Thursday, October 04, 2007

British National Party confused

On their web site, the British National Party (BNP) has reproduced this blog’s article about the Daily Mail scam on Polish drivers avoiding traffic fines.

They copy text from another blog's post about my story:

The Beatroot writes on his blog how The Daily Mail, in its zeal to prove how ruinous has been recent immigration by new EU members like Poles, will go to any lengths – including giving people money to break the law - and staging evidence of lawbreaking for its "investigation".

They then print all of my post plus Richard’s concluding sentence, from a different blog.

But they are missing my point.

They are ignoring the obvious: my post was, indeed, about how low Daily Mail journalism has sunk – but also it was about how blaming immigrants for problems of the UK’s own making (which the Mail constantly does, and so does the BNP) is simply getting the causation of things a little confused.

It just shows that the BNP will pick up on any tiny tit bit to prove a case that was discredited around ... oh...1939 - 1945?


YouNotSneaky! said...


Anonymous said...

As a pole ,all i can say is THANK YOU daily mail and all brits who are against polish emmigration to GB !

Our people should stay in poland ! we need them here . :)

And every brit should make it clear to the poles in GB that they HATE THEM ! :D

Anonymous said...

I had a conversation on the phone with Nick Griffin (leader of the BNP) a few years back, due to a series of odd circumstances. He's a disturbingly genial person, as long as you don't get him onto race and repatriation...

varus said...

and Hitler was quite an artist!!!

beatroot said...

When I look at the stats (huge) lots of people coming in via BNP web site. Good, They might learn something....

...but yeah, what a lovely bunch of lads...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, they'll get the point that this sort of misappropriation of fact and opinion from other, more reputable sources is exactly the sort of thing the BNP do all the time.
They've tried to hide the skinhead thug element of late, but at grassroots level that's all you find. I reckon I'd feel pretty pissed off as one of these thugs, Griffin always denies any association with their sort when asked publicly...

beakerkin said...


The subject of if immigrants are more prone to criminal activity is a serious question. The example should not be posed with any particular ethnicity but in general. The discussion should include American, Australian, Canadian and Euro examples.

The comments are quite odd. However, they are on a par with odd claims about anti Polonism made here. Who in their right minds could ever be described as anti Polonist. Nobody runs around spouting odd theories about Polonocospiracies to blow up the WTC or rule the world. Conspiracy nuts project their bigotries into their delusions.

Their preponderance on the far left has made the left look like a cartoonish version of urban red rednecks at times.

Anonymous said...

Brits and Criminality, we are being wiped out...the Govt wants cheap Labour...the EU Superstate wants a Borderless Superstate devoid of National Identity so we are being erased..

The crap about is being evil rapist paedophiles is just psychological repression, shaming us to roll over and be exterminatewd..

Stop reading Nepapers and listening to the Media...they ar Brainwashing you...

Blog and email these links to let People know what os going on..

Think about it, what Do our Media Show month after Month after Month....Ian Huntley, Fred West, Beverly Allet, the Dunblane Massacre, the Black Panther Murders, the Stephen Lawrence Murder, Dr Shipman Peter Sutcliffe, Damiola Taylor, Chris Langham, MichaelBarrymore, the Guy in the Portugal Maddelaine case, Notice the Link...that's right, ALL AngloSaxon British Murderers, that's all our Govt and Press report. Want to know what the real cause of crime is in the UK.

Here's the Mets 12 Most wanted list..Remember I didn't compile this list, the Police did

Here's their 15 Most wanted

Yet More.

Here's west Midlands most wanted.

We never see these in our National News Either.

More Victims of Our Govt's Hidden Genocidal agenda Against Britain and the British..
Note how none of this has ever appeared in the Press or on the News.
Europe Sold out for oil

Anonymous said...

The owner of this blog his well known for defending Simon Mol: a murderer, false refugee and antifascist of the year2003.

Do I have to say more about him?

beatroot said...

I see the cranks are in.

Beak - statistically, Poles are less likely to commit crimes in UK than their British counterparts. So immigrants are not more likely to commit crime.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't survive without immigrants, you lazy-crazy mad people...hah

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