Wednesday, March 29, 2006

PiS artist

Krzysztof Cugowski, senator for the ruling, conservative, Law and Justice party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość - PiS) and singer with Polish rock dinosaurs Budka Suflera, , is fed up with politics...already.

Cugowski has been on television twice in two days saying that he’s a poor disillusioned guy who didn’t realise that politics was such a dirty business.

Bless him!

He’s the 56 year old lead singer with a group that recorded 25 albums between 1974 and 2005, Budka Suflera (Prompters Box?).

After making a lot of money over the years, he must have got bored – like ageing rock stars do – and thought that he would represent the very un-rock and roll Law and Justice (PiS) in the Senate at last September’s general election.

But already he looks like he would rather be back in the recording studio, fiddling with the mixing knobs.

Asked on the television show Teraz My* what he thought about gay rights and same-sex ‘marriages’ - a very contentious issue with supporters of his party, PiS - he said that he had ‘no problem with gay marriage’.

Err...excuse me? Cugowski senator for PiS, the party that thinks that gays are a threat to civilization as we know it?

He was asked on television tonight if he thought that Andrzej Lepper – the firebrand leader of the rural proletarian Selfdefence party, who is demanding a place in government (maybe deputy prime minister - eek!) as condition on forming a coalition with the minority government – should be welcomed into such a high position?

He indicated that if this happened then it would be the excuse for getting out of a rather prematurely ejaculated political career.

I feel sorry for the guy. He’s a rock singer. Period. Stay out of politics. But you have to wonder at his naivety.

* ’Teraz My’ means ‘Now Us’ – in reference, I think, to a comment a right wing politician was heard making after his party won the election in 1997 after a few years of ex-communist rule – ‘Teraz Kurwa My!– “Now it’s fucking our turn!”


Chris Borowski said...

Looks like the rock star was PiS'ed, but now he sobered up and realized: Oh crap, what did I get myself into???

Better late than never. Now let's hope the rest of Poland will sober up before the next election. Otherwise we'll have to listen to the Duck Duet for quite a while. And they're no rock stars.

beatroot said...

Duck Duet - it's a rap group, right? A bit like the Beastie Boys?

Anonymous said...

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michael farris said...

I like this interview better than I've liked any songs by Budka Suflera (yes, it means 'prompter's box', why the question mark?) but I'm less inclined to be charitable toward Mr Cugowski unless he quits the party and actively campaigns against the increasingly reprehensible Duck-boys. He's brought shame to aging Polish rock musicians everywhere and he needs to work some of it off.

I even managed to avoid references to "it takes two to tango" (do tanga trzeba dwojga). Aren't you proud?

beatroot said...

I managed to do it too (Takie Tango(/) was one of his biggest hits but alienated many of his more hardcore, rocky fans.)

I don't actually think that he is a member of PiS, but is signed on to their ticket fir election purposes, though I maybe wrong.

He does seem to be a reasonable guy, so I don't know what he thought he was doing with that lot anyway. Perhaps ke liked the promises to look the unemployed, vulnerable etc...which C Platform didn't (cause their voters don't come from the unemployed, etc.

And I put Prompters Box with a question mark cause I thought it was a silly name. It is a silly name.

sonia said...

Perhaps he liked the promises to look the unemployed, vulnerable etc...which PC Platform didn't

I agree with you, Beatroot. I think you nailed it on the head.
Polish politics are fascinating, because the usual left-right divisions known in the West don't apply at all. In the West, a leftist party usually supports gay rights AND welfare system. A rightist party is anti-abortion AND anti-taxes. But in Poland, supporters of gay rights are against welfare, and the religious fanatics want to tax everybody to death.

Essentially, in Poland, it's Libertarians against Catholic Socialists...

michael farris said...

“Now it’s fucking our turn!”

What???? Teraz pierdoli naszą kolej?

In the more elegant (and correct!) American, that would be:

"It's _our_ fucking turn now!"

You are most politely welcome.

michael farris said...

Sonia, I've been (trying to) tell people for years that Polish left and right aren't equivalent to those of most other countries. But I don't have the advantage of being a lesbian-inclined principled nudist living in a south seas paradise. Maybe they'll realize it's Christmas after all coming from you.

beatroot said...

I have been telling people on this blog to forgetb the 'left-right' thing in Poladn too. And you are right Sonia about the authoritarian/catholic-'socialist' thing ( marriage made in hell!).

and Mike, Sonia is not a lesbian nudist, she is a bisexual-nudist!

Anonymous said...

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