Monday, October 01, 2007

Daily Mail pays Poles to break the law

The beatroot can reveal that in their zeal to prove how ruinous recent immigration by new EU members - meaning Poles - has been to the very fabric of the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail (London) will go to any lengths – including giving people money to break the law.

This April the phone rang and on the other end was someone I know in Warsaw:

“How do you fancy stitching up the Daily Mail?,’ he said.

Apparently, he had got a call from the Daily Mail (I can’t remember how they found him – but I am sure he will be telling us) asking him if he would like to drive a car with Polish number plates from Warsaw to England and deliberately park illegally.

They also asked him to drive purposely over the speed limit in sight of speed cameras.

There had recently been a report by the BBC claiming that Poles had been parking all over the place and disregarding the highway code, as they knew that because their cars were not registered in the UK there was no chance of them ever receiving a summons to pay the speeding/parking fines.

The guy who called me didn’t want to do it, but would I like to get involved in this little scam?

Well, of course

A couple of hours later a 'researcher', Sue Reid (author of this story), at the Daily Mail offices telephoned me. I told her that though I was British my girlfriend was Polish and that she has a car registered in Poland. We were interested.

We were not interested – but we were interested in getting the details of how low journalism has sunk in the UK.

Ms Reid said that she would offer me 800 pounds to come over and park illegally and speed, “Just ten miles an hour over the speed limit, no more…”. We would then go back to Poland and wait for the demands for payment of the fines.

“We know this is going on but we want to prove it by having a foreign car here with a foreign driver for five days and driving and parking in London, Kent, East Anglia and Portsmouth,” said the Daily Mail researcher.

A photographer would follow us around, showing how we were breaking the law. And then, back in Warsaw, when we later failed to receive any demands for payment - as the British authorities would have no record of our vehicle – the Mail would publish the whole thing as an ‘exclusive’ on how Poles and others are breaking the law in the UK and GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

She even offered to put the girlfriend and myself up at her house in Fulham in London, if we had nowhere else to stay.

I was amazed. The Daily Mail is offering money to Poles to encourage them to break the law in the UK – which in itself is a criminal offense, of course.

I asked her to give me an email putting all what she had just said in writing – which she did (fool) – and I would ‘think about it’.

Two days later she sent me another email saying that a Polish couple, ‘were arriving in England today’ (April 30) ready to rack up the speeding and parking fines, no doubt. So they didn't need me anymore. Shame...

That was nearly half a year ago. I am guessing that their sneaky little ‘investigation’ is now at an end and they will be publishing the results very soon.

Everyone I talk to here about this thinks that the Daily Mail must be a disgusting little gutter rag, and the lowest of the low of tabloids. But it isn’t. It is a middle market newspaper, owned by Associated Newspapers Ltd, for the conservative middle class.

I wonder what those respectable Mail readers in the suburbs would think once they realized that their favourite daily is paying people to break the law in England - and then trying to blame Poles, and immigration in general, for a rise in the UK crime rate?
Richard develops the story at the ER blog (see the email).


news said...

Come on beat, I know you have to play the innocent card to increase the impact of your execellent anti-British tabloids campaign. But the Daily Mail is really a tabloid with long(ish) words and is no way a respectable paper.

And remember the Daily Mail has form in being anti-foreigner. It welcomed Hitler in the 30s.

Keep up the good work.

Korakious said...

This is nice. Do you mind if I reproduce it at the Lair?

beatroot said...

You say 'anti-tabloids' campaign, but I have seen some right shite in the Guardian too, on this subject.

beatroot said...


Feel free.

Anonymous said...

Have you/do you intend to report this to the British Police?

varus said...

But surley the Daily Mail would defend British tourists doing exactly the same in France or whereever. France tried to enact a law whereby they could put points on British licences. It was firmly rebuffed by Blair's government. Therefore it goes both ways and i very much doubt the number of Poles in Britain with Polish registered cars is that big. I recently did the same in Germany and was very pleased to be beack over the border with my Polish registered car.

beatroot said...

