Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday night quiz

Question: who is the more sexually attracted one in this marriage - President Lech or his First Lady? And do they need a Marriage Guidance Counsellor?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Captions say: Maria: give us a kiss! President: Sling your hook, you old slapper!

There was an old age pensioner this week who had police burst into his flat after he sent an email with a photo of two ducks with their arses in the air(as reported Thursday by Gazeta Wyborcza). President Kaczynski and his brother, Jaroslaw, share the nickname 'the two ducks'.

Insulting the president apeears to be a very infantile law in this country.

I await the knock on the front door with anticipation.


Anonymous said...

Be careful. Urban got fined for insulting a head of state. Which state was that, you ask. Why, the Vatican State. He said something unpleasant about Karol Wojtyla. wonders if bloggers are next in line...

Let me be quite clear: there is no truth in the rumours about Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Those runours.

roman said...

Ok, that's a lot of journalistic license taken in the translation.
It's more like: "step away, I don't know you, you ugly thing".
Just a point of clarification.
BTW, what's with the blue hair on Lech?

michael farris said...

"step away, I don't know you, you ugly thing"

That's too literal, I can't imagine a native speaker (me at any rate) saying that spontaneously. I support Beatroot's translation though it is kind of too British.

More American:
"Gimme a kiss." "Back off, bitch."

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you got busted for dissing the president of Poland would you get away with arguing that you thought it was his brother? Is there a lawyer in the house? Could I get arrested for playing "God Save the Queen"? (she may not be a human being but she is a head of state)

beatroot said...

Yeah, Your Honour, I thought it was his bruvver.

And what's wrong with being 'too British', my colonial cousin?

beatroot said...

The best way to tell Jaro from Lech is by looking at their hands. The one with the wedding ring is Lech.

Jaroslaw lives with his mum and a cat called Freddie Mercury.

Anonymous said...

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