Monday, February 13, 2006

Boycott protest over the not-so-Black Madonna

Web site urges readers to boycott magazine that readers had abandoned three years ago, anyway (photo: image taken from Madonna’s Like a prayer video). is a Polish web site with apparent religious affiliations. It is currently campaigning for a boycott of the relaunched pop culture magazine Machina, which this month has caused controversy by featuring a doctored photo of Poland’s most revered icon, the Black Madonna, on its front cover (see previous post). is also urging those insulted by Machina’s front cover to boycott all products that have a connection with the magazine, including advertisers.

The web site has issued a letter in Polish and English that can be used as part of the protest. It says:

To whom it may concern:

This is to let you know that I am forced to temporarily cease purchasing your products due to the fact that an advertisement for your products appeared in a Polish magazine that has grossly offended me as a Catholic and as a Pole.

The magazine in question is called "M a c h i n a" and is published in Poland by Media Point Group (

I am writing to inform you that, until you officially withdraw your advertising from the infamous "M a c h i n a" magazine and other publications by Media Point Group, I will not only personally boycott your company, but will encourage others to do so as well.

Also, as Poland is a largely Catholic country, and my letter is part of an organized effort, do expect a noticeable effect of this campaign.

Yours faithfully,
where you live

It will be interesting to see by how much the sales of Machina will be affected by any boycott (the mag closed down three years ago because virtually nobody bought it).

Though the campagners at can’t seem to tolerate anyone with different beliefs from themselves, this is a much healthier reaction by the religious in Poland than most of the protests over the ‘cartoon controversy’. So far, nobody has had death threats, yet.

Hat tip to Stefanmichnik (see comments) for this one


beatroot said...

What I was saying Michnik is that I completly understand people being offended by magazine covers such as that on Machina this month...and that boycotts are a legitimate way of expressing anger and opposition.

It's only when people call for a BAN of this type of material that I get angry...something which, to my knowledge, is not calling for.

Fair play.

michael farris said...

First, I support the right of people to private organized boycottes. Nothing wrong with that.

Second, I poked around the site some and I'm pretty sure the motivations here aren't religious. The money shot:

"We want equality and respect, protection from discrimination, from singling out, from ridicule and from offense."

They can have the last two or a free society, but not both.

beatroot said...

Everybody wants to be a special case, these days, and thinks they are victims who have be protected. Thgey want free speech, but it has to be a free speech that doesn;t offend anyone. My point exactly.

michael farris said...

And thank you for not ridiculing my spelling of "boycottes".

beatroot said...


michael farris said...

In thanks I won't mention the Brazilians, oops sorry, I did mention the Brazilians but I didn't mean to mention the Brazilians, I'll try not to mention the Brazilians anymore.

beatroot said...

Thank can mention Bolivians...

michael farris said...

¡Con mucho gusto!

Anonymous said...

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