disaster. Starting with Clinton. Wasn’t it nice to see Mcain and Obama hand in hand at the White House, both trying to save their Wall Street bodies.

“Obama has other skeletons in his mortgage closet. He was only able to afford his mansion on Chicago's South Side because his first political sponsor, Antoin "Tony" Rezko, arranged for his wife to buy a strip of land adjacent to the home. Rezko is sitting in jail now, and will receive his prison sentence next month--he was found guilty of 16 fraud and corruption charges in June.

In purchasing the mansion, Obama got a sweetheart mortgage deal from Northern Trust, a big Chicago bank. In explaining that away, an Obama spokesman mentioned that there was a competing lender. Who was that lender? They won't say.

Audacity!” ………..from a recent article on Obama’s business dealings.

So far crazy Sarah looks like the cleanest of them all, I can see the democratic spin on this… she was too simple minded and backward to have stolen her fair share.

It doesn’t matter who you elect to the White House if your system is this rotten.

roman said...


I'm more afraid of the greedy fool Wall Street bastards

Typical knee-jerk liberal anti-capitalist reaction.
Upon closer inspection, you will find that this crisis is a direct result of the idiotic liberalisation of established credit policy by bleeding-heart liberals during the Clinton administration. It was an introduction of socialist thinking to bring "credit relief to the underpriviliged". Barney Frank and his do-gooder pals on the Democrat side made sure that the bank's mortgage rules were "eased-up" so that even those with no ability to pay back the loan would get them. Then they established the Fannie and Freddie to guarantee those loans. Now their wet dream of income distribution is unfolding and the working middle class taxpayers are again going to have to pay and pay.

Anonymous said...

Starting with Clinton?

Uh, who was president right before Clinton? And before that? And before that?

That shit wasn't happening then?

Re. Obama's home purchase (How many mansions does McCain own? 13 or something like that at last count or at least the ones he remembers?), Wiki notes:

"Obama claimed that the properties had been on the market for months, that his offer was the best of two bids, and that Ms. Rezko's bid was matched by another offer, also of $625,000, so that she could not have purchased the property for less.

Obama's description of the purchase was later confirmed by the previous owner of the house."

BTW, 57, you must have missed the recent reports of Palin's contributions scandals. Clean as a pig's ass.

Anonymous said...

Liberalization of credit for whom?

And how many years were Republicans in control of gubmint in DC after Clinton?

Deregulation was always the Republican / Wall Street porkers' mantra.

Now, a growing number of Wall Street porkers and their Republican benefi-cherries are squealing for governmental regulation and the biggest socialist bailout ever.

Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor.

Anonymous said...

It amazes how the poor are always blamed for their predicament by the defenders of the status quo.

Who profited from the mortgages?

Who will suffer now?

The guys who profitted? And profitted and profitted and profitted some more?

No way.

Anonymous said...

To hear the Republicans describe it, it's because too many working class idiots were given mortgages that they really couldn't afford. Here's the truth: The number one cause of people declaring bankruptcy is because of medical bills. Let me state this simply: If we had had universal health coverage, this mortgage "crisis" may never have happened.

This bailout's mission is to protect the obscene amount of wealth that has been accumulated in the last eight years. It's to protect the top shareholders who own and control corporate America. It's to make sure their yachts and mansions and "way of life" go uninterrupted while the rest of America suffers and struggles to pay the bills. Let the rich suffer for once. Let them pay for the bailout. We are spending 400 million dollars a day on the war in Iraq. Let them end the war immediately and save us all another half-trillion dollars!

Anonymous said...

michal morski said.. “Let the rich suffer for once”

Yes your right insofar as the financial stability of most American households is one major illness away from ruin. So deliberately giving mortgages to people unable to meet the payments still remains a bad idea. The best way to put people into homes of there own is to produce an economy that gives a broad portion the population the income necessary to sustain mortgage obligations.

You cannot isolate the “the rich” and make them pay for this. And exactly who are the rich, the retired fireman with a portfolio built on a lifetime of saving and investing?
By doing so you would cause economic collapse through the destruction of the financial system, which would cause great harm throughout the general population.

Consider this for a moment, most companies are not self financing even if they are financially successful they rely on a credit line to maintain order in their cash flow. If they couldn’t borrow then meeting payroll obligation could be compromised and that means the work force gets immediately laid off.

If you’re on a ship in the middle of the ocean and someone has failed to properly maintain the hull because of negligence or malice do you let the ship sink or fix the hull?

The are no easy ways out of this mess, consider this bail out move a shock absorber, one way or another your going to fall you may have some control as to how hard that fall is going to be.

Anonymous said...

Which people got most of these bogus mortgages that failed for big bucks?

Working class schmucks with relatively small homes or guys who were building condos?

