Sunday, February 05, 2006

Princess Ann in Poland: talks to horses, an ex-president and the First Lady

Her Royal Highness rides in to visit a hydrotherapy centre in Gdansk and has a chat with Lech Walesa.

Also on the Royal’s busy agenda was a meeting at the presidential palace. Monsters and Critics is suitably superficial (note tabloid journalese, my italics):

The brunette royal met with Poland’s first lady, Maria Kaczynska, to discuss charity organizations in the UK and Poland [well, what else do women do when they meet each other on official visits?]

The horse-loving princess also visited the Hydrotherapy Centre for the Assistance of handicapped Children where she attended a dramatic performance of Don Quixote, which involves horses.

Princess Ann does indeed love horses: she represented the UK in the Olympics on one of them and many have noticed that she, like many British royals, has a certain equine beauty of her own, if you catch her in the right light.

Our equine Royal Highness also met up with Maria, wife of the anatine President Kaczynski. Apparently, over tea and cakes (and a bag of oats?) they discussed the ‘role of women in the twenty-first century’.

O, to have been a fly on the wall for that one. What the conservative wife of Poland’s most conservative president yet thinks about the ‘role of women’ is anyone’s guess, but it would be reasonable to assume that her views are ‘traditional’.

But how traditional? Well, consider the views on this topic by Kasia Tusk, the 18 year-old daughter of so-called ‘liberal’ politician Donald Tusk, Kaczynski’s main rival in the recent presidential elections.

Kasia’s views about a woman’s place in the twenty-first century turn out to be more applicable to the turn of the twentieth century, and would probably make Princess Ann’s views sound like a raving feminist. Kasia Tusk told a woman’s magazine recently: “After my studies I don’t want to work and have a career. I want to stay at home and look after the children.”

And that’s the daughter of a Polish liberal politician! Excuse me while I go and lock the girlfriend in the kitchen.


Frank Partisan said...

This post gallups along nicely.

beatroot said...

Michnik: howmany females do you know who are only interested in cooking, cleaning toilets, taking the garbage out, ironing, hoovering, paying the gas bill, and collecting the kids from school?

Personally, I do not want a woman that wants to stay at home...they don't have anything to talk about...except cooking, cleaning toilets, taking the garbage out, ironing, hoovering, paying the gas bill, and collecting the kids from school.......

Anonymous said...

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