Would I report this to the Police?

I had not even thought about that, and probably I would not have even if I had.

I don’t believe in getting courts involved where the media is concerned.

The point of the blogs these days is that we have access to get published. So the best way to fight this crap is via the blogs.

I also have no idea how they will present this story if they decide to publish it. Maybe it didn’t go so well? Maybe people did receive a notice to payment?

But no – I do not want to get involved with police and lawyers, etc. Much better way is to ruin any ‘exclusive’ they might claim about this and try to discredit them as journalists.

But as I said – I have everything in writing and there is bugger all they can do to claim they have not been doing this.

Anonymous said...

What a story, Beat. Journalistic integrity is seemingly anachronistic in many quarters these days but this is pretty damn low of the Heil.
Perhaps Private Eye, at the least, would be interested in carrying this? Failing that, how's about reproducing the slimy muckspreader's emails for us to chuckle over?

beatroot said...

I am looking into the legality of publishing emails...

uksweet said...

Yes, very fine words, but at no time do you deny anything they say about the law breakers from Poland. It's actually true.

They are responsible for an increase in speeding, drink driving and other traffic offences.

Anonymous said...

Once they sent it to you, it's your property, isn't it? I think the only problem would arise were you to edit them or present them in a manner which changes the sentiments within, thus becoming libelous. Not certain of that, but I've never heard of anyone getting into trouble for reprinting verbatim something from a letter.

Anonymous said...

'UKSweet' - a small minority of any section of society chosen on a basis as arbitrary as nationality (which, let's face it, is pretty damn arbitrary in a continent as in flux as Europe) is bound to have lawbreakers within it. The issue here is that a national and in certain quarters (not this one) respected newspaper is, for one, inciting people to break the law, and for another is fabricating stories which are simply not true in an effort to sell copies and spread its racist agenda. The consequence of this is ordinary, law-abiding immigrants get attacked by halfwits who believe this crap.

Anonymous said...

Along with the hard working decent Poles who come to Britain seeking work and a better life are the dregs,slackers and criminals. It's dismaying to see that one in five crimes committed in London are by foreigners with Poles, Jamaicans, Irish and Somalis topping the list. It takes a concerted effort to be ranked ahead of Jamaicans in this regard.
And perception in many cases becomes reality. I live in Canada but was born in England to Polish parents who came there after the war as DPs. That generation was a different slice altogether. My dad can't remember one person of all the thousands of Poles that he knew ever being in trouble with the police. What happened? it really is an embarrassment. Yes, I know. Nearly fifty years of Communism will do it but that's too facile an explanation.

beatroot said...

The post is not about if something is true or's about shit journalism. It's about huge media companies creating crimes just to bolster their argument that the countries is 'going to the dogs...'

If they have to resort to this kind of nonsense then me thinks they just lost the argument.

Prostak - we are going tp publish the this space...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 22:25 -
Sorry for the bluntness, but that's incredibly lazy generalising. For one, your dad clearly never knew my uncle Jan - the Lancashire police certainly did, though.
Your assertion that "It takes a concerted effort to be ranked ahead of Jamaicans in this regard" is the single most racist thing I've heard or read today, and it denigrates everybody involved - the Jamaicans, you, and the Poles you seek to damn in the first place. And all of this from someone who doesn't even live near London.

Anonymous said...

You clearly are clueless. In Toronto a majority of gun murders are committed by Jamaicans who make up less than 3% of the population in that city. This is no way way racist but simply stating a fact . I don't give a rat's butt if your multicult sensitivities are riled. I am embarrassed that Poles are mentioned in the same breath with Jamaicans in crime stats. This is a growing problem and nothing will be done about it until it's recognized as such. Sure it's anecdotal evidence but your wanker uncle was by far the exception in that day. That's not to say that most Poles or Jamaicans are criminals. You'd have to be a complete moron to come to that conclusion but human nature being what it is, decent people are often tarred with the same brush. That Poland has a serious crime problem and that many louts are exporting their talents is not debatable. What difference does it make if I don't live in London? Gheez, some days I wonder why I even bother.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 23:38-
Yes, my uncle was a wanker, probably still is but I haven't spoken to him for some time. I wasn't the one who brought petty, unfounded insults into this - forgive me for requesting that if you do wish to argue this, could you refer exclusively to the points in hand without resorting to such a tone? I admit, I am 'clueless' - about crime statistics in Toronto, but my earlier posts were made without realising that was going to be part of this discussion.

