Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday night quiz (on a Friday)

This one’s called What won’t they do to get in the government?.

Q: What is Jarolsaw Kalinowski (standing), of the Polish Peasant’s Party (PSL), up to in this photo? And should his wife know?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Lawmakers (snigger!) have been busy recently. The minority government wanted to dissolve parliament. Several parties, staring down the barrel of another election and a reduction in the number of their MPs, decided that they would rather not this time, thank you.

Another frenzy of coalition flirting is going on at the moment (yawn!). Will PiS go with Selfdefense, or maybe even Civic Platform?

Who cares?

So far, nobody seems particularly interested in making a coalition with the Polish Peasants Party, which has 35 members in parliament, got seven percent of the vote in the last election. Jaroslaw Kalinowski was their candidate in the presidential election, when he got a massive 1.8% of the vote. At one time, he was vice premier in the previous ex-communist SLD government.

So it’s not surprising that the present PiS government hasn’t given him a call.

But what do you think he would do to get in power?


Chris Borowski said...

"So which voter do I screw now?"

Nothing too complicated. But every Polish voter has been screwed so many times already, I'm surprised they're still willing to pick up the soap.

Alternative: "Is that you, Leszek?"

beatroot said...

'Pick up the soap'? Sorry, that's a new expression on me. And in this context, my mind is boggling!

Chris Borowski said...

Well, it's a reference to the fact that you don't want to drop your soap at a prison shower. It's just inevitable a fellow prisoner will try to get friendly. And in Poland it's inevitable you'll get screwed by the politicians. ;)

beatroot said...

Aha....sorry for being thick.

sonia said...

Kalinowski looks like he wants to PiS...

beatroot said...


Frank Partisan said...

Maybe he has a hole in his pocket, a reference to the movie "1900".

Frank Partisan said...

OT: I like this East European lefty blog. I think you'd like it too.

I told him about your blog, and he is linked to you.


beatroot said...

Cheers Ren