Friday, March 03, 2006

Beatroot’s Friday Quiz

This one’s called Spot the President.

Q:Just where is the Polish President, Lech Kaczynski in this photo, and what exactly is happening here? He’s quite a small guy, so you might have to look carefully or have very good eyesight (if you have to, you can click on the image for an enlargement).

The winner of the quiz - the first with the correct answer - wins a night out, all expenses paid, with President Kaczynski, his wife (on the right of the photo) and his twin brother Jaroslaw (who doesn’t have a wife but he does have a pet cat called Liberace).

The losers all get two nights out with the President.


roman said...

I wonder if Lech and Jarek ever switch identities just for laughs.
Who would be the wiser for it?
I would not put it past them, those imp-like rascals.
Seriously though, I think that's him peeking over the balcony? rim just to the left of the cleric.
I must respectfully decline the prize if I win as I really need to arrange my sock drawer ASAP.
Czesc :)

Becca said...

Ha! That's an excellent photo!

beatroot said...

Answer to Beatroot's Quiz.

Indeed Lech is in the middle.

What is happening in the photo is revealed if you look at the photo from right to left. The First Lady, Maria, is apparently bending over with wistful smile on her face. So what is Lech doing down there? And the Cardinal is telling the President to 'get up, you dirty bastard!"

Anonymous said...

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