My 'multicult sensitivities' have indeed been riled, perhaps because I don't see how the country somebody was born in has anything to do with their propensity to commit crime. As somebody so keen to demark his/herself as a Pole, I'm sure you're familiar with the problems that prejudice against minority groups causes. Again, your statistic about gun crime in Toronto is just baffling - what's your point? Specifically, what's your point in relation to a handful of lowlife hools committing petty crimes (and it is largely petty crimes, this was my point about not living anywhere near here - I fear you may have seen a raw table of statistics somewhere and made a handful of presumptions thereon, nothing more sinister than that) around the south-east of England, as the above article relates to?

I agree with what I presume is the thrust of your argument, that a noticable criminal element exists among recent Polish immigrants, but I'm really not sure what you're trying to say beyond that. Why does 'human nature' (something I would deny exists, but that's an entirely different argument) mean decent people, black or white, get called criminals? Why are you embarrassed that Poles are mentioned in the same breath as Jamaicans? Why *did* you bother?

Brad Zimmerman said...

When I visit foreign countries with my Polish-registered car I always make a point to drive absurdly courteously, within the speed limits, etc. I know what people think and I'd hate to reinforce their stereotypes.

Actually, I usually drive courteously here, too, but I don't think most Poles notice it other than to be irritated someone is driving 20-30 kph slower than they are (e.g. at the speed limit) and doing insane things like signaling.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me "anonymous" is part of the bad element.

Sad how so many post-WWII immigrants look down upon both the previous generations of "za chelbem" immigrants and more recent immigrants.

Sader still the out-and-out racism.

Anonymous said...

geez said...” Sad how so many post-WWII immigrants look down upon both the previous generations of "za chelbem" immigrants and more recent immigrants.”

I have seen this myself in many places i.e. US and Canada as well but the reasons for it are the cultural differences between the waves of immigrants the post-WWII immigrants versus the immigrants who were brought up in the PRL and the third group those who were substantively brought up in the post communists times. It’s not easy to pin point but attitudes towards work, community, religious and family values differ. It boils down to the old post-WWII immigrants saying these people are not like us, they a different type of Pole to what these old timers remember from their days in Poland.

The immigrants who experienced WWII and left Poland to avoid the communists or chose not to return are the focus of such differences.

Not that there is an excuse for such snobbery, but I think often it’s a bad reaction to a painful reminder that their Poland no longer exists.

michael farris said...

An acquaintance that spent an academic year in the US where there were several waves of Polish immigrants (Indiana near Illinois IIRC) said what he noticed was that as a whole each wave still thought of Poland as being the same one they left and basically could not be convinced otherwise (he also noted there wasn't much contact between waves).
Those who left in the 50's imagined parades of peasant culture amid slogans and model workers. Those who left in the early 80's were still imagining long lines and ration cards. Those who left in the early 90's assumed the cities were still full of sidewalk merchants (and general chaos).
My internal picture of the US is frozen around 1991-2 (after which I spent a lot more time in Poland than there).

Damien Moran said...

Good on ya BR for countering the DM's lowest common denominator journalism.

I've heard similar stories of people from Northern Ireland coming down to the Republic for holidays, speeding, and returning to the North without having any fear of having to pay a fine. Of course, it's irrelevant whether they are from county Antrim, Cork, Mazowia or the Seychelles - if people (no nation's ethnic make up increases their propensity to drive crazily)drive fast and endanger lives on the road on the spot fines are the best way to counter their irresponsible road behaviour.

