Saturday, April 01, 2006

Something pathological

Poland is in limbo and the politicians can’t help us.

This is from the FT:

Sociologist Jadwiga Staniszkis, a well-known political commentator who was positive about PiS before the elections {comments]:

"The main problem is the Kaczynski brothers do not understand a modern, decentralised state," she says, arguing that the brothers' views of the value of a strong state was formed by their experience of hierarchical communist Poland and of authoritarian pre-war Poland. But a modern, democratic European Union member state with unpredictable media-driven politics is different. "The state that they dreamt of governing no longer exists,"

The ruling Kaczynski brothers have been on a mission this past half year since they came to power: to eliminate any cliques and elites left over from the communist era, or those more ‘liberal’ elites that have developed since communism fell.

Jartoslaw Kaczynskii (pictured), head of the ruling PiS party said recently:

"Our country is pathological and very deeply entwined in all sorts of harmful links, a system so harmful that it ceases to be an instrument of the people and instead becomes an instrument of all sorts of privileged groups."

Shame then that the Kaczysnki’s party has no majority in parliament, can’t find a reliable partner to form a coalition with, and can’t even get the opposition to agree to call another election.

Polish party politics at the moment is like the blind man, in a dark room, looking for the black cat, that isn’t there…


Anonymous said...

An excellent "psychoanalysis" of the Kaczynski brothers, that "shows" that all of their behaviour can be traced back... to the film they made as boys:

This is a very long link- the lines follow each other without any spaces.


michael farris said...

That link is very scary (if you believe in that sort of thing and I kind of do). Especially taking into account their pretty open desire to get control over the treasury (the golden city). and the greedy sob who's along for the ride (initials AL).

So, if this person is accurate, things'll blow up in their face (they won't learn how dangerous the game they're playing is until things get pretty bad) but then they'll get out of politics and go home and by quiet citizens again.

(It's enough to go to and there's a link up at the top and will probably be there for a few days).

Anonymous said...

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