And there's also the matter of the sleazoids who got sweatheart deals to lend the money for the mortgages.

No, the retired fireman is not one of the rich.

At least consider this:


Unknown said...

The most annoying aspect of the bailout is not the bailout itself but the hypocrisy of the whole situation. If this is supposed to be free economy than we should let the chips fall as they may... If this is Marxist economy than we should bail it out and put the 'captains of the industry' in fucking prison. Although most americans would not be able to articulate that argument, it is the forced blending of those two totally divergent economic theories that makes the US Congress choke and fail to reach consensus on the plan.

Anonymous said...

ge'ez said... “No, the retired fireman is not one of the rich.”

I don’t think so either but will he (pardon the pun) get burned by this whole thing, if an effort is not made to stabilize the situation. By saying no to some sort of stabilization plan do we not risk added hardship for those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder? I can’t see how you can divorce the financial sector from the rest of the economy. It’s a credit based society at every level so how can you escape the pain.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a stabilization plan that brings the guilty to justice. Lustracja.

Anonymous said...

ge'ez said... “that brings the guilty to justice.”

I agree with that, the plan should make a commitment to give law enforcement the resources to properly investigate what happened and to prosecute those who committed crimes. Also a commitment to new regulatory measures.

beakerkin said...

Back to the original topic.

The mindless Beatroot seems to think that testing people for deadly communicable diseases is unwarranted.This episode illustrates how mindless
gin impaired salonistas place no value on public safety.

Does the government have a duty to protect its citizens? Why should any nation permit people with dangerous communicable diseases to
live in their midst.

The episode shows the lack of common sense and moral rot on the part of Beatroot.

Anonymous said...

Great news .
I hope the author of this blog dies as well for defending this murderer.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! See what the cat dragged in?

beakerkin said...

Geez be a good serf and fetch some
drinks. What is the minimum wage in Poland? What is the name of the village that employs you as its official idiot.

Beatenroothlessly by Beakerkin

Does government have the duty to protect its citizens? This is not about race or ethnicity unless one is predisposed to mindlessness. The real topic is why any government should be required to allow people with dangerous diseases. Would you be as cavalier with drug resistant TB or is AIDS some sort of special case.

Public safety is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed.
What other communicable diseases
does Beatroot deem acceptable for
dispensing with logic?

beatroot said...

So…a freak or two finally showed! Simon Mol’s legacy, sadly, will be that he was able to unite a cornucopia of diverse fuckwits in one place.

The Beak…is back!

The mindless Beatroot seems to think that testing people for deadly communicable diseases is unwarranted…


It has always been my contention that Beak-o-Whacko does not actually read the blogs he visits. He sees a subject - in this case HIV - and something goes off in his head - a small electrical connection - that brings up a template opinion. An ident-i-cat response. It’s almost subliminal with our Beaky!

This time he accuses me of something that I never wrote in the original post. Where I am saying that people should, or should not, be tested?

Beak - find something better to do with all our precious time - we all don’t live forever - than wasting it with this kind of dross. OK?

As to the other FREAK….you have my pity.

Anonymous said...

Yea Beak, you can better spend your time campaigning for Ghouliani!

Whoa, what happened there?

beakerkin said...

Beatenrootlessly by Beakerkin

You were asked a series of simple questions that you refuse to answer
and even now you are desperately trying to change the topic.

The imbecile Beatroot seems to think that people with dangerous communicable diseases have the right to settle and spread diseases wherever they choose. It is easy to
be self righteous when blatant racists make this into a racial issue. However, your placing public
safety before his far left insanity
is primitive.

Does a government have a duty to protect its citizens from deadly and costly communicable diseases that can not be treated. Why should anyone with a lethal communicable disease be granted residency in any country. Are you
as lax with drug resistant TB or is AIDS just a special case?

You are too cowardly to provide an honest answer. Your priorities should be with the Polish people who put up with your arrogance.

1 Does a nation have an obligation
to protect its citizens from communicable diseases?
2 What should be done with people who are known carriers of such diseases?

No country should ever jeopardize
the health and welfare of its citizens to assuage the egomaniacal
far left salonistas. The whole topic shows how far out of touch you are with the people you live amongst.

Anonymous said...

Don´t waste your time with such an arrogant asshole who defended such a criminal since the begining.

By the way, who will pay for the funeral of the social parasite?

The answer is simple: polish tax payers for sure.

beakerkin said...


Beatroot has said that turning back the sick is wrong. He forgets that Mol's claim was fake. He dismisses the public safety consequences of his ideals arrogantly.

I would respect Beatroot if he would make a point how these cases are rare. I would respect Beatroot if he would have given a response that acknowledges the serious risk
to public safety. Instead we have Beatroot ducking and dancing around
a serious question.