Is there any moves towards compulsory registration of foreign registered cars in Britain?

Anonymous said...

Damien: there are no moves for compulsory registration of foreign registered cars in the UK and there can not be (EU rules and all that). Instead, foreign drivers get on-the-spot fines for offenses which British residents would get a penalty notice for.

UKsweet: who would have thought that when half a million people come to the UK that there will be more road traffic offenses!

Anonymous said...


how do foreign drivers get on-the-spot fines from speed cameras, which detect the vast majority of offences in the UK?

I deplore the tactics of the gutter press, but I think it is fair to say that without the 'stick' of penalty points, drivers of foreign cars have less incentive to keep to speed limits, and a disproportionate number of them feel they can 'get away with it'.

Poles get singled out simply because of the vast numbers compared to other nationalities. By a large margin, Polish number plates are to be seen on British roads more than any other foriegn plate.

Anonymous said...

I don't know.

I drive everyday in London, and I see the occasional LT plate.

The polish ones are fairly rare.

Anyway, who gives a f... ? It is not like the British do not do the same on the continent.

This holier than thou attitude is just irritating. If that is what you worry about in life, maybe you should put an end to it because frankly, you cannot be that useful.

I read recently that churches in London are filling up again precisely because of the Polish immigrants. That is probably a bad thing too ?

Anonymous said...

The churches are filling up alright: with Papists!

Are the different waves of Polish immigrants as standoffish to each other in the UK as in the US?

And do Polish immigrants in Dublin see themselves as "better" than those in London, vice versa and etcetera? If they don't feel such differences when they are working abroad, what about when/if they return to Poland? Or is it just wholely a "wavy" phenonemon? And about what percent of Poles in the UK aren't looking to return to Poland?

Anonymous said...

Pascal - didn't mean to come across as 'holier than thou'... I'm actually quite neutral in opinion on this topic.

I completely agree that Brits are as bad abroad. I was just pointing out one of the reasons that foreigners in any country are more likely to break traffic laws, and statistically why Poles are 'getting the blame'.

I see the occasional LT plate as I drive around Britain (mainly on lorries), but a significant number of PL. Maybe I just notice them more because of my association with Poland.

Anonymous said...

Jake: I know more than a few people in the UK who drive French registered cars specifically to avoid paying any fines for offenses caught on camera.

Wonder when the Mail will do a story about those people.

Jake said...

I couldn't agree more Harry.

The scapegoating of Poles by the Mail is despicable.

And in so many ways (not just traffic offences), Brits abroad have about the worst worldwide reputation (stag weekends, yobbish holidaymakers, hooliganism, ...) - there is no justification for moaning about foreigners in Britain.

Anonymous said...

When the leftist stooges have no argument or rebuttal they routinely scream racism to shut up the opposition. To not suscribe to this insane notion of culural relativism isn't racism. If you've ever been to Jamaica you'd see what hellholes the settled parts of that island are. And Zimbabwe turned our rather well wouldn't you
say. The Polish problem has historically been either an incapacity or unwillingness to unite, set a common goal and then fight for it unless the situation is dire. To illustrate the Polish community in Chicago has minimal political power despite its numbers. Hispanics, Jews and Blacks all have much more influence. Few people of Polish background are elected. That successive waves of Polish immigrants disparage each other isn't all that surprising.

beatroot said...

Interest in this story is huge. It has been linked by by loads of other blogs and we have got 2,000 visits so far today - which for this bloog is huge!

Anonymous said...

Very impressed and disgusted by the Mail.

Thanks for highlighting this.

Anonymous said...

anon: Ever think that maybe not too many Polish politicians can get elected for citywide office in Chicago because they are racist? Or coz they tend to be corrupt assholes?

OR that there are other reasons for parts of Jamaica being hellholes besides the Jamaicans themselves?

Nah, of course you haven't.

beatroot said...

