Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The mysterious resignation of Ludwik Dorn

The now ex-minister of the interior takes everyone by surprise.

With a cabinet re-shuffle imminent, Minister of the Interior, sociologist (and writer of children’s books!) Ludwik Dorn decided to resign.

The reason? “Disagreement on certain issue,” with Prime Minister, Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Journalists, disorientated by yet another resignation only a couple of days aft, resignationser Radek Sikorski resigned as defense minister - also citing ‘differences with the PM’ - grilled Dorn for what these ‘disagreements’ were over, but to no avail. Dorn was keeping his mouth shut...for now.

He is staying on as one of the government’s many vice-prime ministers, however.

Speculation on what’s going on here welcome.


michael farris said...

"Speculation on what’s going on here welcome"

You want speculation? You got it!
Here goes:

Rhymes with 'surge'???

Jaroslaw is trying to quell those nasty rumors that he can get along with another human being that doesn't agree with him 100% on all issues?

Not! Enough! Drama!

He's grooming Dorn to run for mayor of Warsaw?

Dorn was a "yes" man and he wants a "YES!!!!" man?

He's trying to give political analysts a collective nerous breakdown?

The meds aren't working anymore?

He didn't want Radek to feel lonely being kicked out by himself?

Just say the word and I can come up with more.....

beatroot said...

How about....

He wants more time with his family…

He wants more time to write children’s books (the title of his new blockbuster being“Two ducks went quackers!”)

beatroot said...
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Anonymous said...

A re-shuffle has been in the air for the last few days but Dorn??? He's an idiot, a yes-man, a proto-fascist - the perfect PiS minister. Next they'll be kicking out Ziobro.

Anonymous said...

How do you translate into English that lexical/sociological contribution of Dorn: the word "wyksztalciuch"?

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know, but wasn't it Pol Pot who shot people with soft hands and glasses?

Anonymous said...

When we are talking about 'wykształciuch' phrase... It is not about killing educated people with soft hands. This words rather describes educated independly thinking people (while even educated but PIS's way of thinking people are not 'wykształciuchy').

I think this translation would be possible only by someone who speak both Polish and English perfectly as well as knows psychological and sociological backgrounds of both cultures wery well. Not an easy task...


Anonymous said...

... kiling educated people with soft hands ... I meant 'killing educated people who has soft hands'.

Completly diffrent meaning :)


michael farris said...

If I were asked to define 'wykształciuchy' in English, I'd have something like:

Educated people the speaker disapproves of, with implications that the wykształciuchy in question are impotent (literally or metaphorically) or otherwise defective.

Just why the speaker disapproves of them can only be determined by a thorough knowledge of the speaker (or ESP).

If asked to translate it I'd first have a stiff drink and then look closely at the context as the class and educational status of the speaker and audience will be very important.
Depending on the context I might try to convey the disdain of the speaker by other means, by getting some phrase like 'mental masturbation' or even 'artsy fartsy' (depending on context) into the sentence.

beatroot said...

You mean a 'mental masterbation' with 'soft hands'...

Dorn....? Aggghhhhhh