Why should Poland or any other nation admit people with serious communicable diseases? Is he a brazen with TB as AIDS?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Beakerkin. The government of every civilized country has got a duty to protect its citizens from admitting immigrants with communicable diseases.

I am hoping that Poland will wake up and change its immigration laws. It is not difficult to require proof of basic vaccinations and results of HIV testing with immigration petitions, just like, e.g., the U.S. To tell you the truth, I am surprised to find out that such regulations are not in place already. I am not sure about the remaining E.U. countries???

That would save everyone a lot of headaches similar to Simon Mol.

beatroot said...

You cretins are trying to make generalisations and want to change laws as a result of one freak case.


beakerkin said...


First off you lied. You did state earlier that Poland should not deny asylum to the sick. Poland's asylum policy should be decided by Pole's in accordance with their values, not by some arrogant self deluded elitist expatriate. Who are you to
tell Poles how to govern themselves? This once again shows total disrespect for the people you
live amongst.

The episode and Beatroot's reaction
show his arrogance and lack of class. He could have stated fortunately such instances are rare
and there is no need to change laws
based on one episode. Instead he goes into far left salonista arrogance and calls people who disagree with him cretins and doesn't even acknowledge the serious public safety ramifications
of admiting people with HIV.

Lets try this again.

1 Does government have the duty to
protect citizens from dangers such
as the spread of communicable diseases? Are you making a special
case for AIDS as opposed to drug resistant TB due to mode of transmission?

2 Why should asylum be granted to
someone who was never in danger in the first place. Asylum laws exist
precisely to serve those in danger
and not economic refugees. Mol was never in any danger and like most
applicants abused the system.

What is pathetic is your disregard for the public safety for those you live amongst. AIDS is a dangerous communicable disease and an asylum claim from someone carrying AIDS should have been much more thoroughly examined at a bare minimum.

Asylum is a privilege granted by civilized countries to worthy applicants. The needs of the country and public safety should always take precedence over the individual.

Laws are often changed when "freak cases" like this demonstrate a need
to change laws or policies that do
not work or have unintended consequences.

Anonymous said...

And he said he was healthy:

Simon Mol dies in hospital

Created: 13.10.2008 07:13
Simon Mol, the Cameroonian charged with intentionally infecting several Polish women with HIV, died in a hospital, Saturday night.

Last week Mol’s trial was suspended due to his ill health after being released from detention in September and transported to one of Warsaw’s hospitals. Medical staff described his condition, linked to his HIV infection, as “critical”. Reputedly M. refused to undergo medical treatment.

The public prosecutor’s office in Poland established that the Cameroonian infected over 40 women with HIV. He himself claimed that he was not aware of his condition.

He was arrested in January 2007. The trial, which began in July this year involved a total of 13 charges levelled against him – 11 in connection with intentionally infecting women with HIV, one of exposing a women to the disease, and one of possessing cold weapon without a permit. He was facing 10 years in prison.

The Cameroonian first arrived in Poland in 1999. He claimed to be a political refugee and that he was persecuted in Cameroon for publishing an article on a corruption scandal in the government. However, Polish media reported later on that his life history was to a great extent a fabrication. (jm)

Anonymous said...

Once his initial victims all die slow and painful deaths, Simon Mol will have personally butchered far more people than Jeffrey Dahmer, and in a far more gruesome manner (Dahmer killed his victims usually within 48 hours vs. AIDS patients shitting themselves to death over 2+ years). And that's just the first wave of dead Poles, who knows now many more will die from subsequent infections.

I'm amazed there are actually pieces of shit that still defend this guy on the blatant premise of race. And while we're on the topic of race, as soon as Poland reaches a level of economic prosperity parallel to Western Europe, you will all learn what we in the West like to call the "cultural/economic kiss of death". Can't wait to see the look on your liberal faces when white flight hits Warsaw in 20 years from the coming onslaught of soon to be EU based Muslim Turks, Africans, Indians, and Asians seeking a free lunch ticket. If you give a shit, white cultural and racial preservation in today's day and age requires awareness to it's silent killer. Multiculturalism and racial tolerance is just a passing moment, remember that statement when the first historically white European country hits the 49% indigenous marker (likely France, Belgium, or The Netherlands).

May Simon Mol burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

After Poland's shameful colonial history it is only right that Poles should be subject to African predators, thus sayeth a liberal.

Here is a good article making fun of these fascist liberals and the multicultural hell they would like to create for Europe:

NewYorkRob said...

Here is one headline you will never read, "European Infects 30 African Women with HIV".

Anonymous said...

There only people worse than Simon Mol are the vile whores that had sex with him. I hope no good man ever goes near them. May they all burn in hell.

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