Do you get the feeling that 'anon' is actually someone we know already? Someone who does have the intelligence to have an intelligent argument...but decides not to use said intelligence, on a daily basis? ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 20:01-
It seems as though you're veering dangerously close to saying that black people can't run countries/cities without being corrupt and otherwise criminal. Is that what you want to say?

Beyond that, don't you think the very recent colonial past of both nations (particularly Zimbabwe, no?) has something to do with the current mess both countries find themselves in? I'm loath to labour this lest I be labelled a 'leftist stooge' again (Nice to see you subscribe to the north American disease of totally polarising political issues).

I don't think we're going to agree on this - I consider 'national' mindsets as you refer to ('the Polish problem', eg) a product of social conditions, you appear to conider them a product of skin colour.

Are you going to respond to any of the questions I asked you last night, now?

Anonymous said...

Beatroot said “don’t believe in getting courts involved where the media is concerned.”

Since when is the media exempt from the law of the land? We a have a situation where allegedly a well known newspaper is involved in a criminal conspiracy to induce people to commit traffic offences and then use the resulting action to instigate a racist attacked against an ethnic minority. Putting aside the possibility that people can get injured or killed because of reckless driving.

At what magnitude of wrongdoing or illegal activity would you feel obliged to contact the authorities?

Anonymous said...

I think the authorities should act when the authorities use their pull to compel the media to print bogus propaganda, without the drivel being so much as questioned by the fourth estate. But the authorities won't act against themselves. And the much of the media will be happy to perform as puppets so long as they get myriad favors.

This sort of thing happening in Poland, too?

BTW, I think there are so many "anons" that they are indistinguishable from one another and probably constitute a majority in the Polish diaspora.

That's why I don't share some folks' faith in reason winning out.

Anonymous said...

geez -
You think? Point taken, banging heads on brick walls is my speciality though.
I'm genuinely disturbed that there's more than one poisonous, anonymous racist posting above, though. Who all hate Jamaicans.

Anonymous said...

I think BR was guessing it was Sneakerskin. But I think there's many other folks who repeat the exact same stuff spewed by Rush Limberger amped up and into their own peculiar hatreds and resentments bred and honed in their particular locales. Besides, why on earth would anybody want to pretend they're Canadian, heh? (Just kidding).

beatroot said...

Jan � if the Mail publish that crap then they will have to ssy how they Got all the photos of people doing it. If they don�t mention that they paid people to do that then I will again make sure that it is in the public domain that they did. But that is as far as my responsibility goes. Once something is made public then it is up to the police to prosecute or not.

And Geez � I am pretty sure it was Beakiwit�.it is the use of �the lefty tags and the way he goes way off topic.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe anyone would want to pretend to be Canadian, heh! And there's a commonly used name (by themselves actually) for Rush Limberger clones: "dittoheads." But then again, what about Rwanda, huh?

michael farris said...

I dunno, this makes Canada look like the awesomest place on earth:

"You're gonna love it in Toronto, they got roads and everything there!"

Anonymous said...

... and girls!

"I saw a moose in the hoose!"

I am Canadian:

Even funnier...

I am not Canadian:

YouNotSneaky! said...

"it was Sneakerskin"

I really hope you're not implying it was me. If I misunderstood then I apologize in advance. Otherwise...

Anonymous said...

What's the problem here? The Daily Mail is clearly trying to prove that Polish Drivers are evading justice from motoring crimes and they're willing to pay someone with Polish plates to prove it, I don't see anything wrong with that, mind you I did think it was very wrong of the Polish group especially the driver who pulled up alongside my car at 07:30 hours in the morning drinking alcohol whilst at the wheel of his car, and the way they threw their rubbish all over the field also left a lot to be desired. If I as an Englishman broke the law in that way I would soon be fined and or imprisoned.

Anonymous said...

No, Sneak, some other guy, but I can see how you made the connection.

BTW, thank the Queen there are no drunken, littering Englishmen in England! I guess they only do it in Krakow whilst stagging about!

Anonymous said...

Keven ROCKS!?

muebles alcala de henares said...

The guy is absolutely fair, and there is no suspicion.

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